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20th December 2006 - It's Called Kung Fu!

Oh I think it's strange...

"Here's some footage of Kung Fu from The Annex / Spin party on 10/05/06. We were gonna post the whole show including the two new songs we played but the desk recording level on the audio was too hot and came out all distorted. We didn't want you guys to get the first new material in over 2 years and for it to sound like piss so you're just gonna have to wait a little while longer... January = leaks! We promise.

So anyway in the mean time here's Kung Fu back as a trio, recorded straight from the stage." - Ash

17th December 2006 - Rings the bells! Tim Tells More On Album Details.

tim wheeler

Before Tim went to L.A. to oversee the orchestra recording parts for both, Polaris and The Boy Who Lived In Hell (note the title change...) he spilt the beans on who's mixing the album, a potential collaboration, press shots, artwork and recording strings! Read on here.

16th December 2006 - Roll On The New Year!

Happy New Year

"A pre-album tour will be announced soon and we'll start 'leaking' stuff in Jan. It just seems right to wait until in the new year. Things are going ahead with the new website. We're getting Warners to install the Vbulletin software then we'll get crackingon getting it up and running." - Mark. This tour will include the Birmingham Barfly, so it's likely to be a Barfly or mini venue tour.

15th December 2006 - Happy Holidays From Ash!

Merry Christmas

"As the holidays approach we'd like to take the opportunity to wish all our fans and friends a great time over the holiday season. So Merry Christmas! or Happy Ramahanuqwanzmas to the PC brigade. Let's all hope Santa never heard the full story....

In the studio we're in the final stages of recording the album and are all set with a big name mixer for January. We've actually already got the first track nailed and in the bag! Tim is off to LA this weekend to oversee the recording of strings on 'Polaris' and 'The Boy Who Lived In Hell'. These are hopefully gonna turn out epic." - Ash

14th December 2006 - DMH Get's Wacked, Extra Wacked!


Short interview with Mark about his favourite music of 2006 on extrawack!.

13th December 2006 - New Interview With Rick


New interview with Rick McMurray here, general stuff not much about the new album but it's good never the less.

8th December 2006 - Press Pics Photo Session Extravaganza!

making noise since 1977

"The last week's been pretty crazy as the wheels have begun turning on set up work for the new album's promotion.

We each got a fistfull of dollars from our lovely friends Alan and Nadine at Warners and we went out shopping for new clobber so that we don't look like tramps!

Our friend Karen helped out with sorting us out with clothing deals and basically waving a magic wand over us which really got us looking like a band and tied us all together.

Irish photographer B+ came to town with the ultra cool EC to take pics and we spent 2 full days with 7am starts taking pics at locations all over NYC and in the studio. B+ must have shot 100's of rolls of film (none of that digital crap!) so we're looking forward to seeing the results. The new pics will be posted as soon as they're all approved, obviously not all at once! Some may be used in artwork etc, etc...

We're also hoping to secure the rights to using some very cool artwork for the album cover." - Ash

Tim is being filmed today at the studio in NYC by BBC N. Ireland for a documentary on the history of Northern Irish music. Long term friend of the band Stuart Bailie of ATL is conducting the interview. Hopefully it won't be too long before the programme is aired on TV.

8th December 2006 - Ash In Kerrang!

tim in the studio

Kerrang! were in the studio a few weeks ago to check out what we've been up to. They took pics did a quick interview. There's a 2 page feature in the current issue on shelves now. They're also running a competition to win signed CD's and Merch!

NME called into the studio yesterday to hear a sneak peak of the new album and interview. Ash also took their photographer for a trip around the city for pictures. All going well there'll be a news story / studio feature in the paper in early January.

3rd December 2006 - New Official Site Teaser

nu clear ash

Teaser of the new www.ash-official.com site should be up tomorrow...

22nd November 2006 - Studio Update From Mark


Mark gives us the latest update from the recording of album '5.5', including plans for the rest of the recording, b-sides, album names and artwork and when live dates can be expected.

