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8th October 2006 - The Annex Lowdown

The official lowdown and pictures from the Annex gig on Thursday night. Also more pictures on and here.

7th October 2006 - Another Annex Review

Another review from Thursday night's gig at the Annex on

6th October 2006 - Annex Set List

New tracks 'Roulette' and 'What Is the Meaning?' featured in the classic packed set Ash played at The Annex, NY last night.

Full set list: Lose Control, A Life Less Ordinary, Orpheus, Roulette, Oh Yeah, Kung Fu, Petrol, What Is the Meaning?, Girl from Mars, Vampire Love, Burn Baby Burn.

"We got loads of pics, it was recorded and it was all video-ed with a 3 camera angles. Full story coming soon." - Mark. While you wait pieces on and

6th October 2006 - Two New Rick Videos

Two new videos of Rick from the NY studio up on www.myspace.coma/ash. One of him laying down the drums for one of the new tracks and the other after making a pledge not to shave his beard until he'd finished recording, Mr McMurray prepares himself for public duty....

5th October 2006 - Live At The Annex Tonight

Following the band's live return at Arthur Baker's Return to New York Party on September 10th, Ash will be headlining Spin Magazine's Stolen Transmission party tonight at the Annex, New York and will be sure to be airing a few new numbers. See the Flyer for more details.

Also good news for all UK and Irish fans... "plenty of touring in the UK and Ireland is being discussed." - Mark.

3rd October 2006 - New Interview With Tim Wheeler

The latest interview with Tim Wheeler from the studio in New York. Taken from

24th September 2006 - Studio Update

"In the last few days we got the backing track to 'Dark and Stormy' nailed and last night Tim worked on some acoustics on 'Polaris' and 'End of the World'. We now have only got to record the backing tracks to 3 more before Rick leaves in a few weeks so we're doing well schedule-wise. We're also re-recording Roulette because we've decided to change the arrangement" - Ash

New videos and pictures up on

20th September 2006 - Album Tracks Choosen

News from the studio. Tim, Mark, Rick and Tav have sat down choosen the best 14 tracks, from the 30 demos, to record for the album. Nathan from Snow Patrol has been over and after hearing a few demo's said it was already better than their record.

Ash have also announced they'll be playing another gig in New York on 5th October. They'll be playing at The Annex and it'll be free! Details on

19th September 2006 - Return To New York Pictures

Pictures and write up from the Return to New York gig here, taken from And more equipment pictures on

13th September 2006 - Mark On The Return To New York Gig

"We were going to record it but Lance our sound guy forgot to press record. Doh! We do have a bunch of pics that'll go up on-line once we've sorted through them. The show went great, Rick talks about it here. Picture from gig.

We tried out 6 of the usual setlist tracks to show that it ain't a problem reverting back to 3 live. Obviously we're missing backing vocals at the moment but we're thinking of ways round that. Rick might even take some vocal lessons to see if he can do it. For me it's near impossible, if i open my month the hand stops moving and the bass stops. I guess it's like rubbing your belly and patting your head. Some people can't do it... "

"Tav and Strangey (our Agent) both said they didn't miss the other guitar. We were pretty anxious before hand but once we got going it was great. The small crowd, seemed to have a great time and it was a pretty great atmosphere. We played 2 new ones, "What Is The Meaning?" and "Roulette" (formerly "Keep It In"). It was good playing the new stuff.

It was a huge weight off our shoulders and we're looking forward to playing again soon.

We're gonna announce another 'party' show very soon. It'll be in NYC again as that's were we're recording / living. We'll be back in the UK and Ireland in the Spring."

13th September 2006 - New Interview With Rick McMurray

Click Here for the latest interview with Rick McMurray, where he answers questions about Ash's return to three piece action at Sunday's Return To New York gig and the on-going recording of the new album. Taken from

13th September 2006 - Return Of The Gretsch

Chief Ash Roadie Leif Bodnarchuk has reported that the Return to New York gig went well and Tim's Silver Gretsch Jet also made it's live return. For more info go to

Leif: "Gig was fine. they stripped it all down to nothing, it was a piece of cake. Sounded fine."

