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ASH Facts
Honk if you like geese!

Improve your Ash knowledge; these are just a handful of the random Ash related knowledge I have stored in my head and comments made by members of the band over the years.

Jack Names the Planets
Jack Names the Planets – N/A
  • Jntps was originally recorded on a demo tape back in 1992.
  • It become Ash’s first single when it was released on 7" vinyl, on Tav’s (Ash's discoverer and manager) La la Land record label in 1993, and though loved by the radio 1 evening session, Ash didn’t like the final recording and so it was re-recorded for Infectious release on mini album Trailer.
  • Jntps was used on the soundtrack for the film Angus.
  • Both the original recording of Jack and Don’t Know were hidden tracks on the first 10,000 1977s.
  • Was used on the film 'Angus' soundtrack.
  • Planet Nieu vennup which Oscar Wilde and Patrick the Brewer are talking about at the beginning of Jntp is a small,yet excellent town in the Netherlands, where Oscar and Patrick come from. Thanks to Kieran McCarron.
  • Ash took the name for Jack Names The Planets from a line or chapter heading in the Stephen King novel, The Talisman.
  • Ash and Tav re-released the original recordings of Jack Names the Planets and b-side Don't Know, which were released on La La Land in 1993, in 2002 on cd through Tav's new label Double Dragon Records. The tracks were also accompanied by the recording of Season, which appeared on the Raptor 12" vinyl - a vinyl Ash released as part of a 'young enterprise' school project. Raptor 12" with a four track vinyl and featured three other local Co. Down bands.
Petrol – N/A
  • Petrol is also one of ash's early songs from '92.
  • The song is about being litched by a gang.
  • Petrol was re-mixed by Ben Groose in America for promotional release only.
  • B-sides 'The Little Pond' and 'Things' are both taken from early demo tapes and non of the band were happy with the final recordings. Mark has spoken many times of his unhappiness with the recordings, while Tim was unimpressed with producer Gaz and even mentioned in June 2005 that the band were considering recording a new acoustic version of 'The Little Pond'.
Trailer – 3 in the Indie Charts
  • The first few Trailer 12” came with a free Sessions 7”, which contained Backwater cover Silver Surfer and demo classic Jazz 59. Both recorded in session for Radio 1.
  • Trailer was re-released with a second cd of the Kung Fu single and three extra tracks - Different Today, Hulk Hogan Bubblebath and the original recording of Punk Boy.
  • Trailer was released in America on the Reprise label in July 95 and has four extra tracks, Uncle Pat b-sides Different Today and Hulk Hogan Bubblebath, Kung Fu b-side Day of the Triffids and the well known recording of the, Helen Love cover, Punk Boy.
  • If you slow down the 'noise' between track 5 Get Out and track 6 Petrol, you can hear a section of the demo recording of Intense Thing.
Uncle Pat
Uncle Pat - 37
  • As with Petrol, Uncle Pat was released on limited 7” to increase first week sells and got Ash their first top 40 hit.
  • Uncle Pat was used as the music on Heinekein adverts back in '94.
  • Tim has in the past called a Uncle Pat is a 'piss take'.
  • B-side Different Today was originally on the Shed demo tape from 1992, and had quite different lyrics.
Kung Fu
Kung Fu - 57
  • Kung Fu was written in 5 minutes on boxing day ’94 at Belfast International Airport and recorded in 2 minutes and 15 seconds the next day in Wales.
  • The rumour that Ash were on their way to record another track when Tim wrote it - is obviously true as I recently found out they were at the airport waiting to fly out to record with Owen Morris.
  • Kung Fu was recorded using the Verve’s equipment.
  • The original recording of Kung Fu contains the extra vocals during the instrumental of ‘Gary Glitter – whooooo, Scooby Doo – WHOOOOO, Rock McMurray – laughing, and last but not least ladies and gentlemen I give you Johnny Wong! YEAHHH!’
  • The intro was ripped from a black and white film called 'Black Vampire' - thanks to Wullie for asking Tim.
  • Was used on the film 'Angus' soundtrack.
  • Kung Fu was re-mixed in America by Rob Cavalla and Jerry Finn.
  • As well as being used for the soundtrack for film 'Angus', Kung Fu also the main theme tune to Jackie Chan film Rumble in the Bronx.
  • "We had to ask Cantona for permission to use his picture on our sleeve. He wrote back and said "I split on your record". He was really pissed of!" - Mark Hamilton
Girl from Mars
Girl From Mars - 11
  • Girl from Mars gave Ash their first big hit.
  • The rumour that the song was original called ‘Girl from Ards’, a place in Northern Ireland, and that was written about a girl Tim went out with from there, is false. This information is from Tim himself.
  • The final lyrics for Girl from Mars take a while to come about and when the track was performed in Dec ’94 the chorus went ‘she was only the girl from mars’ with a different second verse, then when it was recorded the evening session in ’95 the second verse was more or less a repeat of the first.
  • The release of Girl from Mars was held back by the band until they had finished school, as they knew they had a classic and wanted to be free to promote and tour it properly.
  • Girl from Mars has been used by NASA has the hold music on their telephone lines.
  • Ash never liked the UK video for this, it showed from playing on the beach (meant to be Mars) all painted, so a new video was re-done for the US release. Shot in LA it shows the band playing in a museum and little girl going crazy to see them.
  • "It was a dream come true and I´m so pleased for them all. When Mark rang tonight he said he could hardly believe three kids from Downpatrick had made it to Top Of The Pops. But I said, Don´t knock Downpatrick, you could be from anywhere. Mind you, I think the Whole town was watching tonight." - Miriam Hamilton, Mark´s mother on Ash's first TOTPs appearance.