18th November 2006 - ASH Launch Official BEBO Page

pass the lippy

"A few days ago a little bird dropped by and told us that Bebo is fast becoming the biggest thing in the "online", especially in Ireland. So with us being so out of touch and living in New York we were pretty glad that little bird few across the Atlantic to pass on such valuable information... Without hesitation the new Ash-Official.bebo.com was created. The Bebo tag ID is: ash-official

From first impressions Bebo is pretty cool in that you can make your own playlists from albums posted on band profiles, and with every Ash album already uploaded for your convienence, you can stream anything from Astral Conversations... to Orpheus." - Ash

17th November 2006 - Kerrang In The Studio

old skool ash

"Kerrang! just popped into the studio to hang out and hear how the album's progressing. We played them 5-6 songs and they seems to be into what they heard and we also did a brief interview. They're going to be running a news feature in the next few weeks so remember to check the shelves. Photographer Dave Willis took some pics of Tim and Mark on the rooftop of our studio building which looked amazing. (Rick was home in Scotland...) Hopefully they'll see print. We also signed some copies of the US version of Meltdown (with bonus DVD) and gaves them some T-shirts which they're gonna run as a competition.

Quick studio update: Tim is getting through the vocals, slowly but surely. Blacklisted is sounding really cool..." - Ash

There are also videos from Ash's 2004 appearance on Jool Holland up on www.myspace.com/ash and a competition to enter.

16th November 2006 - Ash's Myspace Back Up And Running

tim had a productive morning with the superglue

www.myspace.com/ash is now back up and running again, following the hack earlier in the week. Mark had all content saved so all links from pages on this site to Ash's Myspace site should still work.

15th November 2006 - Ash's Myspace Currently Unavailable

mark and rick play hide and seek

www.myspace.com/ash is currently unavailable due to some hacking. This means that any links on this site to pages on Ash's Myspace will not work. Hopefully it'll be back up and running again soon.

8th November 2006 - Ash On You Tube And Veoh

Ash have set up two new official sites for the watching and downloading of their music and tour videos, find out more in the links section.


7th November 2006 - Guitars Done, Vocals Next

The guitars are almost done, the vocals are next. Tim gives us the latest update on Ash's new album direct from the studio in NYC..

7th November 2006 - Tim Interviewed On RTE Online

Tim is interviewed in this weeks episode of 'This Note's For You' on RTE 1. It aired on Thursday night but you can watch the full programme online here. Select the Nov 2nd episode from the Archive menu to stream the right file.

It's the 4th installment in the 6 part series and it focuses on how songwriters become songwriters. If you have the time check this series out, it's actually a really cool insight to a diverse selection of songwriters and their craft.

3rd November 2006 - Wanna Hear The New Songs?

Go to www.myspace.com/ash to see short video clips of new songs 'In Hell', 'Polaris', 'Shadows', 'Suicide Girls', 'Roulette', 'Blacklisted', 'Princess Six' and 'Shattered Glass' Ash have posted from the studio in NY. Some are new and some have been posted before and there are also other random studio moment videos.

2nd November 2006 - So What Do The New Songs Sound Like?

If you've been wondering what Ash's new material, recorded for album '5.5', sounds like, then this is what you have been waiting for! Mark Hamilton goes through and describes the sound of the 14 recorded album contenders, details of the 5.5 songs.

1st November 2006 - Mark Talks to NME

Mark has been speaking with NME.com about some of the new songs. The full interview to follow soon...

27th October 2006 - Shining Light On RTE

As mentioned in the previously Tim recorded a solo performance of Shining Light for an RTE show about Irish songwriters. He recorded it last winter before moving over to NY. That's Ash's old rehearsal room which is really an old outhouse that Tim's folks use for storing junk in.

Although this hasn't yet aired on TV it has suprisingly turned up online, watch it here and then click on the relevant link.

