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9th December 2002

Rumour has it that there will be new material released on the soundtrack to Slashed which looks likely to be out early next year.

And it has been heard from Mark and Rick that Ash will be back in North America next march. So maybe uk tour first??? With more plugging of ISS which has been spoken of? and theres talk of recording next year too :) busy, busy, busy.

28th November 2002

From someone close to the band:

Tims been recording some new demos recently and they are going demo as a band in jan. Fantastic :)

News from Mark on the ash film Slashed, involving some weezerness in the news section.

28th November 2002

News about slashed from Mark...

"yes, yes, things have been quiet for a while on the slashed front but there have been many hurdles that needed faced and jumped. tonight saw the first shoot in a good while. a key scene was 'acted' out including a new co-star which old skool weezer fans will shit them selves over. ( feel free to post this on the appropriate boards.)

' i think it's time for some divine intervention'


only in dreams"

12th November 2002

From the mouth of Mark Hamilton...

just recorded yesterday in new orleans ... 'I'm on Drugs' it'll be really limited, and on 7" vinyl only. dunno how many copies but probibly (1000-2000) It will have the excellent Death Metal ' Candy' by the 10 horse men on the other side . ( winners of the xfm covers comp) no release date yet , but it will be another low key affair.

as this will sell out (imediately to stores) you'll all be informed here how to pre order it first.

"i'm on drugs" is a pure Punk Rawk, Oi, Cramps-esque senseless 2 1/2 minute punch in the face.....

22nd October 2002

Mark Hamilton: i dunno it'll be later in the year before ash tours europe again. (album to record first) :)

So till the christmas 2002 touring US, January 2003 Snowboarding in France, Febuary UK tour and then the recording of new album, which in typical ash style will take ages but is well worth the wait.

6th October 2002

Nirvana best of release date bought forward to Oct 28th, with unheard song 'You Know You're Right'! News from nme.com .

4th October 2002

Jesus Says Re-mix to be on xfm re-mix album along with the fantastic smells like teen spirit re-mix for more info go to my special page here the official one www.xfm.co.uk/theremixalbum .

New Burn Baby Burn tab recommended from the man the legend PC, here at mxtabs. Dont think ive linked this one before?

30th September 2002

After Envy got to number 21, ISS entered the album charts at number 3, which is fantastic, this did actually happen a couple of weeks ago sorry bout lack of updates, back at uni now, more soon.... i recommend jed's site www.ash-unofficial.com and i think his slashed film will be out in december which probably means that'll be when the ISS best of videos will be out on vid and dvd.

4th September 2002

Ash to support the foos on their American Arena tour, by request of Dave Grohl.

More tabs added to the tabs section, including melon farmer and Jazz 59, thanks to everyone who sent them to us. sorry bout delay.

3rd September 2002

Brilliant review of Intergalantic Sonic Sevens from NME. NME.com.

3rd September 2002

New info from Mark on the ash film 'slashed' written by Jed Shepherd and starring Ash, Dave Grohl, Coldplay, Vines and more. You've probably seen stuff bout it in NME and Kerrang!

jed has 7 new pics but after that i don't wanna give away anymore *spoilers* til closer to the release. i wanna keep alot of the scenes in complete secret so that when you see them they are totally fresh and utterly shocking. the opening action sequence is so amazing it blows away anything john woo has ever atempted. well maybe not but it is very funny and for hard hitting supprise new slashed info will be released sparingly. i think this is a good policy

2nd September 2002

All old news moved to the news section and heres the artwork for ISS not that different to the promo artwork. artwork.

1st September 2002

Darth's comments about envy, envy, ennnnnnvy.

So i've just got the official chart placing of 21. ah well it's not exactly what we were hoping for but it's not the end of the world. sometimes went in at 21 and helped shift 80,000 copies of FAA so with the album out next monday. there's a few excuses flying around. we had little or no regional radio play. outside radio1 and xfm it was seen as too heavy apparently ! load of balls but this is what they tell us. also seems some of the shops didn't have stock / distribution probs etc. plus we missed monday sales with the bank holiday. it'd be obvious to say that the song wasn't up to scratch, but the general impression we got from press and general word of mouth was really positive. anyway thanks to everyone on the board who did their bit for helping with it's promotion etc and everyone who went out and bought the singles.hope ya'll liked them b-sides we reckon they're pretty damn fine. 'i shall not die' is pretty special i think. so to the future then, look out for a hilerious TV ad next week. james nesbit has filmed an add with him running around his house naked singing ash songs. trust me it'll put a smile on your face. as soon as we get confirmed air time slots we'll let you know when it's going out. (week of release) ISS / cosmic debris is out monday but you already knew that and the slashed filming will continue next week as the coldplay tour in the states begins.