12th September 2006 - 'Roulette' and 'What Is The Meaning' Debuts

On Sunday 10th September Ash played their first gig back as the original three piece Ash line up, at Arthur Baker's Return to New York party in New York, and debuted two new songs 'Roulette' (formerly 'Keep It In')and 'What Is the Meaning?'.

These songs are both on the list of New Material Ash are recording in their Manhattan studio for the new album.

The set was just 30 minutes and was as follows: Orpheus, Girl From Mars, A Life Less Ordinary, Goldfinger, Roulette, What Is the Meaning?, Burn Baby Burn and Kung Fu.

10th September 2006 - Ash Return Tonight!

Ash will play their first gig back as a three piece at Arthur Baker's New York fashion week, Return To New York party at Happy Valley, New York tonight.

7th September 2006 - Save The 'Ashtoria'

Developers are planning to flatten the legendary London venue, The Astoria and the entire block on the corner of Tottenham Court Road to put up a shopping centre! Because there's obviously not enough shops on Oxford Street.

Ash are pretty pissed off at this as it's kinda felt like their spiritual home and it's central London's only great venue. They've performed there close to 20 times over the years and have loads of great memories including the 5 night, 'Ashtoria' run, numerous NME Brat nights and Club FROG and GAY appearances. And are sure all Ash fans will still want to be able to see them and other acts play there in the future!

Please go here and sign the petition to show your support, who knows it might make a difference. We have our fingers crossed this won't be allowed to happen...

5th September 2006 - Return to New York Gig

Ash have revealed details of their first gig back as a three piece, since Charlotte officially left in January, unfortunately for UK fans the gig is in New York.

The boys will be Arthur Baker's upcoming Return To New York party on Sunday 10th September, at Happy Valley, during New York Fashion Week.

Ash will only be playing for 30 minutes but a couple of new ones will be getting their debuts! As for tickets, they dunno much other than what it says on the flyer, $10 on the door... should be a fun night.

29th August 2006 - New Interview With Mark Hamilton

Click Here for the latest installment of our Ash-in-the-studio-making-an-album epic with Mark Hamilton. Taken from

12th August 2006 - New Interview With Tim Wheeler

A new interview with Tim about the demos and the recording of the new album, taken from

8th August 2006 - Tim Puts the Record Straight

Tim has denied that there is any truth in the rumours that Ash will be recruiting a second guitarist for live gigs, "at the moment we've no intention of getting another guitarist/saxophonist/zither player/conjuror/morris dancer or compere. alright perhaps a morris dancer...."

While Rick is still in Scotland readying himself for this DJing debut this Saturday, Tim and Mark are working of some of the other demo tracks, so recording can continue once Rick gets to back to NYC.

4th August 2006 - DJ Rick McMurray

Ash drummer Rick McMurray will be DJing at the Club Noir, in Edinburgh on Saturday 12th August. For further details on how see DJ Loveless play vintage, retro and modern sounds at The World's Biggest Burlesque Club go to

2nd August 2006 - Play Ash Fantasy Football

This season play Ash Fantasy English Premier League Football, with fans from the Offical Ash Message and both Mark and Tim. Entrance is free and for full details on how to join go to

29th July 2006 - The Boys Are Back In Town

Yesterday Tim flew back to NYC from vacation, recording to re-commence soon...

28th July 2006 - Live Guitarist To Join?

Though it previously thought that Ash would perform live as a 3 piece again, following Charlotte's departure in January, it is now thought that Ash will have a second live guitarist. Though the recording set up will continue to be just Mark, Rick and Tim. And the new tunes have been described as 'very "pop" and 1977ish'.

17th July 2006 - News From Tim's Brother

News from Tim's brother on new tracks 'Suicide Girls' and 'Shattered Glass' and other goings on in the new studio...

"The lyrics are mush deeper than heretofore (particularly shattered glass) which gets under the skin. Still recognisably ash with great melody. You're in for a real treat.