Angel Interceptor
Angel Interceptor - 14
  • Is about missing someone sexually – ‘I feel heaven in you’.
  • Rumoured that there’s another version of the video, featuring a Mr Wheeler pretending to wank.
  • "Angel Interceptor is really sweet so it´ll probably be more raw next. That feeling of wonder was one of the things that caused me to write, now I´m thinking there´s millions of other things." - Tim Wheeler 95/96
  • When Angel Interceptor was performed in ’95 it included Rick doing ‘high’ back vocals, which was interesting and this problem with backing vocals was one of the reasons they felt they needed another member.
  • B-side and John Lennon cover 'Give Me So Truth' has never been played live.
Get Ready
Get Ready 7" - N/A
  • The cover star is a very young Drew Barrymore.
  • Get Ready was released on Fantastic Plastic Records in N. Ireland on a limited 7”, with the very weird b-side Zero Zero. Though the recording later began a b-side to next official single, through Infectious, 'Goldfinger'.


Goldfinger - 5
  • "Goldfinger is the best song we´ve ever written, and the best words I´ve ever written". - Tim Wheeler 1996
  • Goldfinger was “performed” (mimed) infamously on Richard and Judy, where Mark took over vocals duty, after which the hosts informed the band of what big fans they were and hadn’t even noticed.
  • Ash didn’t like the video to this song as they had little input.
  • I heard that Tim wake one morning with a big hangover and wrote Goldfinger, but I might of dreamt this rumour or made it up at some point....
  • B-side 'Sneaker' was co written by Hamilton and Peak, Peak being the guitarist from Downpatrick band Backwater. The song was originally called 'Easter Island' and was performed by a side project band called 'Sneaker' that contained Hamilton on bass, Peak on lead and vocals, McMurray on guitar and the Backwater drummer. This was done as Tim was in the Rockfields studio finishing parts of 1977.
  • B-side 'I Need Somebody' was written in a hospital bed by Mark, after his break down.
  • B-side 'Get Ready' was originally released on Fantastic Plastic Records in N. Ireland on a limited 7” with the very weird b-side Zero Zero.
1977 - 1
  • 1977. The year Tim and Mark were born and of course the year Star Wars Episode IV was first released.
  • Lose Control is about sleeping with another guy's girlfriend, something Tim points out he's never done.
  • Innocent Smile – Tim laughing near the end is caused by Rick wearing drag in the studio, something that Owen Morris made the band do to get the best results.
  • Lost In You was written the night before the album was meant to be finished, ash needed another song and the pressure was on Tim to just write another. This might have been because of the sacking of coasting, which the band ‘went off’ but I don’t think that was meant for 77.
  • "It was very emotional and I was losing my mind towards the end of it (the recording of 77). The feelings in Lost in You are pretty scary." - Tim wheeler 1996
  • 1977 guaranteed Ash a number one album chart spot before release, will pre orders alone.
  • The working title for 77 was 'guarenteed real teenagers'. Ash couldn't think of many ideas for the title and had a suggestion box, another ideas included a salute to producer Owen Morris, 'Owen's Angels'.
  • If your 1977 cd code is INFECT40 and not INFECT40X, these were the first 10,000 printed, then hold down the rewind button before Lose Control starts to find the 2 extra hidden tracks - the original Jack Names the Planets and b-side Don't Know.
  • Sick Party was originally recorded for a sample for a track ash were recording called the ‘The Scream’. The Scream is hundreds of samples put together and is so fucked up that Mark says it probably never see the light of day. The Boo Radleys who were recording in the same studio as Ash at the time also recorded a bit for The Scream, but Mark said it was tame.
  • "The LP was such a big deal in my head. I figured as soon as I´d finish it, I´d be really content. But when I finish I just felt dead." - Tim Wheeler
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah - 6
  • The video was banned by top of the pops.
  • Mark about the cd cover: the cover is supposed to show 2 young lovers just around 'that' age. Look they're in the woods, they've that sorta look on their faces that they might just have done 'it' whils't their mates waited 10 feet away drinking shandy bass and getting fucked up on a lambert and butler. anyway that jacket's cool.
  • B-side 'Does Your Mother Know' was on a BBC Abba tribute album 'Thank You For The Music'.
Live at the Wireless
Live At the Wireless – 7
  • Live album recorded at Triple J Studios in Oz, October ’96.
  • The quote on the back of Live from the wireless is from Hunter S. Thompsons. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thanks to Kieran McCarron. the greatest book ever written, almost a bible.
  • Tim and Ian were ‘pushing up faders, while ordering a taxi and putting on jackets’ in order to finish this fine recording and get to the airport on time.
Barbie 7
Barbie 7” – N/A
  • Given out to fan club members at an Ashtoria gig on 3rd March ‘97
  • Contains an answer phone message from Weezer guitarist Brian Bell, the cover 'I Only Want To Be With You' and 'Kung Fu' live at Reading ’96 after which Ash left of the Stone Rose's firework and smashed their equipment.

A Life Less Ordinary

A Life Less Ordinary - 10
  • The working title was simply 'Film Song'.
  • Used on the soundtrack of the same titled film.
  • Charlotte’s first Ash single. Tim knew Charlotte would really fit in the band when they were jamming out an early version of ALLO and the two guitar parts really worked.
