On A Wave

On A Wave Thanks to Mike Laverick Intro xx9912x - xx9910x - xx999x - xx9910x verse -00--X-X--0--0000-XXX -00--0-X--0--0000-00X -11--5-4--2--2222-024 -22--5-4--2--2222-024 -22--3-2--0--0000-002 -00--X-X--X--XXXX-XXX Charlotte plays the same notes but all starting on the low e-string (i.e. B would be 799xxx.) Another guitar can be heard playing g-7777-55 d-0000-00 over the bold part above Chorus Part one Low E- B quick - C - G - F# - F - C Part two Low E - C quick -B - C# - A - G - F Middle section F - G - E - A - G X3 F - F - EEEE e--o-2bend up Hope that's alright for you guys.