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I would greatly appreciate if anyone could send me any tabs at all. If people email 'em to me, I'll check if their o.k., if so, I'll put 'em here exactly as you send them (or I'll do the html stuff for you). The tabs don't have to be for Ash songs, I'll put tabs for any half-decent bands here. You can send anything you want to me (except damaging viruses), and I can put it on my site, cos I need stuff to put here, and I'm a lazy, lazy guy. Please send your own work, cos I'd be pissed if someone stole my stuff, and put their name on it, and said they made it.

E-mail your tabs 'n' stuff to:

Explanation of Stuff in Tabs

It'll be kind of hard to read the tabs and stuff if you don't know anything about them, here is an explanation of tablature.


...As I walk through the dirty rain, Acid seeping through my brain...

Pictures by Sonja. Europe 2001.

  • Nu-clear Sounds
    1. Projects
    2. Low Ebb [2]
    3. Jesus Says
    4. Wild Surf
    5. Death Trip 21
    6. Folk Song
    7. Numbskull[Numbskull Solo]
    8. Burn Out
    9. Aphrodite [2]
    10. Fortune Teller
    11. I'm Gonna Fall
  • Trailer
    1. Season
    2. Jack Names the Planets [solo]
    3. Intense Thing
    4. Uncle Pat [Intro]
    5. Get Out
    6. Petrol [New Version]
    7. Obscure Thing
  • Free All Angels
    1. Walking Barefoot
    2. Shining Light [Better Version] [Solo]
    3. Burn Baby Burn (at Mxtab)
    4. Candy
    5. Cherry Bomb
    6. Submission
    7. Someday
    8. Pacific Palisades
    9. Shark
    10. Sometimes [Oh Sometimes]
    11. Nicole
    12. There's A Star (Chords)[ There's A Star Tab]
    13. World Domination (riff)
  • Intergalactic Sonic Seven's
    1. Burn Baby Burn (at Mxtab)
    2. Envy
    3. Girl From Mars
    4. Shining Light [Better Version] [Solo]
    5. A Life less Ordinary
    6. Goldfinger
    7. Jesus Says
    8. Oh Yeah [Oh Yeah (New Version)]
    9. Jack Names the Planets [solo]
    10. Sometimes [Oh Sometimes]
    11. Kung Fu
    12. Candy
    13. Angel Interceptor
    14. Uncle Pat [Intro]
    15. Wild Surf
    16. Walking Barefoot
    17. Petrol [New Version]
    18. There's A Star (Chords)[ There's A Star Tab]
    19. Numbskull[Numbskull Solo]

  • Others:
    1. A Life less Ordinary
    2. Warmer than Fire
    3. Different Today
    4. Coasting
    5. No Place To Hide
    6. 13th Floor
    7. Some demo tape material tabs
    8. Silver Surfer tab and lyrics
    9. The Sweetness of Death Chords [improved version]
    10. Jazz 59
    11. Melon Farmer
    12. Halloween
    13. I'm On Drugs (riff)
    14. Singapore Song (riff)
    15. Waterfall
    16. Chinese New Year
    17. Tonight You Belong To Me(solo)
    18. Incomplete Tabs
  • New Songs
    1. Renegade Calvacade
    2. Evil Eye
  • Free All Angels and B-side Tabs:

    For Walking Barefoot, Burn Baby Burn, Candy, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes, Nicole, Warmer than Fire and Gabriel Tabs go to

    ok so not everyone liked the tabs from so heres some more links, Sometimes, Candy and World Dom Tabs and BBB, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes and Nicole Tabs.

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