  • The video was mainly shot without Rick, as he had to go into hospital, this is the reason why ‘Rick’ has his hood up for most of the vid. He is played by a guy called Dave.
  • B-side 'Halloween' was first heard in ’93 when it was called Happy Halloween.
  • Available on the Japanese and American release of Nu-clear Sounds.
  • Has been re-mixed, the mix is a bit heavier, with different chorus and the first verse repeated in place of the second.
  • Mark on the song and the video directed by Hammer & Tongs "The song, 'A Life Less Ordinary' was written specifically for the movie of the same name. Irish director Danny Boyle personally requested for us to contribute to the soundtrack. Straight off the back of Trainspotting we weren't gonna say no! Produced by Arthur Baker our recording became the lead single for the movie and a UK Top 10 hit. This is the first video which Charlotte appears in and she was thrown in the deep end! Hammer & Tongs found a location on an airstrip north of London, known for their wacky pop promos they decided to strap us to the roofs of rally cars (with our instruments) and speed up and down the runway! The final product is pretty amusing! Rick was suffering with chronic bronchitis and was unable to film the whole video. During the shoot he collapsed, was rushed to hospital and put on a ventilator! One of the crew had to take his place and through parts of the video you can see him disguised with his hood up, giving South Park's Kenny a run for his money!"
Jesus Says
Jesus Says - 15
  • I think Jesus Says might have originally been called 'Ditto', one of the NCS tracks certainly was.
  • Ash got in ‘trouble’ because of a promo poster showing a cartoon image of Jesus on the cross saying Ash.
  • As Tim said on CD:UK at the time, its not a religious statement.
  • The title is a taken from Velvet Underground tracks 'Jesus' and 'Candy Says'.
  • This track was re-mixed by Nirvana Nevermind producer Butch Vig for release in America.
  • There a dance re-mix of this song which was available on white label 12” and it is also a b-side to Shining Light.
  • Jesus Says was also featured in the movie Swimfan.
  • Rick loves performing b-side 'Track Out' live (quote ’99).
  • Danny from Supergrass did the drumming on b-side 'Dancing on the Moon' after Rick disappeared back to Belfast, before the recording of the song. I think after an agrument over the releasing of the Nu-clear singles on 2 cds.
  • Mark on the video directed by Howard Greenhalgh - "This video uses a lot of spinning camera motion which caused MTV to receive complaints of "This video made me sick!", because of this there was a re-edit with toned down spinning! The footage is shot in various West London locations including a disused Underground station and Gas works. We also get to drive around in some hot wheels under the West Way and Christ himself makes an appearance. Off-set he was a chainsmoker! I swear that's Keith Flint in the club footage."
Nu-Clear Sounds
Nu-clear Sounds – 7
  • Mark: "Tim came up with 'Nu-Clear Sounds' from the name of a laundrette in the States that was called Nu-Clear Suds"
  • The original start of recording of NCS was scrapped and Producers changed, deadlines were missed. I think even now the band feel some tracks won’t properly finished off.
  • Projects was the first track demoed for 1977 and when originally performed it was called 'Peckifoo'. Mark made Tim re-record the vocals for this, after the set he did on mushrooms. This one of Mark’s favourite ash tracks.
  • Folk Song was re-mixed by Nirvana Nevermind producer Butch Vig for release in America. Folk song was gonna be released as a single and radio promos were given out in Ireland. Folk Song is about growing up.
  • Tim wrote Folk Song after reading the book "Le Grand Meaulnes" by Alain-Fournier. Thanks to Chad for that.
  • Death Trip 21 is about a king pin who Tim saw in a paper had been murdered, or something like that...
  • Burn Out was originally called Jazz Odyssey.
  • Aphrodite was gonna be released as a single.
  • I’m Gonna Fall was used on the soundtrack for film Road Trip.
  • NCS story from Tim "oh yeah, the mcnulty tractor story was actually about dmh (who definitely cannot drive) writing our producer owen's landrover off. he was racing tav round a field at rockfield when we were recording ncs. this was in the wee hours of the morning, absolutely hammered. he made 1 glorious lap of the field before smashing into a fence almost killing himself, charlotte. rick and owen. be very afraid the day mark gets a car...."
Wild Surf
Wild Surf – 31
  • The extended version of the single is normally played, when Wild Surf is played live.
  • Only made it on the C list at Radio One.
  • I think the son might have originally been called '50s song', one of the NCS tracks certainly was. The original lyrics are quite different the original version heard live in late '97 is a lot longer.
  • This track was re-mixed by Nirvana Nevermind producer Butch Vig for release in America.
  • B-side 'Stormy Waters' was written by Rick for his girlfriend Helen after their first fight.
  • Mark on the video directed by Howard Greenhalgh - "In this rarely seen clip Howard took us to the Natural History Museum in London. There we shot performance against giant video screens and metallic globes. We also headed to East London for more performance shots in the Docklands area. The video follows a sci-fi looking chick obsessed with water. She has some kinda weird aqua car and then ends up surfing a tsunami which destorys the city. The final special effect shot is so tacky and crap it's laughable!Mark on the video directed by Howard Greenhalgh"
Numbskull – N/A
  • Think certainly Mark feels this track could have been finished off a bit better, in terms of the recording, as he did say a long with Petrol they were thinking off re-recording these for IS7 release.
  • The b-sides include Nirvana cover 'Blew', Mudhoney cover 'Who You Drivin' Now?' and live recordings of 'Jesus Says', 'Fortune Teller' and 'Girl from Mars'. Because of this it didn't meet with single release regulations and was classed as an EP release.
