A Life Less Ordinary
(Single - Made for the film that is strangely enough also called "A Life less Ordinary")

G 355433 Cmaj7 x354xx or x32000 maybe G5 355xxx C5 8(10)(10)xxx B5 799xxx

Intro (this isn't exact, it's kinda different on every repeat) I I------0------------0------------0-----------0 I----0---0--------0---0--------0---0-------0---0 I I--5-------5---10-------10---9-------9---9-------9 I3-----------8-------------7-----------7

Other guitar the other guitar just plays G while the first guitar is playing G and C, then slides the G up to B, and palm mutes it (the B).

Verse G5 C5 B5

(The timing for the lyrics for the verse is really hard, but still, I'm not typing out all those lyrics, not today anyway).

Pre-chorus (type-thing) Right at the start of it, pickscrape the low E string, then into:

Am Am/C D ... Am Am/C D

Chorus G Am Cmaj7 D X4 (for last chorus X6)

To end chorus 1: F#5 To end chorus 2: D To end chorus 3 (end of song): G

Interlude E5 (strum, then let ring a couple o times)

then palm mute E5 for a while then go into this chord sequence picking like this:

I I----0 I------0 I I--5 I3

chord sequence: A D G C (don't know how many repeats)

for this interlude, turn these chords into these shapes: A 577000 G 355000 C 8(10)(10)000 D (10)(12)(12)000

Sorry, don't know the solo (it's kind of ... a background thing anyway).

Tabbed by me!