He has the music for 25 or more songs written so be prepared for the onslaught. It will still take a long time for the album to come out but there might be a single at Christmas.

Tim is delighted with the studio and appears to work between midday and 5 in the morning."

16th July 2006 - Record Labels

Mark explains what Record labels Ash are on nowadays...

"We are still on Record Collection in the US. Our boss Korda Marshall is the guy who signed us to infectious in 95. Infectious was an then a tiny indie with just 2 staff. Korda got funding from Australian label Mushroom.

1977 was a big hit for Ash along with Garbage, Peter Andre and other Mushroom acts. In time News International then buy out Mushroom and Infectious, Korda stays on as president of the label. And a few years ago News Corp. sold their music labels to Warner. In the UK Meltdown was released on Atlantic part of the Warner group after Korda was promoted to head of Atlantic. Korda was then promoted to head all of Warners UK operations last year. He obviously wants us to stay at the same company he is at so our next album will be released straight through Warners UK. It's really just a move to a different part of the same larger corporation. It's a funny old game...."

14th July 2006 - Ash FAQs

Ever had a question for Ash? Well more than likely you're not the only one, so the band have written answers to 30 FAQs on

11th July 2006 - Progress Report From Rick

To celebrate his birthday here's a progress report on the new album from Rick. Taken from

7th July 2006 - Ash Taking A Break From Recording

Ash are now taking a break from recording, 'Shattered Glass' and 'Suicide Girls' are completed and 'Princess 6' and 'Roulette' (formerly 'Keep It In') are well on the well, further details.

6th July 2006 - More From The Studio

More pictures of Mark and Rick up on, including a bit of spring cleaning...

2nd July 2006 - Video of Tim / Leif Speaks

There's another video of Tim playing in the studio is up on Also Ash guitar tech Leif Bodnarchuk speaks to Shure.

30th June 2006 - In The Studio

Firstly a video of Tim editing in the studio is up at Also going in the studio Tim pro-tools wizard at work on 'Shattered Glass' edits, the band are 'Shattered' after 18 takes of recording and the book of wives is left open at Keep It In.

28th June 2006 - News From The Studio

News from the studio on how the recordings going and Suicide Girls, Princess Six and Shattered Glass.

27th June 2006 - Princess Six

The book of wives opens on Princess Six... and Tim with six string Ricky.

26th June 2006 - Princess Six

The recording of new track 'Princess Six' is well under way, Rick and Tim have been working out a few changes, and there's a video up on of the ending of the song. There's also a second video up on Myspace of Rick doing a mic test.

24th June 2006 - The First Mix Nears Completion

Recording is going well, with the first mix nearing completion, Ash's Myspace.

23rd June 2006 - The Studio

More photos and another video of Rick drumming from the studio on Ash's Myspace, including a picture of audio genius Jeff Blenkinsopp.

22nd June 2006 - The Day Before Recording Started (16th June)

Here is an interview with Mark about the latest news from the NYC studio, taken from

20th June 2006 - / Photos From The Studio

Rick now has his own page on myspace Go and find out more about the legend that is Rick McMurray...

Here's the equipment which will shape the sound of the whole album and the audio council.

19th June 2006 - Myspace Updates

A further video of Tim and Rick in the studio has been added to Ash's Myspace, dated 17th June, and a picture of Rick's very shiny drum kit.

17th June 2006 - Suicide Girls

Play along with Rita, part 1 in 352 part series... Suicide Girls on Myspace.

16th June 2006 - Second Video of Tim

There's now another video of Tim, playing a solo on the Gretsch in the studio up on The 1977 single videos have also been added The Myspace.

15th June 2006 - Shattered Glass

Could this be a clue to another new song called 'Shattered Glass': "The Book of Wives paves the way for Shattered Glass" There is also a video added of Tim playing guitar in the studio.

14th June 2006 - New Album Section / Rick Video

The Album Section has now been completed re-designed with loads more detailed added. There's also a new video up on Ash's Myspace of Rick drumming in the new studio.