  • Mark on the video filmed by Darren Tiernan - "Tim went AWOL in NYC, exorcised a few demons and 'Killed Bambi' in this self made shocker which was swiftly banned. MTV used it as an example of, "what not to do" in seminars with young directors! Inspired the slogan, 'Real Drugs, Real Blood, Real Sex' which backed our T-shirts at that years Glastonbury. Due to MySpace regulations it cannot be shown from this page. You'll have to find it elsewhere!"
  • Mark again: "Tim was sick of some of the 'boy band' comparisons that were flying about around the 1977 / Nu-Clear era and wanted to kill them off. He disapeared for a while to NY and had his cousin turn up and shoot the vid in the hotel he was staying. He then sent Tav the 'I've Killed Bambi' note along with the footage"
Got A Beautiful Face...
Got A Beautiful Face ...Got A Fucked Up Inside - N/A (U.S. Only)
  • Was only available in the U.S. to promote the U.S. release of NCS.
  • The title is taken from the lyrics of 'Numbskull' and I'm guessing is how Tim was feeling at the time, as he was refusing to do any promotion for the album.
  • Contains the ALLO b-sides 'What Deaner Was Talkin' About', 'Where Is Our Love Going' and 'Halloween' and Numbskull b-sides 'Who You Drivin' Now?' and 'Blew'.
Warmer than Fire
Warmer than Fire – N/A (download only)
  • Later becoming a b-side to 'Shining Light' this track was meant to be released on the internet only and was released for download in late 2000 to promote their mini tour and return from the shadows, but was so popular it became a b-side.
  • It was written by Little Hell frontman and neighbour of Tim’s Steve Ludwin and the rights were bought by Tim for £36 after Steve was gonna sack the song, but Tim fell in love with it.
  • Mark on the video directed by Darren Tiernan - "Tim's cousin made this low budget video with us (for the then download only single) while we recorded the album near Puerto Banus, Spain. Shot at El Cortijo studios and other local locations like our favorite Devils Bar. Tim looks like he means business on a moped, We all jump in the pool and then burn an old piano. Awesome times! This song was written by our friend Steve Ludwin who gave it to us when his then band Carrie split up. RIP Zak."
Shining Light
Shining Light – 8
  • Was written about Tim’s now ex-girlfriend Audrey, when the tune and line ‘Yeah you are a shining light’ came into his head as he was driving her home one night, so he raced home and wrote it.
  • The first time Tim played the song to the rest of the band on an acoustic guitar they knew they had a hit.
  • The b-side 'Warmer than Fire' was meant to be released on the internet only and was released for download in late 2000, but was so popular it became a b-side. It was written by Little Hell frontman and neighbour of Tim’s Steve Ludwin and the rights were bought by Tim for £36 after Steve was gonna sack the song, but Tim fell in love with it.
  • Tim won a Ivor music award for writing this.
  • Coldplay have covered this song and Noel Gallagher loves it.
  • Mark on the video directed by Darren Tiernan - "Tim went through David Blaine style torture as he was submerged for the guts of a day in this water tank. He encounters some form of mermaid and dodges a falling anchor as he swims up from the dark abyss towards a bright, shining light. As if in a coma he reaches the surface to awake in a hospital bed, while the rest of Ash look on wondering why they were called at 5am for this video shoot! Anyone who saw James Blunt on the Brit Awards 2006 might have noticed some striking similarities."
  • Mark on the CGI version of the video, also directed by Darren Tiernan - "Ok, this version was never seen on TV for a reason. Originally we had a CGI submarine and shark in the video. Tim passes them on his accent to the surface but they sucked so bad we had them cut. Moral of the story? Cheap ass special effects aren't worth the peanuts!"
Burn Baby Burn
Burn Baby Burn – 13
  • Originally titled ‘This Is Slow Suicide’, then shortened to ‘Slow Suicide’ then changed to BBB to get on the radio.
  • Was written for Nu-clear Sounds originally but never finished.
  • Has been re-mixed for release in America, and U.S re-mix ‘mid track breakdown’ version is now always played live and Tim ain’t gonna start playing again and unless you sing.
  • Won both Q and NME Brat award for best single.
  • The Cheerleaders came along to TOTPs with the band for a special performance and the smash hits party where dmh where the legendary 'jed is dead' t-shirt.
  • Mark on the video directed by Jeff Thomas - "This is the first promo video we made with our now good friend Jeff Thomas. Shot in a Croydon high school gymnasium it features a troop of cheerleaders and The London Towers basketball team. High action performance, excellently cut with acrobatic cheerleaders, plenty of white panty shots and dribbling basketballers = hit video and high rotation. Hot!"
Free All Angels
Free All Angels – 1
  • The name 'Free All Angels' is from a T-shirt that a Hells Angels was wearing
  • Walking Barefoot is Tim’s fave FAA song, and he admits it should have been a single. Infact when I saw them at the beginning of the FAA in Portsmouth he said that they were deciding whether to go for Barefoot or Sometimes as the next single.
  • Walking Barefoot was released as a single in Austrailia though.
  • The album version of Candy had to be done in order to remove the level of samples.
  • Cherry Bomb – is Ash’s ‘loving tribute’ to Weezer, note the similarities to Pinkerton opener ‘Tired of Sex’. Cherry Bomb was also originally written for Nu-clear Sounds. Was written about the book Virgin Suicides.
  • Submission has been re-mixed twice, once by Arthur Baker the co-operation of ALLO and is a b-side to BBB.
