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31st December 2001

There's A Star released today on cd1 (with b-sides No Place To Hide, Coasting and vid) cd2 (with b-sides Here Comes The Music, Grey Will Fade and vid mixer 1.3) and dvd.

Here are the Coasting tabs many thanks to Matt Powney.

29th August 2001

Free All Angels and B-side Tabs:

For Walking Barefoot, Burn Baby Burn, Candy, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes, Nicole, Warmer than Fire and Gabriel Tabs go to tabtalk.com.

30th December 2001


Also in the new yr ASH will be bringing out the first of many (hopefully) best of albums. It will contain the previous 17 ash singles and two new gems written by our Tim that will be released to promote the album. The release is to celebrate the bands 10th anniversity, early 92 rick joined and the boys went down to cosmic ray's studio by the sea to record 'Solar Happy' their first demo tape. Also a lot of younger fans think faa is ash's first LP and dont know the wonders of previous yrs.

2nd December 2001


four separate interviews with the band / intriguing and exclusive interview with Ash manager and discoverer Tav / Ash secret gig at the Camden Monarch reviewed / Guitar-tech Leif and sound-man Ian Laughton talk through the recording of 'A Clear Invitation to the Dance' / the band describe each other in only three words each / Ash at 'One Big Sunday' reviewed / know your support band with Seafood questionnaires / more from 'Do Old People Like Ash?' / totally exclusive photos of 'When Ash Met Five' / live reviews including Bristol Anson Rooms, T in the Park, Manchester Academy and Oxford Brookes University / competition / zine reviews / exclusive news / packed full of original and exclusive photos all between a thick card cover - how can you possibly hold yourself back!?

Hash #6 by mail-order is only 1.00 and an A5 size S.A.E (with 45p stamp). Alternatively just send 1.50 to include postage costs, to the Hash address.

Payment within the UK by well-hidden cash (at your own risk), postal order or cheque (made payable to Jamie Crook). If you live outside the UK and want some Hash then please contact us at hashzine@hotmail.com for further info.

The Hash address is:-


Alternatively, pick up your copy of Hash #6 from the merchandise stall on the tour.

Also available are the back issues Hash #5 and Hash #4 for only 1.00 and a 45p A5 S.A.E each. Reduced postage costs for multiple issues/copies ordered at the same time - email for more info. Zines are usually despatched the next working day after receiving your order.

Hash is made by Ash and their fans for their fans. Feel free to mail hashzine@hotmail.com with any questions/ queries/ concerns/ comments/ ideas/ complaints/ abuse.


Coming soon: Ash release their new single 'There's A Star' on 2 CD's and DVD 31st December '01, available for one week only. The CD formats include the new songs 'Here Comes The Music', 'No Place To Hide', Coasting' and 'Grey Will Fade' plus the 'There's A Star' video and videomixer update clips, while the DVD includes the final part of the DVD singles series, this time titled 'Ash Go Global' it includes on the road footage of the band in Japan, Thailand and Australia, as well as on the set of their 'Sometimes' video in Cuba. Hello!

30th April 2002

Ash have confirmed to play Reading! they'll be on the main stage on Saturday 24th Aug, before Muse and the foos and after the sum of 41. see u in the pit.

New tabs by Michael Laverick, No Place To Hide, Some demo tape material tabs and Silver Surfer tab and lyrics

Oh and the b-side album is now gona be a best of so far album again, set for nov, thou things may change again.

11th March 2002

The Sweetness of Death Chords Sorry this took so long mate

8th March 2002

There's A Star Tab

5th March 2002

I'm sorry to say that the message board has been destroyed by the evil empire and all messages have been lost.

New Message Board coming soon.

26th Feburary 2002


3rd Feburary 2002

Loads of new guitar tabs added. New versions of Uncle Pat, Petrol, Lose Control and Oh Yeah. as well as the Angel Interceptor solo, a better version of Shining Light, Someday and two version of Sometimes. also Oh Yeah bass tabs.

Thanks Very Much to everyone who emailed me with them, esp Jon. you've been name checked under the tabs. thanks again.

13th January 2002

Ash are no longer gona be releasing a best of album in 2002, its going to be a best of the b-sides album due to popular demand by the fans on the official board. It'll also have one new single on.

31st December 2001

There's A Star released today on cd1 (with b-sides No Place To Hide, Coasting and vid) cd2 (with b-sides Here Comes The Music, Grey Will Fade and vid mixer 1.3) and dvd.

Here are the Coasting tabs many thanks to Matt Powney.

2nd December 2001

Hash #6 is out now, go to the NEWS SECTION for details. And Tokyo Blitz the live ash video/dvd is out tomorrow. There's A Star will be released on Dec 31st for one week only.

