Chinese new Year Artist: Ash Written by: Tim Wheeler Tab by: Johannes Blöchle This is not perfect but it should give you an idea how to play it. I tried to show how to pick it but i play it not always exactly like that. Try to figure it out how it sounds best. You can also pick the F#' like the E' or the A'. I know that it doesn't sound exactly like the recording but I hope it helps you. Standard tuning: EBGDAE Chords used: (I don't know the right names of the chords but I've named them so you know what to play) E' 779787 A' 557565 F#' 224232 Asus2 x02200 D xx0232 G 320001 C 032010 C' 032013 E+ 779777 Verse: E' A' F#' Asus2 D E|-7----7---7---7----5----5---------2----------0--0-----2--------| B|---8---8---8---8-----6---6------3--3-3-----0--0-----3--3-3-----| G|----7---7---7---7-----5---5---2--2--2-----2-2--2---2-2--2------| D|-9-----------------7---------4--------------------0------------| A|----------------------------------------0----------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| G C C' D E|-----3---------0----3--3--(0)-2--2-(0-2)| B|---0--0-0-1--1--1-1--1--1------3--3-----| G|--0-0--0----0-0--0----0--0------2--2----|: +Slide if you want, than repeat D|------------------------------0---------| A|----------3---------3-------------------| E|-3--------------------------------------| if you want you can play something like that before you repeat but I don't think Tim plays this: Slide: E|-2s7-| B|-----| G|-----| D|-----| A|-----| E|-----| Part between the verses. E' E+ C D E|-7---7--7---7----7---7--7---7------0-----0---0--0--0-2---2--2--(0--2)| B|---8--8--8----8----7--7--7----7------2-2--2-2-2--2-----3--3--3-------| G|----7--7--7----7----7--7--7----7------0----0---0--0-----2--2--2------|: +Slide if you want,than repeat D|-9----------9----9----------9------------------------4---------------| A|-----------------------------------3---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------| Ending: You play it direct after the last verse instead of the slide: G E|-------3--| B|------0---| G|-----0----| D|----0-----| A|---2------| E|--3-------| Order: 1X Verse as Intro than 2x verse than 2x Part between the verses than 3x verses + Ending