  • Pacific Palisades to originally contain samples in the instrumental, I think by the Beach Boys, but they had to be removed and the band sing them, themselves. You can hear them on the U.S. version of FAA.
  • Shark originally contains samples at the beginning as well, I don’t know what of, and it was going to be the album opener.
  • Nicole is about an ex girlfriend of Mark's. The sound at the start, is a tube train.
Sometimes – 21
  • Though not doing very well in the single charts, it helped sell thousands of copies of Free All Angels, which is better.
  • The video was shot in Cuba. Tim was almost seriously injured when roof the location they were filming at fell in and Mark went down to the beach and saw 'a massive crab'.
  • B-side 'Melon Farmer' was written by Backwater, mates of Ash's from school. It was performed for the John Peel show as a joke, was loved and so b-sided. Ash performed the song in London back in Dec '94 with the singer from Backwater.
  • Mark on the video directed by Jeff Thomas - "Filmed in Cuba, and with a 'nice piece' of casting! This video shows Tim performing alone with an acoustic as we watch his (video) relationship split. The other Ash members spend the video driving around and looking for him in barber shops and gas stations. Of course they find him and everything's ok, thank God! Tim narrowly avoided actual injury when the roof of the bedroom location fell in during the shoot! Smokin'!"
Candy – 20
  • Mark's fave FAA track.
  • The single version wasn’t allowed on the album as it contains to much of a sample of 'Make It Easy On Yourself', this slightly delayed the release of FAA.
  • B-side 'Waterfall' was originally recorded on Shed demo tape and was the Pipe Smoking Brick ‘best of’ demo tape.
  • The White suits seen in the vid, were worn on TOTPs.
  • Mark on the video directed by Jeff Thomas - "Shot with a host of look-a-likes, Ash perform as a wedding band. Tim catches the eye of a beautiful but clumsy waitress (I guess she's Candy?) who then wets herself... just watch it, It's great. There's plenty of comedy moments in this clip, especially when Rick's drum stick defies the laws of physics!"
Walking Barefoot
Walking Barefoot – N/A (Austrailia Only)
  • Only a single in Austrailia, somehow never got released as a single in the UK.
  • Walking Barefoot is Tim’s fave FAA song, and he admits it should have been a single. Infact when I saw them at the beginning of the FAA in Portsmouth he said that they were deciding whether to go for Barefoot or Sometimes as the next single.
  • A low budget live video was shot to promote the release.
There's A Star
There’s A Star – 13
  • Was released for one week only.
  • Another track originally written for Nu-clear Sounds, but another that Ash couldn’t work out for the album.
  • The Video was meant to be filmed in snow, but somebody ‘cocked up’.
  • B-side 'Coasting' was originally recorded on demo tape Garage Girl and for the session in ’95.
  • B-side 'No Place to Hide' - 'Mark said that No Place to Hide was written when Ash were in the Far East just after Sept. 11th, and it's about that kind of "rain will fall from blood red skies" atmosphere at the time. It was also Mark's favourite b-side on Cosmic Debris apparently.' info from Paul.
  • Charlotte played every instrument on her b-side Grey Will Fade, other than Rick doing the drumming. - this has also been recorded for her solo album.
  • Mark on the video directed by Jake and Jim - "Set against the bleak, volcanic black sand beaches on Iceland, Ash perform and Tim goes on a quest for his Flying V. Will he find it in time for the epic solo? There was supposed to be more to this video but it didn't quite work out. Read more below!"
  • There is also another "The Ice Jawas version" of the video...
Envy - 21
  • Was first publicly performed in July 2000 at 'A Lost Weekend' which Ash headlined when NINs pulled out.
  • About the relationship between a girl and her vibrator.
  • Check out Charlotte in the video.
  • Mark said it didnt do particularly well in the charts, because some radio stations didnt play it saying 'it was to heavy' (?).
  • B-side 'I Don't Mind' was first done at V97 (charlottes second gig, after first at the Limelight... thanks to Jamie Quinn) with Elvis classic 'Jailhouse Rock'.
  • Mark on the video directed by Piper Ferguson - "Ash perform on top of a Hollywood highrise and take some wild L.A. cabs rides with Andy Dick. More look-a-likes in this video with tounge in cheek references to The White Stripes and our pals The Hives. The record company were originally scared by the gay kissing and wanted an edit. We stuck to our guns and MTV had this in high rotation for some time! A small victory."

Intergalantic Sonic 7s

Intergalantic Sonic 7"s - 3
  • Has the U.S re-mix of BBB on.
  • The first cd versions also included best of the b-sides cd entitled 'Cosmic Debri's'.
  • Walking Barefoot though not released as a single in the UK is on this singles best of, because it was a single in Austrailia.
  • Though Ash asked their fans for suggestions for the title of the album it was Tim came up with the title. Mark did the cover artwork.
I'm On Drugs
I'm On Drugs - N/A
  • The b-side to this was a death metal cover of 'Candy'. 10 Masked Men won a Ash cover competition to perform live with Ash and have their recording feature as the b-side.
  • Tim recording the guitar solo in one track.
  • The Cd's were given out at the cinema showing of 'Love and Destruction'.
Satalite Transmissions Vol.1
Satalite Transmissions Vol.1 - N/A (U.S. Only)
  • Was only available on gigs in the U.S. while Ash were touring to promote the U.S. release of FAA on Kinetic Records.
  • Four track live EP, two acoustic and two live tracks.


Clones - 1 (download charts)
  • This was a download only single, and actually went to number 1 in the UK download charts, which at the time was kinda a secret industry thing.