23rd October 2006 - Here Comes The Music

It looks likely that the first single from the new album '5.5' will be released in February/March next year, with the album following in late May or early June.

20th October 2006 - Watch Tim On RTE TV Show Online

Mark: "Tim appears briefly talking about songwriting in this weeks episode of 'This Note's For You' on RTE 1. It aired on Thursday night but you can watch the full episode online here.

There's 4 more shows in the series to come and Tim will be focused on in one of them, he was filmed back home playing Shining Light in our old rehearsal garage but until they're aired we don't know which. If your living in Ireland check local listings for episode info. Current scheduled time slot is 10:15pm on Thursday nights."

20th October 2006 - Another Interview With Mark Hamilton

Quality interview with Mark Hamilton by Irish fanzine Drop-D Ezine. With news about next years releases...

16th October 2006 - New Interview With Mark Hamilton

The latest interview with Mark Hamilton from the studio in New York. Taken from www.ash-official.com.

12th October 2006 - Interview With Rick

Here's a short interview with Rick from DONT Magazine and a review of last Thursday's Annex gig from extrawack!. More news coming from the studio soon...

8th October 2006 - The Annex Lowdown

The official lowdown and pictures from the Annex gig on Thursday night. Also more pictures on www.myspace.com/ash and here.

7th October 2006 - Another Annex Review

Another review from Thursday night's gig at the Annex on SPIN.com.

6th October 2006 - Annex Set List

New tracks 'Roulette' and 'What Is the Meaning?' featured in the classic packed set Ash played at The Annex, NY last night.

Full set list: Lose Control, A Life Less Ordinary, Orpheus, Roulette, Oh Yeah, Kung Fu, Petrol, What Is the Meaning?, Girl from Mars, Vampire Love, Burn Baby Burn.

"We got loads of pics, it was recorded and it was all video-ed with a 3 camera angles. Full story coming soon." - Mark. While you wait pieces on themusicsult.org and NME.com.

6th October 2006 - Two New Rick Videos

Two new videos of Rick from the NY studio up on www.myspace.com/ash. One of him laying down the drums for one of the new tracks and the other after making a pledge not to shave his beard until he'd finished recording, Mr McMurray prepares himself for public duty....

5th October 2006 - Live At The Annex Tonight

Following the band's live return at Arthur Baker's Return to New York Party on September 10th, Ash will be headlining Spin Magazine's Stolen Transmission party tonight at the Annex, New York and will be sure to be airing a few new numbers. See the Flyer for more details.

Also good news for all UK and Irish fans... "plenty of touring in the UK and Ireland is being discussed." - Mark.

3rd October 2006 - New Interview With Tim Wheeler

The latest interview with Tim Wheeler from the studio in New York. Taken from www.ash-official.com.

24th September 2006 - Studio Update

"In the last few days we got the backing track to 'Dark and Stormy' nailed and last night Tim worked on some acoustics on 'Polaris' and 'End of the World'. We now have only got to record the backing tracks to 3 more before Rick leaves in a few weeks so we're doing well schedule-wise. We're also re-recording Roulette because we've decided to change the arrangement" - Ash

New videos and pictures up on www.myspace.com/ash.

20th September 2006 - Album Tracks Choosen

News from the studio. Tim, Mark, Rick and Tav have sat down choosen the best 14 tracks, from the 30 demos, to record for the album. Nathan from Snow Patrol has been over and after hearing a few demo's said it was already better than their record.

Ash have also announced they'll be playing another gig in New York on 5th October. They'll be playing at The Annex and it'll be free! Details on www.myspace.com/ash.

19th September 2006 - Return To New York Pictures

Pictures and write up from the Return to New York gig here, taken from www.myspace.com/ash. And more equipment pictures on www.ash-gear.com.

13th September 2006 - Mark On The Return To New York Gig

"We were going to record it but Lance our sound guy forgot to press record. Doh! We do have a bunch of pics that'll go up on-line once we've sorted through them. The show went great, Rick talks about it here. Picture from gig.

