Solace - Tab

Tabbed by Mike Laverick Intro C e-----------12---------12--------------12 b------13-------------------13---------------13------13 g-12------------12---------------12--------------12 d- a- e- F e------------10------15--------------15 b------10-------10-------10-------------10------10 g-10----------------------------10------------10 d- a- e- Verse: C F C F G F G. THEN C F C F G F (HOLD UNTIL CHORUS) chorus: G Am Dm x2 G Am F (bass [lays low f then high f) middle 8: G Em Am Dm C x3 G F SOLO (* means on each of the bends with this let the starting note ring for a bit before bending. Listen to the song and you'll see what i mean.) bu is bend up and bd is bend back down or release e- b- g-7*bu9 7bu9 9bd7--9*bu10 9bu10 10bd9 x2 10*bu12 10bu12 10bu12 (hold this bend) e- b- c-12*bd10 9bu10 9bu10 do this again but instead of playing the last bit bend 12 up to 14 Sorry the solo bit sounds so confusing but it's hard to describe in tab.