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the deep blue 5th march 2007

Current and Forthcoming Releases

Album 'The Deep Blue' 5th March 2007 release
Proceeded by single 'I Want You To Know'.
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The Deep Blue 05.03.07

8th February 2007 - The Deep Blue Release Details

Apparently former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley's second album 'The Deep Blue' will be released on Monday 5th March and be proceeded, two weeks before that, by the first second proper 'I Want You To Know'. For more info see

The Behave Artwork

The Behave EP 17.12.06

27th November 2006 - Behave EP Release Details

Charlotte's new website will be launched on the 10th December with full details of all new releases.

BEHAVE is the first release from Charlotte’s 2nd solo album THE DEEP BLUE and is released on ultra limited 7" and four track digital download to coincide with the launch of Charlotte’s new website and her own Little Sister label, on December 17th 2006.

The EP showcases the range of the forthcoming album. ‘BEHAVE’ and ‘MR. ED’ are full of trademark spiky energy and dramatic time changes. The ethereal, dreamy, almost psychedelic slant on ‘COUSTEAU’ takes Charlotte into exciting new territory. Luke Smith of Clor infamy produces the punchy ‘MR.ED’, which will only be available on this EP, and turns in a storming remix of ‘BEHAVE’ to complete the package – a version already rocking many a dancefloor.

chaz and tim at meltdown photo shoot

chaz hatherley

24th November 2006 - What Charlotte Did Next

In January of this year Charlotte Hatherley's nine year adventure with Ash came to an amicable end, this is the story of what Charlotte did next what Charlotte did next .

behave artwork

chaz hatherley

21st November 2006 - Behave EP Out December 17th

Charlotte Hatherley is to be proceed her new album with the release of the 'Behave EP' on Sunday 17th December through Little Sister records (LSRL001D). Available through download and on 7" vinyl, the tracklisting is:

1. Behave
2. Mr Ed
3. Cousteau
4. Behave (Luke Smith Re-mix)

20th November 2006 - New Single 'Behave' Released Second Week of December

"'Behave' will be my first single, to be available the second week of December as a download EP with 3 extra tracks (including a fucking awesome remix), and also as a 7 inch Vinyl.

It will be up on the new website, which is gonna be launched second week of December, along with an official Myspace. The website is going to be truly awesome, i can't wait for it to be in action.

I have just filmed a cool low budget video for the song, as it's a download taster of things to come, the proper vids and releases will be following in the New Year.

Have finished all the artwork for the album now and am rehearsing with band." - Chaz

9th October 2006 - I Want You To Know / Forthcoming Releases and Touring

The first song from Charlotte Hatherley's forthcoming second solo album 'I Want You To Know' can previewed at The Hype Machine.

Charlotte on 'I Want You To Know': "I take it a lot of you have heard the track then. How very exciting.

IWYTK is a pop-remnant from the fall out of Grey Will Fade. I guess i see it as a half way house between the old style and the new album. The rest of the record is really quite different, although the harmonies and arrangements of all the songs share a certain weirdness.

I'm glad it's a grower. I like music that takes you to unexpected places where you have to listen a few times before you really know it and love it.

There's something for everyone on the newie."

Charlotte on Releases and Touring: "I seem to be getting quite a few questions about touring at the moment, so i'll tell you all i know for now.....

The album is out first week of March. Single in December (it won't be I Want You To Know) with a cracking vid i'm working on with Oscar, Edgars cute big bro, and then another single in Feb.

Touring starts in January, probably some warm ups round Ireland first and then everywhere else laters. The whole year will be proper UK and Euro touring, with a trip to Japan and Australia too at the end of the year.

Obviously when the new website is up and running all touring info will be at your disposal."

1st October 2006 - Album Update

"Well that was quite a week!

On Monday and Tuesday the album was mastered, and i got twatted. On Wednesday i worked on finalising the album artwork, and on Thursday and Friday i got all done up like a christmas tree and got me press pics done. Then i got twatted.

Through the pain of a Saturday morning hangover i listened to Adam and Joe and heard me song on the radio. Bless em for playing it, their show will be sorely missed. Was so cool to finally have a tiny percentage of the world listen to what i've been working so hard on. It's a case of letting the little bastards out in to the world now, scary but very exciting.

Tomorrow i'm meeting Edgar's (Edgar Wright director of Spaced and Chaz's bloke) talented bro Oscar to talk about making a video for the single release in December, and next week we're finalising the website changes that are gonna be made, and the Myspace that's going up.