Oh and go and vote for ash in the brats at Nme.com. vote for faa as best album, and bbb as best single and vid.

5th November 2001

dmh: 'big thanks to everyone who voted for BBB in the q awards. it was fantastic to win it and couldn't have done it without your help. big up the ash team. iceland was great but unfortunatley there was no snow! typical but we still found some amazing locations and now the whole video is looking very lunar and straight out of star wars. been busy editing the TAS dvd. it features thailand, cuba, indonesia, australia with a few suprises in there. we all got destroyed last night in paris and i'm not getting out of bed today. we've been invited to the writs (welsh brits) and are up for best international band so fingers crossed. pretty nice live review in nme this week aswell. anyway , where's the room service menu.......'

29th October 2001

Due to popular demand of the original 7" jack names the planets is being released... it will be the original 7" verison with b-side don't know (which both can also be found as hidden tracks at the beginning of limited edition verisons of 1977...) thou i dont think it is being aimed at the singles chart.

anyway Tav said:

'well.....it just so happens that i am going to re-release good old jack. this time on cd, cos so many people have requested it (not many record players out there these days). there's even going to be a bonus track - an early version of 'season', taken from the raptor 12" that mark put out before they signed to infectious. it won't be on lalaland cos someone tried to sue me for using that name(it belongs to some production company). it will be released through double dragon, my new label and home to little hell.


1. jack names the planets 2. don't know 3. season

should be out sometime in the new year.'

25th October 2001

There's A Star vid: What dmh said, 'ok, we're off to iceland tomorrow to shoot it up in the mountains, imagine vast area covered in snow, think hoth in the empire strikes back, we're all dressed han solo style with rebel alliance logo's with rescue flare going up in the night and we're gonna come across 'snow jawas!' whilst tim makes a quest across the snow scape searching for his flying v just in time for the solo. how epic..........'

Tour info: Ash have announced a second Brixton Academy show as the first date (11th December) has now sold out. The second show will be on Thursday December 13th. Tickets are available from the Academy box office: 020 7771 2000 and from usual agents. Support for the Ash UK tour, excluding the second Academy show, will be Seafood. Support for the second Academy show will be Little Hell.

22nd October 2001

There's A Star b-sides have been recorded and dmh has posted their titles on the official board, go to the News Section for details.

Also it sounds like ASH won't be recording the vid for There's A Star in Iceland, because it has the wrong kinda snow (?)

FAA now number 47 and Candy is number 49.

22nd October 2001

There's A Star b-sides:

dmh, 'ok, so here's some names for you,

coasting (finally gets recorded) - was recorded for the evening session in '95

here comes the music

no place to hide


18th October 2001

Next Single info: dmh said that the next uk single is definately There's A Star and the video is being filmed in Iceland. And that Walking Barefoot 'will be released in australia amongst other places'. cheers Stu for that :)

Go vote for Burn Baby Burn for single of the yr at the Q awards here

15th October 2001

Candy fell to number 34 yesterday in the charts, and FAA fell one place to number 38. Much of the recent news that has been on this page for the last few weeks has been moved to the News Section

Oh and go and see American Pie 2! Its brilliant :) and check out the soundtrack... American Hi-Fi, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Weezer and Blink 182 :)

My sister site ash the angels is now completed, go visit! :) (Anyone who is registered on my board, will also be registered on dt's)

Also check out stu's FAA site at http://ash-freeallangels.tripod.com/

11th October 2001 - News thanks to Sam Morris

Hey, just mentioning maybe for your diary thang, Ash played in Sydney on 9-10-01 with George and Sonic Animation for a filming of a crap show called Pepsi Live, sponsored by... Pepsi!

Forget all the screwing around and the bollocks setting up between bands and the made for TV shite and all that, the music was kicking, all dirty guitars and hummable hooks. That's Ash for you, I guess.

They played four songs, including Candy, and were pretty much treated with a full enthusiastic audience, with all the little Irish fans down the front chanting/singing every word. Smiles.

Thanks to Ash, me and my buddy got to shake our little bootys and pick up the bitches.

On 10-10-01 Ash performed an instore at Red Eye Records in Sydney, free and packed. Not really Ash, just singer and guitarer, all acoustica and different songs, a lot of the old 1977 stuff [the best stuff], the big singles and a few bad haircuts.

9th October 2001

dmh's comments bout fridays totps performance: 'we already pre recorded it and it's set like the vid.' and its ash's tenth totps performance.

