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Glow is to be released on March 27th on CD, 7" and 12" Vinyl, and is a collaboration between dance (and A Life Less Ordinary) producer Arthur Baker and Ash front man Tim Wheeler.

Having been available for the past four years as a white label 12", having had it's first airplay by John Peel during an Ash session in June 2001, the track finally get itís commercial release through Darren Emersonís Underwater Records. Listed as 'Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler', it is also lifted from Arthur Baker's forthcoming collaboration album.

Glow has been described, by one source, as "A hot dance rock fusion, which would fit quite well in a set surrounded by The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and The Rapture."

In previous work Arthur Baker also remixed Free All Angels track Submission, which appeared as a b-side to the 2001 released, and NME award winning, single Burn Baby Burn. While also using content from another FAA track Shark for his creation 'Ugly'.


1.Glow (Radio Edit)
2.Glow (Jagz Radio Edit)
3.Glow (Arthurs RTNY Remix)
4.Glow (Jagz Kooner 12 inch Version)
5.Glow (Darren Emerson Remix)
6.Glow (The Freelance Hellraiser Guitarmageddon Remix)

12" Vinyl

A)Glow (Darren Emerson Remix)
B)Glow (Jagz Kooner Mix)
B2)Glow (Si Begg Remix)

7" Vinyl

A)Glow (Radio Edit)
B)Glow (Jagz Radio Edit)

Arthur Baker on how Glow came around:

"Well, Tim and I are friends and I worked with Ash on a track called 'A Life Less Ordinary', shoot, nearly eight or nine years ago [from the film of the same name]. So that's when we met and we stayed friends. About five years ago I wrote an instrumental track and played it to Tim and asked if he wanted to get together on this and do more of a dance thing. Well, he was up for it so we got on it. Then for the last five years people have shown some interest in putting it out but nothing really came from it. Anyway, being as both I and Tim know Darren Emerson, we decided to play it to Darren and he really liked the track. So Darren went in and did a remix. Then about three months ago Tim said to me that we should do a new version as we have had the track for so long. So the version that I have done is sort of a completely new recording."

Further Reviews:

"Building drums and perfectly timed electric strums, blend with the beats of Mr Baker and the awesome Irish vocals of Ash vocalist Tim Wheeler to produce, Glow Ė a perfect example of how to mix indie rock. Whether itís a dancefloor in a dark and dingy underground club on a Sunday afternoon or in a mosh pit at one of this years festivals, Glow is going to be one of this years party anthems." - Bent Magazine Review

"Lovin the Emerson mix.. deffo a club banger...not radio for me but deffo in the bag" - Radio 1 DJ, Rob Da Bank

"I really like this record. Iíve always liked Ash, I like Tim Wheelerís voice a lot, and it serves this punk rock style!" - Fat Pop and Rocker, Nationwide Ė 5/5

"I am a simply massive New Order fan so it is a pleasure to hear the Jagz Kooner remix. As it says in the write up very like ShellShock, Confusion New Order. Emerson mix also a winner, for me will be a nice dark room track. " - MOS Radio/Saturday Sessions DJ, Dave Vega

"Baker has long relocated in London and moved on with the times, today he owns some pool bars, is behind the RTNY parties, and even spins rocky electro house. Glow an anthemic collaboration with Ashs charismatic singer Tim Wheeler is out with new mixes. With Jagz Kooner, freelance Hellraiser, Darren Emerson there is pretty much something for everyone 4/5" - Update

"A strange combination, but it works really well. Truth is, itís not a million miles away from Ash is it??" - The Witchwood, Manchester

"Darren Emerson mix is doin absolute damage... played at almost every gig and on my radio shows in both Birmingham and Tallinn Estonia." - Galaxy DJ, Kiddo

"I love the JK mix, just huge! Ė ĎNew Order meets Donna Summerí. Full Support" - Vibe fm DJ, Ric Groves

"Like Madonnas retun to electro pop, this could be Arthur Bakers year if he mines his golden era. This mix of dance and indie that he pioneered with New Order sounds like being 2006ís zeitgeist and the return of this track suggests that the uber producer is ready to run with it. With a hooky bassline, slashy guitars, ad he Ash singers imperfect vocals this could almost be a mid 80ís New Order single. The electronic beats of Jagz Kooners mix takes it even closer but Darren Emerson does something more interesting by dragging it into a dirty future of clanking melodies and firm bass. Hopefully this a new direction for Underwater Ė it certainly suits them. 4/5" - DJ Magazine

"I wasnít expecting to like this but itís a real grower. People have been coming up and asking who it is Ė although itís not moving people on the dancefloor quite yet." - Popstarz, London

"Great record..... Was nearly the Rugby Union Music. Its being used as the theme music for both the Football Goal Wrap and the David Cup on Sky" - MOS Radio/BSkyB DJ Commie

"Its a good package, Iíll do my best over the coming weeks to give it some support on the show" - Galaxy DJ, Andi Durrant