Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer - Sessions 7", free with the orginial Trailer 12"

Tabbed by Michael Laverick "I'll explain how i've wrote the tab. All chords are over the low e a d and g strings unless indicated. I write going across the stings left to right. So E chord = 0799 and B = 7990. Tell me if this is just confusing. (- means change to next chord)" Silver surfer: Listen to the song for the rythem Riff = 3550 - 6880 - 0577 - 081010 - 7990- 6880 (the last three chords are played faster) Riff x 4, then bass does the riff alone x2 Verse 1 + 2 = bass playing the riff. After each verse the riff is played 4 times then the bass does it solo for 2. Solo = bends on the 11th and 13th frets of the B-string then the riff is played 4 times and then again 2 times on bass Verse 3 + bass plays riff, then the song ends with the riff played 8 times by both guitars. Lyrics - Verse 1: And all these words they went through my head. Electric shock kicked me right out of bed. I asked it what it was, she said. And what she said was silver surfer!!!!!!! Verse 2: As all these things, they went through my brain. I got drenched in the pure solid rain. I lowered my head, I thought it would change. And what I saw was Silver surfer!!!!!!!! Verse 3: I guess the story has to come to an end. I only hope that she can be my friend. You know it's her I want to take to bed. And what she saw was silver surfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!