Available from the 19th July on CD, 7" and DVD.

The b-sides are 'Cool It Down' and 'Solace' and the DVD will also contain the starcrossed video, the girl from mars video and a trailer for the new star wars game 'star wars: republic commando' (a world first).

How Mark described the two b-side tracks, before going into the studio to record the album:
"Cool it Down - Fast paced, pounding drums and a chorus as catchy as a world champion frisbee catcher. destined to be a mosh pit favourite.
Solace - This has potential for greatness. It's a bit like a heavy 'i'm gonna fall' with one big phat chorus."

1. Starcrossed
2. Solace

7" Vinyl:
1. Starcrossed
2. Cool It Down

1. Starcrossed (audio)
2. Cool It Down (audio)
3. Starcrossed (video)
4. Girl From Mars (video)
5. Star Wars: Republic Commando (Trailer) - featuring Clones.'s true...

The b-sides for Starcross'd will be 'Cool It Down' and 'Solace'. There have been two verisons of Solace recorded, this b-side version and another which is being held back and maybe used on a future soundtrack.

Starcross'd will be released on CD, 7 inch vinyl and DVD. The DVD will have the video on, another ash video and maybe something else very special on, which will a world first... Star Wars related...

Both Starcross'd and Orpheus are currently on the radio 1 'A' list and the video is on all the channels like MTV2.