All good. Laters" - Chaz

13th September 2006 - Charlotte Interview

Taken from

H says:


Chaz says:

Yup indeed. How’s it going?

H says:

Great- but I haven’t heard from you in ages. What you been doing you old bint ;-)?

Chaz says:

‘Old bint’? Charming. Been doing the album maaaan. I wrote a lot of it in Australia at the start of the year. Then I went to Italy to record it with Rob Ellis and Eric Feldman and I did some of it in San Francisco too.

H says:

Why Italy? Were you trying to do a Moz?

Chaz says:

Nah- Rob knows a studio out in the countryside where they provide food and beds, and the whole place was just gorgeous. Why hang around in London when the weather’s shitty when you could be out there? The people there hardly even speak English so it was good to get away from any distractions and concentrate on just the album. And eating and drinking.

H says:

So what is it sounding like?

Chaz says:

I would says it’s a lot more expansive and ambitious than the first album- less like ‘Summer’ and ‘Bastardo’ and more like ‘Where I’m Calling From’. There’s more instruments, strings, brass, allsorts. It’s really posh sounding. I hate comparing it to other people but I suppose it’s like early Kate Bush and Mercury Rev. But not as good obviously.

H says:

Well obviously. Are you having fun working on your own?

Chaz says:

Yeah- I’ve always enjoyed working out the musical parts on my own but I’ve learned that you have to be a bit more assertive and tell people exactly what you want when you’re recording on your own. I can be a bit shy of that sort of thing sometimes but I’m starting to enjoy having the control and it’s been great for my confidence too.

H says:

Cool. So what bands have you been listening to recently?

Chaz says:

I loved that Clor album.

H says:

I didn’t…

Chaz says:

I know I always bang on about them but they’re just really mental pop songs and I loved the way they mixed the electronic and guitar sounds together. They’ve split up now but their loss is my gain because the guitarist is working on some of my songs. That Metric album is good and I like the Fratellis.. While I was making the album, I mainly listened to classical music actually, cos pop music makes me competitive and anxious when I’m recording!

H says:

I haven’t seen you play live for ages. What’s the score with that?

Chaz says:

Probably be early in the new year. I’m getting a bit restless because this summer is the first one for about nine years without a festival so I’m really looking forward to playing again. Won’t be long now…

H says:

Is that the thing you’ve missed about being in Ash most?

Chaz says:

Yeah but also, it’s been strange not having people to plan everything out for you anymore. I never had to worry about who was organizing what because it was always taken care of….so it’s scarier going my own way but I love it because it’s more real somehow and very liberating too. Anything could happen now. It’s like a coming of age in a lot of ways.

H says:

A coming of age at 27!? Oh well, better late than never. Just joshing. Oh yeah, I think your website could do with an update…

Chaz says:

Yeah I know- I’ve been consumed with the album so I’ve neglected it a bit but I’m gonna get a myspace page up soon too so bear with me. I didn’t think there was much point updating the site by writing about what pub I went to last night and what I haven’t been doing on Saturday night.

H says:

Good point. Dude, I’m gonna go and watch this documentary now. It’s about this guy who’s trying to drive his car into the path of tornado and film it from the inside. Mentalist.

Chaz says:

No way! What channel is it on?

H says:

National Geographic.

Chaz says:

Think I might have to watch that. Speak to you later.

H says:

Will do. Ta ra. X

10th September 2006 - Album Mastering and Photography

"I'm doing photos for the album artwork today, that's why i'm up at the unseemly hour of 8am on a Sunday. The pictures involve a lot of water and lung power, in a flat in Hackney. That's the shoot i SHOULDA done for Arena. Why do shit haircuts always come back to bite you in the ass?

The album is mastered now, the final stages are over with and it's beginning to find it's way out to the populace. Finished package in my mind hands and i may just faint.

Apparently the 'Kids In America' duet between little me and Ms Wilde is floating around on itunes. Check it out. It was a great day for me, throwing some Guns n'Roses throwback licks on to a souped up version of my favourite 80s song. The producer was the Scandanavian Simon Cowell. Just imagine.

There's an interview that i've done with my friend Hardeep from the NME that should be going up on the main page tomorrow." - Chaz

9th August 2006 - Album Finished

Charlotte Hatherley: "I have a very busy and exciting month ahead of me.

The album is FINISHED. Artwork is being worked on, photos are being taken, record companies want to release it and i have an awesome band put together.

There are loads of excess tracks for B-sides/EPs/Internet release/Downloads. All to be worked out soon when I decide where I want to take the big bugger to be released.

First feedback has been extremely promising!"

