I'm Gonna Fall
Nuclear Sounds

D/C# x477xx or x40232 (I don't mind!) A/G 302220

Riff1 (intro and chorus) I I----7-----7-----8p7---8p7---8p7 I7h9---7h9---7h9- I--------------------9-----9 I I

Play above bit twice then:

Riff x

I----9-----9-----7----5 I--------------------- I6s9---6s9---9s7---7--6 I I I

Verse D G


D D/C# G


Solo (start of this solo replaces riff x in riff a. Seriously) I----9------10------6s12------14-------12 I I6s9---6s10----6s12------10s14---14s12----12 I I I

I------14-------12-------10-------12-------10--10--7 I I10s14----14s12----12s10----10s12----12s10-----10--7 I I I

I------14-------12-------10-------12-------10--10--7s2 I-------------------------------------------------- I10s14----14s12----12s10----10s12----12s10-----10--7s2 I I I

I------14-------12-------10-------12-------10--10--7 I-------------------------------------------------- I10s14----14s12----12s10----10s12----12s10-----10--7 I I I

I9---10---12 I I9---10---12 I I I

I------14-------12 I I10s14----14s12----12 I I I

Into another verse, then a chorus

If you happen to have a second guitar-person, then this is basically what they play: I--2-------2-----7-----10-7 I----3---3---3-----8 I------2-------7-----7 I0 I I

They play that for verse, they play the D/C# bit (I think), and they play A, A/G, A bit too.

Tabbed by me!