  • Is the 'heaviest song ash have ever recorded'.
  • Was used on the soundtrack for Star Wars game: Republic Commando. Ash played a set including 'Cantina Band' at the UK launch party for the game in London's Leicester Square - great night!
  • Mark on the video directed by Jeff Thomas - "This is a straight up performace video. Dark and gritty it was shot in a warehouse in Camden, London. It was a cold winter morning, there was no heating and we got drenched by a guy with a hose between takes. Thanks Jeff!"
  • Clones (V.2) directed by Jeff Thomas - "Ash live performace taken from the original UK video and intercut with video game footage from LucasArt's Star Wars: Republic Commando. We got asked to provide music for the game during the Meltdown writing period and by complete fluke had just demoed the Clones track!"
Orpheus - 13
  • Originally had the working title of 'Dirty Sanchez'.
  • Tim on writing the song: "the song's sort of based on this idea of like a Mexican road song sort of thing. I wrote it after watching this Mexican movie where these two kids go on this road trip with this girl, it's a rights of passage kind of thing. So I always thought it had this Mexican flavour, in fact when we first wrote the song it was called 'Dirty Sanchez' for a while!"
  • Mark said "Chilli peppers meet The Doors, Sabbath and well.. us".
  • Being used on the soundtrack for UK zombie flick 'Shaun of the Dead'.
  • First aired in March '03 at the Royal Albert Hall gig for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.
  • B-side 'Everybody's happy nowadays' was recorded with Coldplay's Chris Martin on vocals and was orginally a hit for The Buzzcocks in 1979. The song was recorded for the 'Shaun of the Dead' soundtrack.
  • Mark's comments on b-side 'Tinsletown', before the recording of Meltdown... "Finally we have 'Tintsletown' a 9 1/2 minute epic which goes on a music oddessy, covers every genre from 4 to the floor handbag to sonic youth spaz outs and kraut rock."
  • The video was filmed in Spain and was based on 'Gumball Rally'.
  • Tim on Orpheus: "Well the song itself is taken directly from the Greek myth of the same name, but it also tells the story of a friend of mine whose mum had just died one summer, and he was just trying to get through it. It’s mainly about someone who’s been through hell and now trying to get out the other side, whilst trying not to look back. We had an original version of the song that wasn’t half as complicated as it turned out in the finish, but then we stuck in this whole intersection and a middle break and the record label were going “it’s not going to work” and we were like “IT WILL!” ..."
  • Mark on the video directed by Jeff Thomas - "This video was made in Almeria, Southern Spain. It's basically a car chase across the desert with two bandits trying to run us off the road, total Wacky Racers stuff. Intercut with us performing in a dirty biker bar it's a full throttle sweatfest!"
  • Orpheus was also featured in the movie Shaun Of The Dead and the EA video games Burn Out 3 and NHL 2005
Meltdown - 5
  • Mark on the album title "'Meltdown' was just the title of one of the songs, although I don't think the word 'meltdown' is in the lyrics of it. It's a word that we liked the sound of from years ago, like 'We'll have to write a song called "Meltdown" sometime'. So we eventually called that song 'Meltdown' and we couldn't decide on a title for the album, so we used it for that too."
  • The band wanted Evil Eye, rather than Orpheus, to be the first single off the album, but the record company made the call.
  • Tim's Studio Diary of the recording of Meltdown.
  • The message at the beginning of Evil Eye is 'she's giving me the Evil Eye, suck satan's cock' backwards.
  • Out of the Blue is a track from the NCS sessions, Ash finally got around to finishing it.
  • Internationally Meltdown entered at Number 7 in Japan and 6 in Ireland.
  • Early UK versions had a free live cd with them.
  • Meltdown was recorded in the same studio as Nirvana recorded Nevermind.
  • Both tracks Meltdown and Orpheus were used on the Shaun of the Dead film soundtrack.
  • Evil Eye was going to released as fifth single off the album as download only was a full acoustic live set as the b-sides. But the release was pulled when the gig become widely available on the net via the message board on the official site.
  • Mark's describes of all the tracks after demoing, in September 2003:
    "1. Meltdown - Hard song to sum up, Heavy Rock song, simple riff / catchy chorus also Tim showing off his metal god solo skills.
    2. Orpheus - Chilli peppers meet The Doors, Sabbath and well.. us (as heard @ RAH)
    3. Evil Eye - McMurray shows off thinking he's Grohl in this dark / heavy pop song. Muse fans might like this.
    4. Clones - Heaviest song we've ever recorded. tuned down to a PHAT C (I jest not...)
    5. Starcrossed - It's the big power ballad, with Tim singing about 2 lovers who are in no uncertain terms 'fucked'.......
    6. Out of the Blue - In the same vien as BBB, has radio hit written all over it and is bound to become a favourite. I'm confident this song could be a single
    7. Renegade Cavalcade - sorta Pixies (as heard @ RAH) gotta middle 8 riff to swing your dick in the wind to.
    8. Detonator - Heavy riff lead pop song, very Nirvana-esque
    9. On a wave - Big riffs, unusual chord sequences and mega 'Who' style breakdown in this Surf anthem.
    10. I Won't Be saved - a bit like teenage fanclub before the pipes and slippers days
    11. Vampire Love - Gothic undertones, Heavy Metal guitars and the mini grohl on drums. (this is our new name for McNutrey)"
  • The Meltdown Tour Ad, Staring James Nesbit. Saw James Nesbitt in his birthday suit while prancing around his house to his favorite band, Ash! This commercial is a re-edit of the ISS TV spot and was screened on the huge video screens between bands on The Darkness Arena Tour (2004).
