The Big Tabs Section

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could send me any tabs at all. If people email 'em to me, I'll check if their o.k., if so, I'll put 'em here exactly as you send them (or I'll do the html stuff for you). Please send your own work, cos I'd be pissed if someone stole my stuff, and put their name on it, and said they made it.

It'll be kind of hard to read the tabs and stuff if you don't know anything about them, here is an explanation of tablature.

E-mail your tabs 'n' stuff to:



  1. Season
  2. Jack Names the Planets [solo]
  3. Intense Thing
  4. Uncle Pat [Intro]
  5. Get Out
  6. Petrol [New Version]
  7. Obscure Thing
    U.S. Version extras:
  8. Hulk Hogan Bubblebath
  9. Different Today
  10. Punk Boy
  11. Day of the Triffids


  1. Lose Control [Lose Control (New Version)]
  2. Goldfinger
  3. Girl From Mars
  4. I'd Give You Anything
  5. Gone the Dream
  6. Kung Fu
  7. Oh Yeah [Oh Yeah (New Version)]
  8. Let it Flow
  9. Innocent Smile
  10. Angel Interceptor [Solo]
  11. Lost in You
  12. Darkside Lightside

Live At the Wireless

  1. Darkside Lightside
  2. Girl From Mars
  3. Oh Yeah [Oh Yeah (New Version)]
  4. T.Rex
  5. I'd Give You Anything
  6. Kung Fu
  7. What Deaner Was Talkin' About
  8. Goldfinger
  9. Petrol [New Version]
  10. A Clear Invitation to The Dance

Nu-clear Sounds

  1. Projects
  2. Low Ebb [2]
  3. Jesus Says
  4. Wild Surf
  5. Death Trip 21
  6. Folk Song
  7. Numbskull [Numbskull Solo]
  8. Burn Out
  9. Aphrodite [2]
  10. Fortune Teller
  11. I'm Gonna Fall

Nu-clear Sounds (U.S.)

  1. Jesus Says
  2. Wild Surf
  3. Folk Song
  4. Numbskull [Numbskull Solo]
  5. Burn Out
  6. Aphrodite [2]
  7. Death Trip 21
  8. Low Ebb [2]
  9. Fortune Teller
  10. Projects
  11. I'm Gonna Fall
  12. A Life less Ordinary

Free All Angels

  1. Walking Barefoot
  2. Shining Light [Better Version] [Solo]
  3. Burn Baby Burn (at Mxtab)
  4. Candy (chords)
  5. Cherry Bomb
  6. Submission
  7. Someday
  8. Pacific Palisades
  9. Shark
  10. Sometimes [Oh Sometimes]
  11. Nicole
  12. There's A Star (Chords) [ There's A Star Tab]
  13. World Domination (riff)

Intergalantic Sonic Seven's

  1. Burn Baby Burn (at Mxtab)
  2. Envy
  3. Girl From Mars
  4. Shining Light [Better Version] [Solo]
  5. A Life less Ordinary
  6. Goldfinger
  7. Jesus Says
  8. Oh Yeah [Oh Yeah (New Version)]
  9. Jack Names the Planets [solo]
  10. Sometimes [Oh Sometimes]
  11. Kung Fu
  12. Candy (chords)
  13. Angel Interceptor
  14. Uncle Pat [Intro]
  15. Wild Surf
  16. Walking Barefoot
  17. Petrol [New Version]
  18. There's A Star (Chords) [ There's A Star Tab]
  19. Numbskull [Numbskull Solo]

Cosmic Debris

  1. No Place To Hide
  2. Warmer than Fire
  3. Where Is Our Love Going?
  4. Taken Out
  5. 13th Floor
  6. Stormy Waters
  7. A Message From Oscar Wilde And Patrick The Brewer
  8. Who You Drivin' Now?
  9. Stay In Love Forever
  10. The Sweetness Of Death
    By The Obsidian Knife

    (Improved version)
  11. Melon Farmer
  12. Nocturne
  13. Gabriel
  14. Coasting
  15. Lose Control
  16. I Need Somebody
  17. Sneaker
  18. Cantina Band
  19. Astral Coversations With Toulouse Lautrec
  20. Day of the Triffids
  21. Halloween
  22. Thinking About You


  1. Meltdown (chords)
  2. Orpheus Chords | Tim tips
  3. Evil Eye | Chords
  4. Clones
  5. Starcrossed | Chords [Better Version]
  6. Out of the Blue
  7. Renegade Cavalcade
  8. Detonator
  9. On A Wave
  10. Won't Be Saved
  11. Vampire Love

Meltdown - Bonus Live CD

  1. Meltdown (chords)
  2. Orpheus Chords | Tim tips
  3. A Life less Ordinary
  4. Evil Eye | Chords
  5. Clones
  6. Starcrossed | Chords [Better Version]
  7. Out of the Blue
  8. Renegade Cavalcade
  9. Detonator
  10. On A Wave
  11. Won't Be Saved
  12. Vampire Love
  13. Darkside Lightside
  14. Burn Baby Burn (at Mxtab)

Jack Names the Planets
Don't Know

The Little Pond
A Message From Oscar Wilde
And Patrick The Brewer

Uncle Pat
Different Today
Hulk Hogan Bubblebath

Kung Fu
Day of the Triffids
Luther Ingo's Star Cruiser

Girl From Mars
Astral Coversations With
Toulouse Lautrec
Cantina Band

Angel Interceptor
5am Eternal
Give Me Some Truth

Get Ready
Zero Zero

I Need Somebody
Get Ready

Oh Yeah
Everywhere Is All Around
Does Your Mother Know

I Only Want To Be With You
Devil's Haircut
Kung Fu (live Reading '96)

A Life less Ordinary
What Deaner Was Talkin'

Where Is Our Love Going?

Jesus Says
Taken Out
Heroin, Vodka, White Noise
Dancing On The Moon

Wild Surf
Stormy Waters
When I'm Tired
Lose Control
Gonna Do It Soon

Who You Drivin' Now
Jesus Says (live)
Girl from Mars (live)
Fortune Teller (live)

Shining Light
Warmer than Fire
Feel No Pain
Jesus Says (Re-mix)

Burn Baby Burn
13th Floor
Only In Dreams
Thinking About You
Submission (Re-mix)

Skullfull of Sulphur
So The Story Goes
Teenage Kicks
Melon Farmer

Stay In Love Forever
The Sweetness Of Death
By The Obsidian Knife

(Improved version)

Walking Barefoot (OZ)
Teenage Kicks
Stay In Love Forever
Skull Full of Sulphur

There's A Star
No Place To Hide
Here Comes The Music
Grey Will Fade

I Don't Mind
Bad Karma Blues
Tonight You Belong
To Me

I Shall Not Die

Jack Names the Planets
Don't Know

I'm On Drugs (riff)

Satalite Transmissions
Volume 1

Cherry Bomb (Live)
Walking Barefoot (Live)
Girl From Mars (Acoustic)
Burn Baby Burn (Acoustic)


Everybody's Happy Nowadays

Cool It Down

Renegade Cavalcade
We Don't Care

Jazz 59
Some demo tape material
Silver Surfer tab
and lyrics

Punk Boy
Chinese New Year
Singapore Song (riff)