11th June 2006 - Pre-recording Rehearsals

Pre-recording rehearsals started yesterday. There are also some live videos, from Ash's Paddy's day gig in 2004, up on

5th June 2006 - Ash Official Re-Launched

The Official Ash website was re-launched on Friday and is now a blog. Though it looks very basic at the moment, Mark has said "don't worry, there's gonna be a whole new site coming too, the blog will be for current news" and it all kicks off with an interview with Tim about the recording of the new album... The interview in full is also here.

24th May 2006 - The Demos

Mark has said descriptions of the new demos will follow soon, but not just yet, as demo's can drasticallly change once they record them for real but he'll give a brief sypnosis soon.

And though the current Ash vibe is of a rock 3 piece, Mark doesn't reckon the album will be as heavy as Meltdown, nothing as heavy as Clones or Detonator as of yet.

23rd May 2006 - Demo Working Titles

To mark the launch of the new look ashtabs, all sections will be re-designed soon, here are the working titles of the new demos.

23rd May 2006 - From the Studio

"All the gear has arrived in New York for the start of recording in a few weeks. Some wiring work still has to be done but once that's completed we'll be ready to rock!" Studio Photos

19th May 2006 - Ash Videos

You can now view the videos for Free All Angel singles and Envy at the official Ash Myspace and also read more about them here.

18th May 2006 - Official Myspace Change

The official Ash Myspace has been changed from to The old Myspace no longer exists.

16th May 2006 - New Links Section

The links section has been completely re-done, with new Ash and other music links added and all the links to Ash sites, which have sadly passed away, removed.

11th May 2006 - New Wheeler Song / DMH on the recording / Ash Stuff Sale

First things first, Tim has now made public the link to his page, via the new Official Myspace Ash Page, where the song 'End of the World', which I believe to be a solo effort, can be downloaded. To download directly go here.

And news from DMH talking about those 30 demos and a possible Spring 2007 album release, as well as about the Official Myspace Ash Page, All in the News Section.

There is also a sale of official Ash stuff at the Recordstore Ash Store. T-shirts, badges, stickers and some old Hash.

11th May 2006 - New Wheeler Song / DMH on the recording / Ash Stuff Sale

Mark: "So you may or may not have realized but we've taken things into our own hands with the Myspace thing.

The US label gave us the passwords as they hadn't been maintaining it and now we've got no-one to blame but ourselves. We've inquired about getting the plain 'ash' domain. Let's see how that works out. An ex-black metal band currently have it.

Here's the link:

Also don't forget Murphy's Ash myspace at:

If you're bothered, please add us, suscribe to the blog, put us in your Top 8 and help us get the numbers up. We're starting this now, so that hopefully by next year when the album is ready to go it'll be rocking and a great portal to keep everyone informed and bring more people here too.

Any advice on improvements, pimp ups etc. would be appreciated. As I've no experience in writing code it's all new to me!

Other on-line news is that there will be a completely new coming soon. How soon i don't know, but we're gonna get it right this time! These forums will remain intact and we'll just move them into the new home.

I know things have been really quiet for along time, but we've been busy 'relocating!' and getting the songs together. We have a huge amount of songs we've been demo-ing. We're trying to finish 30 in the next month. We plan to start recording mid June and we'll continue until we're happy with it. We have been busy setting up our own studio in New York and once we're set the recording should be quite prolific (fuck, i've probably cursed us there!).

It's been really fun recording the demo's as a 3-piece and we're dead set on making this our best yet, as well as a fan favourite. We gotta win back the Mac.

Contrary to what HMV have been saying, we're looking at a Spring 2007 release through Warners (not Atlantic).

OK, i've not given away too much but that's all there is to tell for now. Obviously we can't say too much about the songs as they're still work in progress that can change and go in different directions. I can say Tim's voice is sounding stronger than ever.