We tried out 6 of the usual setlist tracks to show that it ain't a problem reverting back to 3 live. Obviously we're missing backing vocals at the moment but we're thinking of ways round that. Rick might even take some vocal lessons to see if he can do it. For me it's near impossible, if i open my month the hand stops moving and the bass stops. I guess it's like rubbing your belly and patting your head. Some people can't do it... "

"Tav and Strangey (our Agent) both said they didn't miss the other guitar. We were pretty anxious before hand but once we got going it was great. The small crowd, seemed to have a great time and it was a pretty great atmosphere. We played 2 new ones, "What Is The Meaning?" and "Roulette" (formerly "Keep It In"). It was good playing the new stuff.

It was a huge weight off our shoulders and we're looking forward to playing again soon.

We're gonna announce another 'party' show very soon. It'll be in NYC again as that's were we're recording / living. We'll be back in the UK and Ireland in the Spring."

13th September 2006 - New Interview With Rick McMurray

Click Here for the latest interview with Rick McMurray, where he answers questions about Ash's return to three piece action at Sunday's Return To New York gig and the on-going recording of the new album. Taken from www.ash-official.com.

13th September 2006 - Return Of The Gretsch

Chief Ash Roadie Leif Bodnarchuk has reported that the Return to New York gig went well and Tim's Silver Gretsch Jet also made it's live return. For more info go to www.ash-gear.com.

Leif: "Gig was fine. they stripped it all down to nothing, it was a piece of cake. Sounded fine."

12th September 2006 - 'Roulette' and 'What Is The Meaning' Debuts

On Sunday 10th September Ash played their first gig back as the original three piece Ash line up, at Arthur Baker's Return to New York party in New York, and debuted two new songs 'Roulette' (formerly 'Keep It In')and 'What Is the Meaning?'.

These songs are both on the list of New Material Ash are recording in their Manhattan studio for the new album.

The set was just 30 minutes and was as follows: Orpheus, Girl From Mars, A Life Less Ordinary, Goldfinger, Roulette, What Is the Meaning?, Burn Baby Burn and Kung Fu.

10th September 2006 - Ash Return Tonight!

Ash will play their first gig back as a three piece at Arthur Baker's New York fashion week, Return To New York party at Happy Valley, New York tonight.

7th September 2006 - Save The 'Ashtoria'

Developers are planning to flatten the legendary London venue, The Astoria and the entire block on the corner of Tottenham Court Road to put up a shopping centre! Because there's obviously not enough shops on Oxford Street.

Ash are pretty pissed off at this as it's kinda felt like their spiritual home and it's central London's only great venue. They've performed there close to 20 times over the years and have loads of great memories including the 5 night, 'Ashtoria' run, numerous NME Brat nights and Club FROG and GAY appearances. And are sure all Ash fans will still want to be able to see them and other acts play there in the future!

Please go here and sign the petition to show your support, who knows it might make a difference. We have our fingers crossed this won't be allowed to happen...

5th September 2006 - Return to New York Gig

Ash have revealed details of their first gig back as a three piece, since Charlotte officially left in January, unfortunately for UK fans the gig is in New York.

The boys will be Arthur Baker's upcoming Return To New York party on Sunday 10th September, at Happy Valley, during New York Fashion Week.

Ash will only be playing for 30 minutes but a couple of new ones will be getting their debuts! As for tickets, they dunno much other than what it says on the flyer, $10 on the door... should be a fun night.

29th August 2006 - New Interview With Mark Hamilton

Click Here for the latest installment of our Ash-in-the-studio-making-an-album epic with Mark Hamilton. Taken from www.ash-official.com.

12th August 2006 - New Interview With Tim Wheeler

A new interview with Tim about the demos and the recording of the new album, taken from www.ash-official.com.

8th August 2006 - Tim Puts the Record Straight

Tim has denied that there is any truth in the rumours that Ash will be recruiting a second guitarist for live gigs, "at the moment we've no intention of getting another guitarist/saxophonist/zither player/conjuror/morris dancer or compere. alright perhaps a morris dancer...."