  • The Meltdown TV Ad had a voice over by Colin Murray.
  • Out of the Blue was a track left over from Free All Angels and reworked for Meltdown.
  • Won't Be Saved is about falling out of love and being damned to hell.
Starcrossed - 22
  • Before ash released Meltdown Mark said this "was the one".
  • Mark on Starcrossed back before recording in September 2003 "Star-crossed - It's the big power ballad, with Tim singing about 2 lovers who are in no uncertain terms 'fucked'......." and it obviously has a Romeo and Juliet theme.
  • Starcrossed was A-listed on radio 1.
  • Mark on the video: "Got back from Romania, the video's definately our most epic / grand yet. Strongly inspired by Romeo & Juliet, thousands of candles, blue neon crosses, real actors and shot widescreen. Should look very cinematic."
  • There are two verisons of b-side 'Solace'. The one used for the b-side and another which is being held back and maybe used for a soundtrack.
  • The DVD single has a demo for the new Star Wars game 'Star Wars: Republic Commando' which features ash track Clones.
  • Mark on the Widescreen video directed by Jeff Thomas - "We flew to Romania to shoot this tribute to Romeo and Juliet. The performance was shot in a church in Bucharest. The local priest was pretty cool but he got annoying telling us to turn the music down and blowing out the candles because wax was dripping on his floors! The story is a bit Ghost Whisperer! Oops, hope I didn't ruin the end?"
Renegade Cavalcade
Renegade Cavalcade - 33
  • Renegade Cavalcade - sorta Pixies (as heard @ RAH) gotta middle 8 riff to swing your dick in the wind to.
  • The original video for RC was pulled by Tav after it had been released to video channels, as it was recorded and produced by the record company, Warner, while Ash were away on holiday and on their and Tav's return it was pulled, as it was crap. Very slow, with a 'freak' walking the streets and the band only featuring for a matter of seconds at the end.
  • Tim after the recording of b-side 'We Don't Care': "ash go glam rock (early 70's style). i wrote it with mik from 'the republic of loose'. it's the closest we'll ever get to a football anthem. it features sweet gang vocals from mayor goldie wilson, christine paltrow, coco sherlock, mufflo, the proboscis and a few other notables."
  • Tim explaining about b-side Shockwave and Orpheus b-side Tinsletown: "ok here's the shockwave story, we did tinseltown in the middlle of our demo sessions for meltdown, then a few friends of mine started banging on about the middle section, so we stripped down the arrangement and recorded it with Nick R in LA and then Rich Costey mixed it. it was going to go on the album but in the end it didn't fit the rawk vibe. still, we reckoned it merits a release so here it is. alright? 100 % original tunes from here on then!"
  • Mark on the video directed by Mike Swindells - "This is the second video made for the, 'Renegade Cavalcade' single as the band hated the outcome of the first attempt. Shot when on tour in Austria it was quickly recorded in a room at the venue on Halloween afternoon on a shoe string budget. Features Tim's Flaming Flying V that saw a lot of action during the Meltdown tour."
  • Mark on the Renegade Cavalcade: The Scrapped Video, directed by Rupert Jones - "This sucked so bad we didn't want it to be shown on TV! We then had to make the second version during the tour with next to no money. It's so crap, It's just so crap..."
  • The band now feel that this song was the wrong choice for the 3rd single off Meltdown.
Commando EP - N/A (U.S. Only)
  • Was only available in the U.S. while Ash were promoting the U.S. release of Meltdown and the release of the Star Wars game 'Republic Commando'.
  • Four track EP containing album tracks Meltdown, Clones, Evil Eye and UK b-side Tinseltown.
I Started A Fire
I Started A Fire - N/A (Download Only)
  • Formerly entitled 'The Girl Who Can't Be Owned' and 'Can't Be Owned'.
  • After the recording of Twilight of the Innocents was finished and ISAF made available for free download the track was taken back for further work.
  • Though ISAF wasn't an official release the song still had a video, filmed during rehearsals in the band's studio in New York.
  • DVD's of the video of handed out for free at some of gigs toward the end of Higher Education tour and at the 'You Can't Have It All' instores. There is no artwork only a promotional band shot used with the download and the DVD is simply silver with a large black ASH logo and 'I Started A Fire - Home Video' written on.
You Can't Have It All
You Can't Have It All - 16
  • "It's a bitchy love song, dealing with bi-polar emotions. It's got a really big driving bassline and the beat in the verses is almost dancey. But then the chorus is classic Ash bubblegum punk-pop." – Tim
  • As well as the the three physical format releases for the single, ASH also released the demo and an acoustic version via iTunes. The first time this has happened.
  • The single has been remixed by Hugo Nicolson.
  • The video was shot at Dukes Island Studios in London by Jeff Thomas. It is a straight up performance piece with ASH rocking out in a sound stage under a massive triangle of lights (that took 2 days to hang!) and using a lot of stop motion editing. Though disaster almost struck when bad weather in New York caused massive flight cancelations and a one point it looked like the video was going to be cancelled because Tim and Mark's flight was cancelled. 10 hours later their replacement flight was overbooked and they were put on an even later flight which was then also delayed! Their only saving grace was that they were given free upgrades to business class because of the nightmare. Upon landing in Heathrow they were driven straight to the shoot and into wardrobe 2 hours late. Luckily Rick was there to shoot his solo stuff.