We'll be keeping everyone up to date with the new blog (RSS feed it!) which is hopefully is gonna be contributed to by a friend of our's. He's gonna interview us and get different insights into the creative process. That 's what he does. We'll also post pics from the studio once recording starts for real and maybe even stream a few live feeds or podcast some wacked up shit... Who know's for sure but you're gonna get alot more informed around here and you guy's can get what you've always been screaming for.... CONTENT! "

Tim has now made public the link to his page, via the new Official Myspace Ash Page, where the song 'End of the World', which i believe to be a solo effort can be downloaded. To download go here.

There is a sale of official Ash stuff at the Recordstore Ash Store.

8th May 2006 - New Offical Ash Myspace -

"Hi all, just a quick hello and message to let you know we have taken this myspace site into our own hands and have started to get the ball rolling with it. There's a few video's uploaded for now but once we get the rest from the label we'll try to get them all archived here as well as new pics etc from the studio. We start recording for real next month and have 30 demos we're currently finishing. Incase you didn't know we are now based in New York and later in the year we'll be trying out all the new stuff in low key shows in random bars / parties." - Ash

18th April 2006 - Coming Soon-ish

The new album will be recorded over this summer and Ash will start touring early 2007

17th April 2006 - Tav Reports Back On The New Official Site

The front page is about to become a blog text box. Every other week, from when we launch in a few weeks time, there will be an update on what the band are up to written as a blog. Within the blog will be links to photo's, video and hey, maybe even the odd new song.........

28th March 2006 - Quick Update From DMH

"quick update. Rick is back in NY and we are starting the second session of demoing. We got another 14 songs to try record over the next few weeks. loads to do, better run"

27th March 2006 - Glow Released today

Arthur Baker and Tim Wheeler collaboration Glow is released today on CD, 7" and 12" vinyl.

Also on the Glow Release Details Page, Comments from Arthur Baker about how Glow came around.

21st March 2006 - Glow Release Delayed a Week

The release of single Glow has been delayed a week, due to manfacturing problems. Click on the Glow banner or image to the left, for the release details and reviews.

Glow is a collaboration between Tim Wheeler and dance (and A Life Less Ordinary) producer Arthur Baker and is listed as 'Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler' and available on CD, 7" and 12" vinyl. Lifted from Arthur Baker's forthcoming collaboration album, the track had it's first airplay by John Peel, during an Ash session in June 2001.

17th March 2006 - Star Wars TV show

DMH on the forthcoming Star Wars TV show, from the BBC NI site.

9th March 2006 - Glow

You can listen and vote to hear Glow more at Xfm Tasters. Go vote...

7th March 2006 - I Was Dreaming that Tomorrow...

Concerning rumours that Ash will be releasing their follow up to 2004's Meltdown this summer: they are currently only in the rehearsal studio, with nine songs written. Before Meltdown was recorded, 21 songs (that we know of) were demoed - though admittedly seven of these have remained unreleased... the new album is likely to be a while yet.

3rd March 2006 - Exclusive News from Tim

"I can't quite put my finger on the new sound, it's early days really, at the minute the 3-piece rock band is the vibe but that might develop with some crazy embellishments in the studio, who knows, maybe we'll keep it raw and stripped down if it's working for us. so far, i don't think you could look at any of the news songs and say they sound like a track off any of our albums...9 songs so far, good start. oh yeah and the gretsch sparkle jet is back in action."

21st February 2006 - In the Studio and Glow

Rumour has it that Tim, Mark and Rick have gone into their studio to begin work on some new songs...

Click on the Glow banner or here for the Glow release details.

16th February 2006 - Ash

An Announcement will be made shortly.

10th February 2006 - Tim to Release 'Solo' Single

The track entitled 'Glow', to be released on March 20th, is a collaboration with dance (and A Life Less Ordinary) producer Arthur Baker and is listed as 'Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler'. Lifted from Arthur Baker's forthcoming collaboration album, the track had it's first airplay by John Peel, during an Ash session in June 2001.

There are also rumours that there could be more solo stuff to come from Tim...

