Xfm re-mix album

Ok below is a copy of an email i was sent about the new xfm re-mix album, which will feature the wicked Jesus Says dance re-mix (which was a b-side to Shining Light) and I ve been asked to inform others bout it, so i am. Even if you have the JS remix the album still well worth getting as it has the nirvana vs destiny child, smells like teen spirit mix which is amazing! it has to be heard to be believed :) i rocked out to that during the soulwax set at Reading and the videos been on Q. i highly recommend this album, if only for this re-mix, though from what i hear the rest rock also :) The email: Late last year, bootlegs were the new black and London's alternative radio station Xfm brought out an exciting album released on the back of the Remix show. A lot of people call it "bedroom remixing" or the more dangerous and sexy title of "bootlegging", and if you still don’t know have a clue think Bootylicious Vs Smells Like Teen Spirit. The Remix 1 album was the first of its kind to celebrate the meeting of rock and decks and was a kick-ass album! Fast forward two seasons and Electroclash and Bootlegs are still going strong. If this is your bag then you won’t want to miss Remix 2, released through Virgin records in October 2002. This double CD release contains the latest remixes, bootlegs and studio rarities of artists ranging from The Cure to Peaches, Placebo to Soulwax. Quite frankly, this shit is the bomb! As Ash’s ‘Jesus Says’ track will be featured on the album, it would be nice if you could help us out to spread the word and let music fans, especially fellow Ash fans, know about the latest remix of this brilliant track! To find out the tracklistings and other cool stuff about the album, go to http://www.xfm.co.uk/theremixalbum and check it out!