Polaris   Twilight of the Innocents
Title: Polaris
Available On: Polaris, Twilight of the Innocents
First Released: June 2007
Lyrics: T. Wheeler
Music: T. Wheeler
Submitted by: From Tim's song book

NB: This tab was made using information received during the album recording and before the tracks were finished and so may not be correct for the final released version. The tab will be updated after the track has been officially released.

F     133211
D     101012121110
C     81010988
G     355433
Bb   688766


F  D  Bb  FC x 2


D  Bb  F  C
D  Bb  F  C
G  Bb  F  C
G  Bb  C  C

Middle 8:

F  G  DBb

Bb on last chorus.

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