While Rick is still in Scotland readying himself for this DJing debut this Saturday, Tim and Mark are working of some of the other demo tracks, so recording can continue once Rick gets to back to NYC.

4th August 2006 - DJ Rick McMurray

Ash drummer Rick McMurray will be DJing at the Club Noir, in Edinburgh on Saturday 12th August. For further details on how see DJ Loveless play vintage, retro and modern sounds at The World's Biggest Burlesque Club go to www.myspace.com/ash.

2nd August 2006 - Play Ash Fantasy Football

This season play Ash Fantasy English Premier League Football, with fans from the Offical Ash Message and both Mark and Tim. Entrance is free and for full details on how to join go to www.myspace.com/ash.

29th July 2006 - The Boys Are Back In Town

Yesterday Tim flew back to NYC from vacation, recording to re-commence soon...

28th July 2006 - Live Guitarist To Join?

Though it previously thought that Ash would perform live as a 3 piece again, following Charlotte's departure in January, it is now thought that Ash will have a second live guitarist. Though the recording set up will continue to be just Mark, Rick and Tim. And the new tunes have been described as 'very "pop" and 1977ish'.

17th July 2006 - News From Tim's Brother

News from Tim's brother on new tracks 'Suicide Girls' and 'Shattered Glass' and other goings on in the new studio...

"The lyrics are mush deeper than heretofore (particularly shattered glass) which gets under the skin. Still recognisably ash with great melody. You're in for a real treat.

He has the music for 25 or more songs written so be prepared for the onslaught. It will still take a long time for the album to come out but there might be a single at Christmas.

Tim is delighted with the studio and appears to work between midday and 5 in the morning."

16th July 2006 - Record Labels

Mark explains what Record labels Ash are on nowadays...

"We are still on Record Collection in the US. Our boss Korda Marshall is the guy who signed us to infectious in 95. Infectious was an then a tiny indie with just 2 staff. Korda got funding from Australian label Mushroom.

1977 was a big hit for Ash along with Garbage, Peter Andre and other Mushroom acts. In time News International then buy out Mushroom and Infectious, Korda stays on as president of the label. And a few years ago News Corp. sold their music labels to Warner. In the UK Meltdown was released on Atlantic part of the Warner group after Korda was promoted to head of Atlantic. Korda was then promoted to head all of Warners UK operations last year. He obviously wants us to stay at the same company he is at so our next album will be released straight through Warners UK. It's really just a move to a different part of the same larger corporation. It's a funny old game...."

14th July 2006 - Ash FAQs

Ever had a question for Ash? Well more than likely you're not the only one, so the band have written answers to 30 FAQs on www.myspace.com/ash.

11th July 2006 - Progress Report From Rick

To celebrate his birthday here's a progress report on the new album from Rick. Taken from www.ash-official.com.

7th July 2006 - Ash Taking A Break From Recording

Ash are now taking a break from recording, 'Shattered Glass' and 'Suicide Girls' are completed and 'Princess 6' and 'Roulette' (formerly 'Keep It In') are well on the well, further details.

6th July 2006 - More From The Studio

More pictures of Mark and Rick up on www.myspace.com/ash, including a bit of spring cleaning...

2nd July 2006 - Video of Tim / Leif Speaks

There's another video of Tim playing in the studio is up on www.myspace.com/ash. Also Ash guitar tech Leif Bodnarchuk speaks to Shure.

30th June 2006 - In The Studio

Firstly a video of Tim editing in the studio is up at www.myspace.com/ash. Also going in the studio Tim pro-tools wizard at work on 'Shattered Glass' edits, the band are 'Shattered' after 18 takes of recording and the book of wives is left open at Keep It In.

28th June 2006 - News From The Studio

News from the studio on how the recordings going and Suicide Girls, Princess Six and Shattered Glass.

