Return to New York Gig - 10th Sept 2006 - Write Up and Pictures

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Ash returned to the stage for the first time in 14 months for Arthur Baker's fashion week party 'Return To New York'.

Set List: Orpheus, Girl From Mars, A Life Less Ordinary, Goldfinger, Roulette, What Is The Meaning?, Burn Baby Burn, Kung Fu

"The show went great. We tried out 6 of the usual setlist tracks to show that it ain't a problem reverting back to 3 live. Obviously we're missing backing vocals at the moment but we're thinking of ways round that. Rick might take some vocal lessons to see if he can do it. For me it's near impossible, if I open my mouth the hand stops moving and the bass stops. I guess it's like rubbing your belly and patting your head. Some people just can't do it... plus I'd sound horrendous!

Tav and Strangey (our Agent) both said they didn't miss the other guitar. We were pretty anxious before hand but once we got going it was great. The small crowd, seemed to have a great time and it was a pretty great atmosphere. We played 2 new ones, "What Is The Meaning?" and "Roulette" (formerly "Keep It In"). It was good playing the new stuff.

Foreign Islands also played a great set and newlywed Gordy from Bloc Party came to watch.

It was a huge weight off our shoulders and we're looking forward to playing again soon. In fact we're gonna announce another 'party' show very soon, maybe even tomorrow! It'll be in NYC again as that's were we're recording / living." - Mark







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