8th October 2001

Candy got to number 20 in the charts yesterday, which isnt bad, esp as it was number 16 mid-week and band singles tend to drop a lot over the weekend due to poptarts, and its the 4th single off the album. and mark said the bands aim was top 20.

dmh's comments on this: 'so we stayed in the 20! this is a big result. FAA is now at 37. so back in the 40 hopefully back in the 30 by next week. look out for TOTP on friday night................ ok here we go, the wars just started better go, god bless' (also cd:uk this week, i think :D )

Also Candy is released on limited edition double 7" today. Available from big record stores like HMV and Virgin.

Anyway check out stu's FAA site at http://ash-freeallangels.tripod.com/

1st October 2001

Candy released today. See the News section for tracklisting details

'If Ash go new number, things get even crazier'

Oh and new t-shirt designs coming soon.... Spaff page with dmh's designs

1st October 2001

Candy details:

CD1: Candy re-mix, Waterfall, Nocturne, Video

CD2: Candy (album version), Stay In Love Forever, The Sweetness of Death by the Obsidian Knife and Video mixer 1.2

DVD: 'No. 1 (We're Sorry Miss Jackson)' and more

Double 7" - released 8th Oct: Candy re-mix, Waterfall, Nocturne and Stay In Love Forever.

'If Ash go new number, things get even crazier'

14th September 2001

It looks like Candy is being released on Oct 1st now (thanks stu for info), and that ash are going back into the studio in march to record their next album and it is rumoured to be released in may/june. But my guess is that it may take a little longer than a few months, even thou the songs are correctly following like running shit, obviously sounding much better thou!

2nd September 2001

ok so not everyone liked the tabs from talktabs.com so heres some more links, Sometimes, Candy and World Dom Tabs and BBB, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes and Nicole Tabs.

30th August 2001

New Links Section. If you have an ash link that you want added, email me.

29th August 2001

Free All Angels and B-side Tabs:

For Walking Barefoot, Burn Baby Burn, Candy, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes, Nicole, Warmer than Fire and Gabriel Tabs go to tabtalk.com.

19th July 2001

After comments made by Tav, it is thought that CANDY will be the next single 'as he's hoping to get more people into ash as candy may appeal to different listeners.'

And that THERE'S A STAR will be released shortly before christmas.

Thou it had been thought that WALKING BAREFOOT would be a single off FREE ALL ANGELS.

16th July 2001

Sometimes was no.21 in the charts yesterday and Mark said that Free All Angels sales have gone up and that it should re-enter the top 40.

New lyric section nearly ready and should be lots of new bass tabs soon :)

9th July 2001


Lyrics to the Shining light b-sides now available: Feel No Pain, Warmer than Fire, Gabriel, written up by the lovely Sarah Nsouli.

Free All Angels Lyrics and b-sides lyrics, old and new, coming soon in a whole new lyric section.

7th July 2001

The new Ash single 'Sometimes' is released Monday 9th July. As usual the band have come up with a really strong set of B sides and lots of bonus features as follows:

CD1: Sometimes / Skullfull Of Sulphur / So The Story Goes / Sometimes video

CD2: Sometimes / Teenage Kicks / Melon Farmer (Live on Peel show) / Ash Videomixer 1.1 update (100+ stills and clips to update the videomixer that came with the album 'Free All Angels').

DVD: Sometimes audio + gallery of stills / Episode 2 'Back From The Edge' (15 min shockfest from their Autumn tour 2000, if you were there, get worried, you may be on it).

14th June 2001

The official ash fanzine, issue #5 out now!

An intriguing look into the night of sick party with accounts from those in attendence and the uncut transcript / an epic 12 page interview / comedy drawings by the band / more old people air their views / questionaires by the band / Ash @ Top of the Pops / interview with Ian Laughton / reviews include the album launch party, Kingston, Falmouth and Exeter / the Tav gallery / Weezer / lighthearted banter in the big NYA / all original and often exclusive photos / also expect stuff like the silver surfer, zines, competition and other assorted mischief and ramblings etc.

Hash #5 is 1.00 and a 45p A5 size S.A.E.

Payment by cash (well taped down), postal order, IMO or cheque made payable to Jamie Crook.

Hash - the Ash zine, PO BOX 12, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, TQ13 9YT

For info on ordering from outside the U.K, ordering multiple copies or if you have any rants/complaints/anything to do with the zine, mail hashzine@hotmail.com

And as far as back issues go, Hash #4 is also still available for 1.00 and a 45p A5 S.A.E.

13th June 2001

News: Next Single 'Sometimes' is out on 9th July, on 2cds, DVD, and probably 7". The second cd will contain the cd-rom video and the second part of the video mixer.

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