27th June 2006 - Princess Six

The book of wives opens on Princess Six... and Tim with six string Ricky.

26th June 2006 - Princess Six

The recording of new track 'Princess Six' is well under way, Rick and Tim have been working out a few changes, and there's a video up on www.myspace.com/ash of the ending of the song. There's also a second video up on Myspace of Rick doing a mic test.

24th June 2006 - The First Mix Nears Completion

Recording is going well, with the first mix nearing completion, Ash's Myspace.

23rd June 2006 - The Studio

More photos and another video of Rick drumming from the studio on Ash's Myspace, including a picture of audio genius Jeff Blenkinsopp.

22nd June 2006 - The Day Before Recording Started (16th June)

Here is an interview with Mark about the latest news from the NYC studio, taken from www.ash-official.com.

20th June 2006 - www.myspace.com/onionrick / Photos From The Studio

Rick now has his own page on myspace www.myspace.com/onionrick. Go and find out more about the legend that is Rick McMurray...

Here's the equipment which will shape the sound of the whole album and the audio council.

19th June 2006 - Myspace Updates

A further video of Tim and Rick in the studio has been added to Ash's Myspace, dated 17th June, and a picture of Rick's very shiny drum kit.

17th June 2006 - Suicide Girls

Play along with Rita, part 1 in 352 part series... Suicide Girls on Myspace.

16th June 2006 - Second Video of Tim

There's now another video of Tim, playing a solo on the Gretsch in the studio up on www.myspace.com/ash. The 1977 single videos have also been added The Myspace.

15th June 2006 - Shattered Glass

Could this be a clue to another new song called 'Shattered Glass': "The Book of Wives paves the way for Shattered Glass" www.myspace.com/ash. There is also a video added of Tim playing guitar in the studio.

14th June 2006 - New Album Section / Rick Video

The Album Section has now been completed re-designed with loads more detailed added. There's also a new video up on Ash's Myspace of Rick drumming in the new studio.

11th June 2006 - Pre-recording Rehearsals

Pre-recording rehearsals started yesterday. There are also some live videos, from Ash's Paddy's day gig in 2004, up on www.myspace.com/ash.

5th June 2006 - Ash Official Re-Launched

The Official Ash website www.ash-official.com was re-launched on Friday and is now a blog. Though it looks very basic at the moment, Mark has said "don't worry, there's gonna be a whole new site coming too, the blog will be for current news" and it all kicks off with an interview with Tim about the recording of the new album... The interview in full is also here.

24th May 2006 - The Demos

Mark has said descriptions of the new demos will follow soon, but not just yet, as demo's can drasticallly change once they record them for real but he'll give a brief sypnosis soon.

And though the current Ash vibe is of a rock 3 piece, Mark doesn't reckon the album will be as heavy as Meltdown, nothing as heavy as Clones or Detonator as of yet.

23rd May 2006 - Demo Working Titles

To mark the launch of the new look ashtabs, all sections will be re-designed soon, here are the working titles of the new demos.

23rd May 2006 - From the Studio

"All the gear has arrived in New York for the start of recording in a few weeks. Some wiring work still has to be done but once that's completed we'll be ready to rock!" Studio Photos

19th May 2006 - Ash Videos

You can now view the videos for Free All Angel singles and Envy at the official Ash Myspace and also read more about them here.

18th May 2006 - Official Myspace Change

The official Ash Myspace has been changed from www.myspace.com/ashmeltdown to www.myspace.com/ash. The old Myspace no longer exists.

16th May 2006 - New Links Section

The links section has been completely re-done, with new Ash and other music links added and all the links to Ash sites, which have sadly passed away, removed.

11th May 2006 - New Wheeler Song / DMH on the recording / Ash Stuff Sale

First things first, Tim has now made public the link to his page www.MysteryRecordings.com, via the new Official Myspace Ash Page, where the song 'End of the World', which I believe to be a solo effort, can be downloaded. To download directly go here.

