Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue Main Riff thanks to Scottbut Solo 1 thanks to Stu Bunce Solo 2 thanks to Mike Laverick Main Riff thanks to Scottbut -------4h5p4h5p4-|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -2-2-2-----------|-4-4-6-6-9-9-4-4-| -2-2-2-----------|-4-4-6-6-9-9-4-4-| -0-0-0-----------|-2-2-4-4-7-7-2-2-| When the hammer on/pull off part is being played, Guitar 2 is playing A underneath. Chorus E A E A C D B. Solo (version 1) Thanks to Stu. E |-------------------------------------------------------| B |-9h10p9h10p9h10p9h10p9h10p9h10p9h10p9h10--8---8-10-10b-| G |--------------------------------------------9----------| D |-------------------------------------------------------| A |-------------------------------------------------------| E |-------------------------------------------------------| E |-12------12-----12------12------12------| B |----12-9---12-9----12-9----12-9----12-9-| G |----------------------------------------| D |----------------------------------------| A |----------------------------------------| E |----------------------------------------| there's a really fast hammer on and pull of after that which i can't hear properly. E |-15b-15-13h15p13-------| B |-----------------------| G |-----------------15b?--| D |-----------------------| A |-----------------------| E |-----------------------| i think the 15b bit is right but there's too much wah man. E |------------------------------| B |-t17p12t17p12t17p12t17p12-etc-| G |------------------------------| D |------------------------------| A |------------------------------| E |------------------------------| t=tap for all you n00bs :D i really can't figure out what goes on after that, it sounds easy enough but it's really frustrating me E |------------------------------| B |-15b-15-13--------------------| G |-----------14b-14-12----------| D |---------------------12-14-14-| A |------------------------------| E |------------------------------| i'm not 100% about the 12-14-14 on the d, but it sounds ok to me. too much wah though tim then end with... E |-22b-22p20--------| B |-----------20-22b-| G |------------------| D |------------------| A |------------------| E |------------------| Solo (version 2) thanks to Mike b- 9h10p9h10 trill e---------------------------------12-------12--------12----12-----12 b-8---8--10--8--10--10b-------12-------12-------12----12-----12 g---9-----------------------------------10------10------10-----10------10 e------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ b-20bend up then back 17h19p17 (maybe then hit 19 again, can't quite hear) g------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ e- b-t17-10h12-t17-10h12 etc tapping (in all i think u tap the 17 16 times) g- e- b-t15-10h12-t15-10h12 (slower tapping, only hit the 15 4 times g- this bit could be wrong e- b--t16-10h12-t16-10-h2 (fast tapping again, hit 16 8 times. g- e- b-15b (up and back) g---------------------------16--14b(up and back)--12---9--9--9--9(with wha) e- b-15b twice (with feedback) (or a higher note, but sounds odd)--10--12 g- I'm doing this off the top of my head so sorry for any mistakes.