27th January 2006 - News from Tim's Brother

RTE documentary: Tim was brought home by RTE this weekend past for them to film shots of him for an upcoming RTE series on Irish song writers. Apparently they are looking at different aspects of song writing and so his bit sare likely to be interspersed among the six program series. They recorded him playing 'shining light' in the old cottage at home where the band first started up which should be interesting. The series is due to go out in the autumn so you will have to wait a while. I'm sure more details of the series will emerge over time. It was a nice excuse to get home all expenses paid.

On the next album: The song writing is going well and they are expecting to start recording later on this year. They will get together, probably in the spring, to start practising the new material.

On Charlotte leaving: The band have no plans to replace her. They are hoping to recreate the dynamic of the early band and get back to the buzz of the early material. The break up was all very amicable.

On New York: He has settled in well and enjoying the total change of scene. I was expecting him to be getting out loads to see all the local bands which would then become an influence on the next album. So far it hasn't happened but he is hoping to start once he fully finds his feet.

Apparently they have also leased a studio for two years so potentially they will be producing and mixing their own records.

20th January 2006 - Official Statement from Tav

"After 9 years Ash and Charlotte Hatherley have mutually agreed to part company. The decision is completely amicable and they wish each other the very best for the future. Ash are returning to the studio later this year to make the follow up to 2004's "Meltdown" album.

Charlotte is currently recording tracks for her second solo album (following "Grey Will Fade") which she plans to release in the Autumn this year."

Good Luck to Charlotte, end of one era and beginning of another...

19th December 2005 - New Album...

HMV seem to think Ash have a new album out in June next year, and though it seems logical that Warner said something to make them think this, sources suggest it is very unlikely the material Ash are currently working on would be ready then...

14th December 2005 - Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Click on the banner above to download Ash's cover of 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday', even if you did it last year, donating money to War Child.

2nd September 2005 - Darth Hamilton

There's a interview with the dark lord Mark on

22nd August 2005 - Back

After having a couple of quiet months with both Tim and Mark moving to NYC, Rick opening a bar in Edinburgh and Charlotte doing some solo touring, they are all getting together again in September to start getting some stuff together for the next album.

10th August 2005 - Charlotte DJing / Vote for Ash

Charlotte Hatherley will DJing with NME's Mark Beaumont in the Double Dragon Music room at Kill All Hippies, The Scala, King's Cross, Saturday August 20. Go to to get on the £5 concession list.

Also go to to vote for Girl From Mars in the x-list.

27th July 2005 - Charlotte Hatherley Solo Dates

Charlotte will be playing some solo tour dates before appearing at both the Reading and Leeds festivals, dates here - down the bottom of the page.

24th June 2005 - Tour Bus Problems

Ash have been on the receiving end of tour bus problems the past week or so, first in America where their bus set on fire, news from nme and yesterday travelling from Belfast to the Newry gig their bus broke down.

The Acoustic album rumours have also surfaced again...

2nd June 2005 - More Warming Up

Ash are playing another warm up gig for glasto in Londonderry on Tuesday 21st June.

1st June 2005 - Belfast and U.S. Gigs

Ash are playing the new Spring & Airbrake venue, Belfast, on Wednesday 22nd June. Tickets are on sale here. This is a very small venue, about 400 people max, it is a warm up for Glasto and Mark has also said earlier that there aren't any plans for a major tour of the UK.

There are also more U.S. tour dates added to the tour dates page.

31st May 2005 - Tim Says

Ash are not planning to go into the studio this year to start the next album but he is hoping to get a number of songs demoed. Tim wants the next album to be their greatest ever and will not be happy until it is just right. So everyone will all have to wait patiently.

They are planning to have a song out at some stage later in the year - some sort of Arthur Baker collaboration.

Tim is at present helping to produce a few songs for a Brazillian band he really likes - something like WRY - they are just trying to get on their feet and Tim is just helping them out. He just likes that sort of thing and he has the time before heading off stateside again. One of his best friends is married to a Brazillian which is where the introductions started.

18th May 2005 - June U.S. Tour

Ash have confirmed that they'll be touring the States some more in June and won't be back in the UK for a while.