30th August 2002

Exclusive: Ash blame coach driver for coach U.S. crash! world pop page. MuthaFucka!

29th August 2002

Whooo! Ash rocked at Reading, despite rumours they wouldnt play after the u.s. bus crash and rick's broken ribs and chaz's sore arm. The set included old classic angel interceptor. Ash have since played supporting the foos and are playing a xfm gig tomoro morning. Fantastic ash reading review from ash-unofficial.com by jed.

Envy was out on monday on 2cds and dvd. the tracklisting for cosmic debris the b-side part of ISS is here nice.

dmh on autumn tour: the autumn uk tour has been delayed til jan. more info soon. but everything that was mentioned before is still in place. just delayed.

New fantastic ash site go see... Heroin, Vodka, and Ash.

There's A Star....

26th July 2002

Walking Barefoot tab tabbed by Dave Eason, cheers.

23nd July 2002

New xfm comp to get your bands cover version of an ash tune used as a b-side. details here .

13th July 2002

Envy video now on the Box, number 208 MTV2 and i think MTV. The release date for Intergalactic Sonic Sevens is said to 9th Sept, 2weeks after Envy.

13th July 2002

Envy b-side news:

we’re finishing b-sides simultaniously , yesterday ‘ bad karma blues’ (new ‘us road anthem’ track) and ‘ I don’t mind’ buzzcocks got finished. 2 more will be wrapped up later. dmh.

2nd July 2002

Sorry if you've had any trouble getting on the site, this is partly due to the huge pictures on this page, it'll be sorted soon.

30th June 2002

Lyrics for new single Envy and a link to the promo artwork for the best of album Intergalactic Sonic Sevens done by Mark Hamilton.

29th June 2002

Numbskull Solo tab and 13th Floor Chords added to The tab section. Tabbed by Michael Laverick.

ENVY for Number 1! Banners by Ash Board legend Hugon.

29th June 2002

Change to Envy B-sides:

dmh: due to unforseen circumstances things didn't quite work out like that (4-b-sides mentioned in the 24th June Session). now we have 7 almost finished b-sides. which ones we'll keep you guessing, but 4 of the 7 will be heard soon enough.

25th June 2002

Heres the link to an america website Ash Digital Street Team which is promoting the release of Free All Angels in the U.S. on Kinetic Records, released today. The album has a bonus track Sometimes b-side So The Story goes, and the first 60,000 have a free 'World Domination' dvd containing loads of clips, faa singles vids minus Shining Light and audio b-side tracks No Place to Hide, Coasting and 13th Floor.

24th June 2002

For News on the best of album and vid, Envy Vid, Envy B-sides, Marks beard and Ricks Hair go to the News Section. Jack Names the Planets (original version) to be re-released in September.

Marks thanks to those who voted for bbb at mtv: can't say thank you enough to everyone who bothered to vote. i know these things come along every once in a while and we beg you guys to chip in but time and again you get us the result. yet another scalp for the ash-team. fuck yeah, this in particular should have a big say in getting our sorry asses onto the tube in the states where we're pretty much unknowns. so if we get massive, sell 10 million albums, become even more of arrogant bitches and never play in europe again, then it's all your fault, it started here ;)

24th June 2002

Best Of Video:

still to total decide on this, it'll have all the video's including american versions, atlernate edits etc, they're obviously be other footage we've / i've shot over the years but i haven't had time yet to figure it all out.

all going well it will be our first attempt at acting in our own TEEN SLASHER. Scripts are currently being drafted by someone known all too well in these parts be afraid....... (jed)

Jack names the planets


uncle pat

Kung Fu

Kung Fu w/rumble in the bronx

Girl from mars uk (paint)

Angel Interceptor

Angel Interceptor unedited Tim mimicking wanking


Girl from mars usa (museum)

Oh yeah

A Life Less Ord

Jesus Says (i think theres an extra spinny version)?