27th June 2006 - Greetings All

"I'm currently in Italy recording the follow up to 'Grey Will Fade'. 12 songs have been thrown down so far, 5 more to go. The songs are most comparable to 'Where I'm Calling From' from G.W.F, with a little bit of the Paragons thrown in for good measure. Eric Feldman says it's 'the sound of flirtinis on the beach', whereas Rob Ellis thinks it sounds like 'fireflies copulating in a bush'. Either way, it's becoming epic.

The album will be mixed by Sir Ben Hillier in London in June.

Bring it on. Much more news to come." - Chaz

20th January 2006 - Charlotte Leaves Ash - Official Statement from Tav

"After 9 years Ash and Charlotte Hatherley have mutually agreed to part company. The decision is completely amicable and they wish each other the very best for the future. Ash are returning to the studio later this year to make the follow up to 2004's "Meltdown" album.

Charlotte is currently recording tracks for her second solo album (following "Grey Will Fade") which she plans to release in the Autumn this year."

Charlotte and her time in Ash.

The release of Charlotte's second proper single 'Bastardo' has now been pushed back a week to Feb 21st.

The video stars David Walliams (Little Britain), Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced), Julia Davies (Nighty Night), Alice Lowe (Garth Marenghi's Dark Place), Lucy Davis (The Office) and Lauren Laverne (XFM).

Jan 2005

The video for Charlotte's forthcoming single 'Bastardo' (out Feb 14th) can now be voted for on the MTV2 site for the NME Chart, by going here. The fantastic jackie-inspired video stars Simon Pegg, David Walliams, Lucy Davis, Alice Lowe, Lauren Laverne and Julia Davies.

Watch out for illustrations by top artists from the cult comic-book publishers, 2000AD, which will also feature on the CD, 7", and DVD. And don't forget to order your collectors o-card at

February sees the release of Bastardo, the third single from Charlotte Hatherley's debut solo album, Grey Will Fade.

The single will be available as a limited signed 7", a maxi-cd (with exclusive b-sides) and dvd-single.

Keep your eyes peeled in January for the fantastic video for Bastardo.

Starring alongside Ms. Hatherley are Julia Davies (Nighty Night), Alice Lowe (Garth Marenghi's Darkplace), Lucy Davis (The Office), David Walliams (Little Britain), Lauren Laverne (XFM) and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead).

Subscribe to Charlotte's mailing list, to receive an embossed collector's Bastardo o-box for you to keep your cd and dvd in pristine condition! All you need to do is click the link on her WEBSITE and let them know where to post it!.

October - if all goes to plan, Charlotte will be releasing her second 'proper' single 'Bastardo' in January 2005.

Following Summer being released as Charlotte’s first 'proper' single is the release of her solo album 'Grey Will Fade' on 16th August. The Tracklisting is below:

Charlotte originally performed album track 'Where I'm Calling From' with Ash in March 2000. The band played a gig for family, friends and the record company in London to air nearly 30 new songs, before going to Spain to record Free All Angels. The original recording of title track 'Grey Will Fade' was used as a b-side to Ash single 'There's A Star' in Decemeber 2001, though Charlotte recorded all guitar and bass parts herself, with Rick on drums, the track has been re-recorded for her solo album.

Grey Will Fade - the album:

01. Kim Wilde
02. Rescue Plan
03. Paragon
04. Summer
05. Down
06. Stop
07. Where I'm Calling From
08. Why You Wanna?
09. Bastardo
10. Grey Will Fade

Single 'Summer' will be released on Monday 9th August on Double Dragon records It’s available as CD-digipak and signed limited edition 7". Both formats also include the previously unreleased tracks 'Commodore' and 'S.M.U.T' (£1.99 CD or Vinyl).

Charlotte Hatherley - Kim Wilde

Released on 7th June 2004 - Free-download Only.

Taken from her forthcoming album Grey Will Fade, Charlotte's first solo single, Kim Wilde‚ will be available on 7th June as a free-download only from Double Dragon Music is Tav’s London based independent record label.

The track Grey Will Fade will also feature on the album of the same title, though the track was used as a b-side to the December 2001 Ash single 'There’s A Star', the track has been re-recorded for Chaz’s solo album.

Though Chaz recorded most of the album while in America with Ash, during the recording of Meltdown, she has had the songs for a while. October 2003 - "I just had my own songs for fucking ages and I thought if I don't put them out now I'm never gonna do it, so I made time and got it done!".

Meanwhile, Charlotte's second single will be released on 2nd August followed by the album Grey Will Fade on August 16th, both through Double Dragon.

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