  • B-side 'Comet Temple 1' was formerly entitled 'What Is The Meaning?' and along with follow b-side 'Saskia' was recorded for Twilight of the Innocents.
  • B-side 'Ghosts' was recorded during the post Meltdown sessions in 2004 and was originally indeeded to be a b-side to Renegade Cavalcade. The same recording of the song was used as a b-side to YCHIA and still features Charlotte on backing vocals after her departure from the band in Jan 2006.
Polaris - 32
  • It's previous working title was 'Piano Song' as Tim wrote the main hook line on a piano at U2's villa in the south of France. The original dictaphone recording is also used in the intro of the track.
  • Lyrically it is about being torn apart by a relationship failing.
  • B-side 'Come On Over', like 'Polaris', was one of the original 27 Twilight of the Innocents demos.
  • B-side 'Kingdom of Shadow' also written for the album under the working title of 'A Little High'
  • B-side 'Chinese New Year' was written long before the recording of 2001 number 1 album Free All Angels. The song was played live acoustically several times around that era, before Tim announced it's 'retirement' in late January 2001 during a set at the Life Café, Liverpool. A clip of the song also features on the 'Burn Baby Burn' DVD single.
Twilight of the Innocents
Twilight of the Innocents - 32
  • This is ASH's first album since Charlotte left and they returned to their original three piece line up, and contents the band's first material recorded in their own studio in NYC.
  • It is also the band's 'final' album.
  • The album was solely produced the band, with Tim as lead producer and Mark and Rick assisting.
  • TOTI was the first full length ASH album not to enter the UK album chart in the top 10.
  • Before recording ASH demoed 27 songs for the album.
  • Track 'Blacklisted' is the only song on the album not to have been written before the recording process began, and may be set for a single release in the U.S.
  • iTunes pre-orders of the album came was bonus track 'New Tattoo' and a two part documentary. There are currently no plans for 'New Tattoo' to feature as part of any other release.
  • 'Palace of Excess' formerly went under the titles 'Suicide Girls' and 'Subterraneans'.
  • 'Ritual' formerly went under the titles 'Keep It In' and 'Roulette'.
  • Track 'Twilight of the Innocents' formerly went under the titles of 'In Hell' and 'The Boy Who Lives in Hell', and was originally just going to be an instrumental.
  • Loads more facts to come....
End of the World
End of the World - 62
  • 'End of the World' charted at a very disappointed number 62 in the UK singles chart last night, partly due to a packaging error. On Friday with physical and download sales the single was on the edge of the top 30, but because neither 7" vinyls have the correct bar codes, they have not been scanned at the point of purchase and so will not count towards the singles chart position. The second vinyl should also have come with poster packaging, rather than just been in a clear sleeve.
  • The demo of End of the World appeared on the Internet back in late 2005, on a low key website
  • Tim on the video: “We made the video in Yokohama, just outside Tokyo. It's following Death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, during the days before the end of the world as he goes about his menial tasks. At the end he links up with us and it turns out we're the other three horsemen. We all ride off into some sort of portal to bring about the end of the world.”
  • "One's called 'Seventh Circle', which fans might know as an old song called 'Singapore Song'. Bootlegs of that have been floating around for years. I think it's actually one of my best songs, but it's just never quite fitted on any of the albums." – Tim.
  • "It was one of those songs that we could never find a home for. It was written back in 2000, before the recording sessions for Free All Angels, but it just didn't fit the mood of that album. We gave it another shot on the Meltdown sessions, but again it felt out of place with the new rockier material. We had to settle for it being a b-side which is a shame, 'cos its such a great song. You can't hold onto a song forever though." - Rick
  • 'Singapore Song' as it was known then has only be played live once, at the Ashtoria 31st Jan 00. Song was listed as 'Untitled' on the set list, but Tim referred it as 'Singapore Song' in an interview after the show. The song was aired along with 'Shining Light' and 'Walking Barefoot', as a preview of the material set to be recorded for 'Free All Angels', but it didn’t make the album. The version of the song on the End of the World b-side, is the version recorded for the 2004’s 'Meltdown' album and features former guitarist Charlotte Hatherley on backing vocals.
  • 'Wasted On You' was one of the 27 songs originally demoed for the TOTI." 'Wasted On You', which is a rocker from the album sessions." – Tim.
  • "And the other one is 'Statis In Darkness' which I wrote a while ago with a string quartet. It's another great song, actually. Pretty depressing, but beautiful at the same time." – Tim. 'Statis In Darkness' is an old 'Free All Angels' era outtake.
  • "And then on the 7-inches we've got the first version of 'Palace of Excess' back when it was called 'Suicide Girls' and also 'Shattered Glass'. They were the first things we did in our studio. We ended up totally re-recording them, but these versions show the direction the album could've taken. We were trying to do it fully live, with one guitar, bass, drums and vocals. So they sound a lot rawer." - Tim
  • "Because it's 'End Of The World', the vinyl is the colour of bones! Like an off-white." – Tim
End of the World
End of the World XFM Live EP - 62
  • This download only EP was recorded live the ASH XFM 10th birthday party at Monto Water Rats, London on Tuesday 4th September exclusively for XFM.
  • Entry to the gig was only obtained through XFM competitions.
  • With End of the World as the lead track on this EP counted toward the UK single chart position of the single.
iTunes Festival
iTunes Festival: London ICA Live EP - N/A
  • The seven tracks for this live download EP were recorded at the band’s show at the London ICA on Sunday 8th July.
  • The show was arranged by iTunes to 'celebrate' the release of final album 'Twilight of the Innocents'.
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