New Songs - descriptions from Mark

From Tim:

20. Send That Girl Back Home "A put down song for someone who doesn't know I've written it yet". A candiate for a future single.

21. Scum

"A song based on experience, as were still scum".

3rd September 2003

"ok we just finished demo-ing 9 new songs last night. Working Titles so far are;

11. Detonator - Heavy riff lead pop song, very Nirvana-esque

12. Meltdown - Hard song to sum up, Heavy Rock song, simple riff / catchy chorus also tim showing off his metal god solo skills.

13. Vampire Love - Gothic undertones, Heavy Metal guitars and the mini grohl on drums. (this is our new name for McNutrey)

14. Star-crossed - It's the big power ballad, with Tim singing about 2 lovers who are in no uncertain terms 'fucked'.......

15. Out of the Blue - In the same vien as BBB, has radio hit written all over it and is bound to become a favourite. I'm confident this song could be a single

16. Wipeout - Another uptempo rock out, definately inspired from touring with STD

17. Singapore Song - finally get recorded, it's dark, it's brooding and it name checks Belfast...... stickin out!

18. Blue Blue - Kinda like a 60's pop / rock n'roll song, and it's about sex

19. Finally we have 'Tintsletown' a 9 1/2 minute epic which goes on a music oddessy, covers every genre from 4 to the floor handbag to sonic youth spaz outs and kraut rock.

There you go, we're all off on Sunday to LA to record the album, yee ha"

14th April 2003

"1. Go to Hell - Garage rawk, it's all about them riffs. sing along with me now 'G O T O H E L L !'

2. Renegade Cavalcade - sorta Pixies (as heard @ RAH) gotta middle 8 riff to swing your dick in the wind to.

3. Clones - Heaviest song we've ever recorded. tuned down to a PHAT C (I jest not...)

4. Orpheus - Chilli peppers meet The Doors, Sabbath and well.. us (as heard @ RAH)

5. I won't be saved - a bit like teenage fanclub before the pipes and slippers days.

6. Evil Eye - McMurray shows off thinking he's Grohl in this dark / heavy pop song. Muse fans might like this.

7. On a wave - Big riffs, unusual chord sequences and mega 'Who' style breakdown in this Surf anthem.

8. Cool it Down - Fast paced, pounding drums and a chorus as catchy as a world champion frisbee catcher. destined to be a mosh pit favourite.

9. Arguement - the most accessable / pop of all the new stuff. a bit R.E.M.

10. Solace - This has potential for greatness. It's a bit like a heavy 'i'm gonna fall' with one big phat chorus.