News from the Studio - 19th September 2006

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OK so here's the latest from the studio:

"Tav (Manager) was here last week and we all sat down and decided on the tracks we're gonna record.

Here's the list:

The Girl Who Can't Be Owned
You Can't Have It All
Suicide Girls
Polaris (previously 'Piano Song')
Roulette (previously 'Keep It In')
Princess Six
What Is The Meaning?
Shattered Glass
Dark And Stormy
End Of The World
In Hell

It was quite unanimous which of the 30 demo's weren't as strong, they'll be left for now and will probably be recorded later for b-sides. Some we may hold on to and re-work in the future. Projects was left off 1977 at the time, Envy didn't cut it for Free All Angels and Burn Baby Burn's early incarnation never made it on 'Nu-Clear Sounds'.

We are now well into recording the backing tracks. 8 are currently in the bag. After working with a number of different engineers we found our guy in the extremely talented Claudius Mittendorfer.

The overall sound of the album is kinda hard to describe but it's very melodic, all the backing tracks are being cut live and it's got a great feel. It has hints of our previous records but it's new Ash... it's fresh, it's exciting and It's shaping up to be our best album yet...

Nathan from Snow Patrol was here last week and after hearing a few demo's he said it was already better than their record. Pope Benedict also said had he heard these songs 2 weeks ago he might not have gotten into the shit storm he's currently in.

The plan is to get all these tracks recorded before Rick leaves on October 10th, then Tim will have a lot of singing to do which will probably bring us up to the end of the month. We'll re-assess then where we are. We'll then have November to do more writing and record again in December.

Soon we will return to save the world of Pop, Hard Rock, Discemo and Afro-Cuban Break Jazz, and you, yes you the people will rejoice and dance like fatted calves."

Ash out.

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