13th floor - tabbed by Michael Laverick. (no 2nd gtr tho, sorry) INTRO E5(HIGH)-D5-A#5-A5-G5 X4 E5(LOW/Em)-E5(HIGH)-D5-A#5-A5-G5 QUIET AT FIRST THEN LOUD AND DISTORTED* *THIS CARRIES ON FOR THE VERSE CHORUS E5(HIGH)-A5-G5-A5 (STOP AT THE G5 ON THE LAST BIT OF THE CHORUS) MIDDLE SECTION E5(LOW)LET RING-A#5-A5-G5-E5(LOW) THEN PALM MUTING WITH A#5-A5-G5 ON THE END OF EACH ROUND Don't even expect me to have tabbed out the ending!!!! Soooooooo hard