And news from DMH talking about those 30 demos and a possible Spring 2007 album release, as well as about the Official Myspace Ash Page, www.ash-official.com. All in the News Section.

There is also a sale of official Ash stuff at the Recordstore Ash Store. T-shirts, badges, stickers and some old Hash.

11th May 2006 - New Wheeler Song / DMH on the recording / Ash Stuff Sale

Mark: "So you may or may not have realized but we've taken things into our own hands with the Myspace thing.

The US label gave us the passwords as they hadn't been maintaining it and now we've got no-one to blame but ourselves. We've inquired about getting the plain 'ash' domain. Let's see how that works out. An ex-black metal band currently have it.

Here's the link: www.myspace.com/ashmeltdown

Also don't forget Murphy's Ash myspace at: www.myspace.com/ash1977

If you're bothered, please add us, suscribe to the blog, put us in your Top 8 and help us get the numbers up. We're starting this now, so that hopefully by next year when the album is ready to go it'll be rocking and a great portal to keep everyone informed and bring more people here too.

Any advice on improvements, pimp ups etc. would be appreciated. As I've no experience in writing code it's all new to me!

Other on-line news is that there will be a completely new ash-official.com coming soon. How soon i don't know, but we're gonna get it right this time! These forums will remain intact and we'll just move them into the new home.

I know things have been really quiet for along time, but we've been busy 'relocating!' and getting the songs together. We have a huge amount of songs we've been demo-ing. We're trying to finish 30 in the next month. We plan to start recording mid June and we'll continue until we're happy with it. We have been busy setting up our own studio in New York and once we're set the recording should be quite prolific (fuck, i've probably cursed us there!).

It's been really fun recording the demo's as a 3-piece and we're dead set on making this our best yet, as well as a fan favourite. We gotta win back the Mac.

Contrary to what HMV have been saying, we're looking at a Spring 2007 release through Warners (not Atlantic).

OK, i've not given away too much but that's all there is to tell for now. Obviously we can't say too much about the songs as they're still work in progress that can change and go in different directions. I can say Tim's voice is sounding stronger than ever.

We'll be keeping everyone up to date with the new blog (RSS feed it!) which is hopefully is gonna be contributed to by a friend of our's. He's gonna interview us and get different insights into the creative process. That 's what he does. We'll also post pics from the studio once recording starts for real and maybe even stream a few live feeds or podcast some wacked up shit... Who know's for sure but you're gonna get alot more informed around here and you guy's can get what you've always been screaming for.... CONTENT! "

Tim has now made public the link to his page www.MysteryRecordings.com, via the new Official Myspace Ash Page, where the song 'End of the World', which i believe to be a solo effort can be downloaded. To download go here.

There is a sale of official Ash stuff at the Recordstore Ash Store.

8th May 2006 - New Offical Ash Myspace - www.myspace.com/ashmeltdown

"Hi all, just a quick hello and message to let you know we have taken this myspace site into our own hands and have started to get the ball rolling with it. There's a few video's uploaded for now but once we get the rest from the label we'll try to get them all archived here as well as new pics etc from the studio. We start recording for real next month and have 30 demos we're currently finishing. Incase you didn't know we are now based in New York and later in the year we'll be trying out all the new stuff in low key shows in random bars / parties." - Ash

18th April 2006 - Coming Soon-ish

The new album will be recorded over this summer and Ash will start touring early 2007

17th April 2006 - Tav Reports Back On The New Official Site

The front page is about to become a blog text box. Every other week, from when we launch in a few weeks time, there will be an update on what the band are up to written as a blog. Within the blog will be links to photo's, video and hey, maybe even the odd new song.........

28th March 2006 - Quick Update From DMH

"quick update. Rick is back in NY and we are starting the second session of demoing. We got another 14 songs to try record over the next few weeks. loads to do, better run"

27th March 2006 - Glow Released today

Arthur Baker and Tim Wheeler collaboration Glow is released today on CD, 7" and 12" vinyl.