Ash also saw Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on Sunday, at a special celebrity screening in LA before the premiere in Cannes.

14th May 2005 - Chaz for Reading / More Ash in the U.S.

It looks like Chaz will be playing a solo set at the Reading and Leeds festivals this summer and Tav has said that Ash will return to tour the U.S. again in June.

30th April 2005 - Not Giving Me the Evil Eye

Ash have scrapped the idea of the internet release of Evil Eye. Mark: "we've scrapped the idea as most people already have the vienna recording (meant as the b-sides). but there is something else in the pipeline that'll be cooler and better, it'll take a while though but it'll be before the next album". interview with Mark Hamilton
28th April 2005.

A Bid for Airwaves, a Boon for Power-Pop: An Interview with Ash's Mark Hamilton by Michael Mikesell

The bass player for Ireland's foremost grunge-pop quartet weighs in on music, touring the US, and felines. The Belfast, Ireland pop-rockers known as Ash called their 1996 breakthrough album 1977, honoring the birth year of founding members Tim Wheeler (vocals, guitars) and Mark Hamilton (bass). Almost as significant -- at least as far as Wheeler and Hamilton are concerned -- 1977 was also the year of birth for Star Wars. Charlotte Hatherly joined Wheeler, Hamilton, and drummer Rick McMurray as second guitarist on the band's sophomore release, 1999's Nu-Clear Sounds, and in 2001 the quartet unleashed the critically acclaimed Free All Angels, whose "Burn Baby Burn" earned both an NME Brat Award and a Single of the Year honor from Q. In a well-plotted career move, Ash decided to record its next album in Los Angeles with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, System of a Down). The result was 2004's Meltdown, a tight, dynamic rock record bursting with airy melodies, amped-up guitars, and thundering bass and drums. Already certified gold in the UK, Meltdown saw its Stateside release in March 2005 from Record Collection, also home to John Frusciante and the LP-record edition of Hot Hot Heat's Elevator. The US Meltdown includes two bonus tracks and DVD footage not available on the European release, which (not to be outdone) features a live version of the album on a second CD. A single from Meltdown, "Clones", is now the theme song for the Star Wars video game "Republic Commando", marking the first time LucasArts has ever used a band's song in anything related to Star Wars. I spoke with Hamilton midway through the band's current US tour and one day before Ash played the city whose music helped ignite the band's career.

PopMatters: Your sound has changed a bit over the years.

Mark Hamilton: Me and Tim [Wheeler] started the band when we were 12-year-olds, young metalheads, and we had aspirations of being Metallica and stuff, but weren't technically proficient. We weren't able to play the music, you know? So, whenever the whole punk explosion and Nirvana happened it was like, "Wow, we actually can play this", 'cause it's basic and simple and it has a passion to it, which we were totally excited by. That was our major influence in the beginning, really. It was Nirvana and probably the whole Seattle scene.

PM: An unusual feature about the band -- or at least about Meltdown -- is how little piss there is in your vinegar. You play heavy, but you're not aggro, something I can't say about Nirvana or Soundgarden. Is that something you work at?

MH: I think we tried to make this album a bit heavier. Tim writes a lot of the songs, and he's a huge Beach Boys fan as well, so that's where the melodies and all come from. I suppose our producer [Owen Morris], who we worked with on the last three albums before Meltdown, was sort of a pop producer -- he did work with Oasis and the Verve -- and we always wanted to record an album in the States at some point, because our influences when we started was all American music. And this time we got to work with Nick Raskulinecz. That was a big thrill for us in a way, 'cause we were almost like fans, and we were just speechless at times. We really just wanted to toughen up the backbone but keep the way the songs were all written, on acoustic guitar, full of good hooks and melodies. We wanted to make it a little bit harder so that we could stand up against what else was being played on rock radio here [in the States]. Give ourselves a bit more of a chance, if you know what I mean.

PM: Meltdown is uncommonly well produced and recorded, especially for this day and age.