Wildsurf (Uncut with Tunnell scene)

Numbskull (I heard something about a more obscene version?)

Warmer than fire

Shining light

Burn baby burn



There's A Star

walking barefoot live video

envy (shoot in LA)

Mark's Comments on the Envy Video, Envy B-sides, His Beard and Rick's Hair

yes , rick has got rid of the mohawk, he saw eddie vedder on mtv news and said enough was enough. he now has a gleaming slap head. i'm trying to convince him to do the warhol again.

yes, my beard got way to itchy so i hacked it off.

the envy video was shot 2 days ago in la, we preformed on top of a building over looking hollywood , it was scorching and everyone got burnt to a crisp. and also had cameo's from andy dick the american comic who is an extremely irate cab driver after we all drive him nuts driving us about with , strippers, rent boys, the hives, britney spears, and the white stripes. yes it's gonna be quite a mental video. we are now delayed for 5 hours at LAX airport and i've had enough of being 'randomly selected' to have my arse searched before every flight. we've done about 20 of these in the last few weeks and it's getting fucking tedious.

the new art work to "I.S.S.' is well underway and it's looking great. Pat Lee ( dreamwave artist ) and my good self are genius's even if i do say so. envy is aired on lamaq soon , ask hugon for exact time/date. if anyone knows he will. ; ) the arena tour is almost 90% gonna happen. some of you are 'extremely hot' regarding the bill, some are well 'cold'. i wish i could say, but you'll be the first to know once i can....

oh yeah regarding the arena tour we're gonna have one of the best show suprises ever. it incorporates the new artwork, and if the plan pulls through, iron maiden will have to eat their shorts......... oh it's so exciting!

we go into the studio tomorrow in NY to record the b-sides for envy. tracks aere as follows;

1. new song, we never finished from the nu-clear session. sounds alot like the rolling stones before they got crap.

2. another old track that was never finished from the 1977 sessions. sounds abit like the buzzcocks/ green day.

3. 'i don't mind' newly recorded. it's such a good song and we feel like it.

4. i bit of a suprise this. imagine 'cherrybomb' basically the same tune, with different words. only sounding like a bit REM meets Pansy division. this is a how it originally was before it was reworked for FAA. the melody is a bit different , but it's so surreal we reckon it's worth you guys hearing it. we may also have musical cameo's on a few of these tracks from our friends in FLC, but nothings confirmed yet.

then next week we're gonna party as FAA is finally released in the US. things are off to a good start so we got our fingers crossed. then we're flying back to glasto where OA is gonna bust other groups asses backstage and give the stash to us. cheers about that PC.

ps, also the rumour is the teen slasher ( we're trying to get done in time for the envy dvd , if not it'll be on the next single ) is being written by some budding young upstart from this very message board ! scream if you like it............

16th June 2002

For details on how u can get your name on the ash best of album, by chosing b-side tracks for the second cd, go here.

30th April 2002

Ash have confirmed to play Reading! they'll be on the main stage on Saturday 24th Aug, before Muse and the foos and after the sum of 41. see u in the pit.

New tabs by Michael Laverick, No Place To Hide, Some demo tape material tabs and Silver Surfer tab and lyrics

Oh and the b-side album is now gona be a best of so far album again, set for nov, thou things may change again.

11th March 2002

The Sweetness of Death Chords Sorry this took so long mate

8th March 2002

There's A Star Tab

5th March 2002

I'm sorry to say that the message board has been destroyed by the evil empire and all messages have been lost.

New Message Board coming soon.

26th Feburary 2002


3rd Feburary 2002

Loads of new guitar tabs added. New versions of Uncle Pat, Petrol, Lose Control and Oh Yeah. as well as the Angel Interceptor solo, a better version of Shining Light, Someday and two version of Sometimes. also Oh Yeah bass tabs.

Thanks Very Much to everyone who emailed me with them, esp Jon. you've been name checked under the tabs. thanks again.

13th January 2002

Ash are no longer gona be releasing a best of album in 2002, its going to be a best of the b-sides album due to popular demand by the fans on the official board. It'll also have one new single on.

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