Also on the Glow Release Details Page, Comments from Arthur Baker about how Glow came around.

21st March 2006 - Glow Release Delayed a Week

The release of single Glow has been delayed a week, due to manfacturing problems. Click on the Glow banner or image to the left, for the release details and reviews.

Glow is a collaboration between Tim Wheeler and dance (and A Life Less Ordinary) producer Arthur Baker and is listed as 'Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler' and available on CD, 7" and 12" vinyl. Lifted from Arthur Baker's forthcoming collaboration album, the track had it's first airplay by John Peel, during an Ash session in June 2001.

17th March 2006 - Star Wars TV show

DMH on the forthcoming Star Wars TV show, from the BBC NI site.

9th March 2006 - Glow

You can listen and vote to hear Glow more at Xfm Tasters. Go vote...

7th March 2006 - I Was Dreaming that Tomorrow...

Concerning rumours that Ash will be releasing their follow up to 2004's Meltdown this summer: they are currently only in the rehearsal studio, with nine songs written. Before Meltdown was recorded, 21 songs (that we know of) were demoed - though admittedly seven of these have remained unreleased... the new album is likely to be a while yet.

3rd March 2006 - Exclusive News from Tim

"I can't quite put my finger on the new sound, it's early days really, at the minute the 3-piece rock band is the vibe but that might develop with some crazy embellishments in the studio, who knows, maybe we'll keep it raw and stripped down if it's working for us. so far, i don't think you could look at any of the news songs and say they sound like a track off any of our albums...9 songs so far, good start. oh yeah and the gretsch sparkle jet is back in action."

21st February 2006 - In the Studio and Glow

Rumour has it that Tim, Mark and Rick have gone into their studio to begin work on some new songs...

Click on the Glow banner or here for the Glow release details.

16th February 2006 - Ash

An Announcement will be made shortly.

10th February 2006 - Tim to Release 'Solo' Single

The track entitled 'Glow', to be released on March 20th, is a collaboration with dance (and A Life Less Ordinary) producer Arthur Baker and is listed as 'Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler'. Lifted from Arthur Baker's forthcoming collaboration album, the track had it's first airplay by John Peel, during an Ash session in June 2001.

There are also rumours that there could be more solo stuff to come from Tim...

27th January 2006 - News from Tim's Brother

RTE documentary: Tim was brought home by RTE this weekend past for them to film shots of him for an upcoming RTE series on Irish song writers. Apparently they are looking at different aspects of song writing and so his bit sare likely to be interspersed among the six program series. They recorded him playing 'shining light' in the old cottage at home where the band first started up which should be interesting. The series is due to go out in the autumn so you will have to wait a while. I'm sure more details of the series will emerge over time. It was a nice excuse to get home all expenses paid.

On the next album: The song writing is going well and they are expecting to start recording later on this year. They will get together, probably in the spring, to start practising the new material.

On Charlotte leaving: The band have no plans to replace her. They are hoping to recreate the dynamic of the early band and get back to the buzz of the early material. The break up was all very amicable.

On New York: He has settled in well and enjoying the total change of scene. I was expecting him to be getting out loads to see all the local bands which would then become an influence on the next album. So far it hasn't happened but he is hoping to start once he fully finds his feet.

Apparently they have also leased a studio for two years so potentially they will be producing and mixing their own records.

20th January 2006 - Official Statement from Tav

"After 9 years Ash and Charlotte Hatherley have mutually agreed to part company. The decision is completely amicable and they wish each other the very best for the future. Ash are returning to the studio later this year to make the follow up to 2004's "Meltdown" album.

Charlotte is currently recording tracks for her second solo album (following "Grey Will Fade") which she plans to release in the Autumn this year."

Good Luck to Charlotte, end of one era and beginning of another...

19th December 2005 - New Album...

HMV seem to think Ash have a new album out in June next year, and though it seems logical that Warner said something to make them think this, sources suggest it is very unlikely the material Ash are currently working on would be ready then...

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