Evil Eye - tabbed by Michael Laverick. Here's the tab for the ultra cool, evil eye intro |-5-------5-----5---5------5-------5---5-------5------5--- |---6-------6-----6----6------6------6----6------6-------6 |------7------7-----------5------5------------6------6------ |-------------------------------------------------------------- |-------------------------------------------------------------- |-------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus (i'm using the bass notes here as its all I can here on this bootlegg, but the guitar chords will be the same most likely) Bb F A D C She's giving me the evil eye, I can't Deny---i-i- etc then at the end of the chorus the bass plays e----5--6--5--6--5--6--5--6 pre 2nd chorus riff = D - C -A, A - G -F- D Middle 8 = Bb - F - D x3 then B - Eb then chorus again