MH: Nick really honed in on the sound, and Rich Costey, who mixed the album, is one of the best mixers in the world at the minute. You know, it seems almost fashionable to make these low-fi albums that sound like shit. But we were in the same studio where they recorded Nevermind and stuff, and we just wanted to make a pristine-sounding, sonically excellent album.

PM: When it came out in 1991, a lot of Nirvana fans thought Nevermind was too polished.

MH: Yeah I know, but whenever you hear it cranked through a PA it sounds unbelievable.

PM: What's your favorite song on Meltdown?

MH: Personally I really like "Detonator", cause it reminds me of Nirvana a bit.

PM: Where would you say the band is going?

MH: We don't feel like we've accomplished what we wanted to, yet, you know? We're still totally hungry for success. We kind of strive to get better with each album. You know, everyone says their new album is the best one, but I think, music-wise, Meltdown is by far better than the other ones.

PM: What's the best thing about playing in the States?

MH: Well, for us, being Europeans, the exchange rate is great. So we can just, like, shop. We spent so much time here in the past that it doesn't even seem -- to us it's just normal. We don't feel like we're visiting. We lived in LA for four months making the album, and we toured here nine months in 2002.

PM: Are the audiences noticeably different?

MH: Just 'cause we're not so well known here. That's what we're working on. But the people that are into us are just as fanatical as people in Europe and Japan. So it's all good.

PM: How did you come to have a song used in a Star Wars computer game?

MH: We got approached by LucasArts, the computer part of Lucasfilm. They knew we were fans, that we had been going to their parties for years. They asked us, "Do you have any music that would be suitable? We've got this dark, splatterfest, shoot-'em-up game and we want something heavy for it." "Clones" was probably as heavy a song as we've recorded. And it was a complete coincidence that the song was called "Clones" as well [given the movie title Attack of the Clones].

PM: Sometimes musicians have a passion for musical forms outside their métier. Do you happen to have a favorite ballad?

MH: Weezer do some good ballads. I'm trying to think which one. [Long silence.] Ballads, to be honest, is not really my thing! Ballads are the kind of thing we're always thinking we want to do on our albums, but we never play them live because they're always the songs where people go to the bar and get drinks and stuff. But then sometimes people's biggest hits are their ballads, 'cause they're more commercial and can get on the radio. Aerosmith are the kings of the power ballad. That one from the movie Armageddon's probably the best one ["I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"].

PM: What's something you always wish someone would ask you that nobody ever does?

MH: I don't know... "What's your favorite animal" maybe?

PM: What's your favorite animal?

MH: Any sort of cat. Big ones, small ones. Dogs are cool, but my family's always been cat people. At one point we had 11 cats. I've got one at home, Linda, but 'cause I'm always away I never really see her. My most recent cat, it lives with my parents now, was a kitten that turned up on our back door. It was an abandoned cat, it was smaller than the size of your hand. And it was totally starved. It was totally wild as well. But it was so hungry that it was just going towards the light, almost, to find anyone who would look after it. And I nurtured it for a few days, and then it was really tame. It's kind of hard to train a cat, 'cause cats just do what they want to do, you know? But I can walk around, the cat will sit on your shoulder like a parrot. And it's so big now, it's a huge cat, but I can wear it like a scarf.

Ash are also supporting U2 in the summer and tour date section has been updated.

8th April 2005 - Tim the Producer

Tim has been working with two brothers from North Wales called The Lathams.

He has produced four songs thus far and will be producing an album later this year, once the boys have secured themselves a record deal.

6th April 2005 - Glastonbury

A leaked, and said to be offical, festival schedule has reveal that Ash look set Glastonbury 2005 and sources suggest they have signed to play.

It also seems unlikely the Evil Eye EP will be released on monday as it has been delayed.

4th April 2005 - Evil Eye EP / Vote

Ash link up with Lucas Arts on their forthcoming 'Evil Eye' EP which is available to purchase exclusively online.

The title track, lifted from the band's 'Meltdown' album, comes backed with nine live tracks recorded in Vienna last year and also includes the video for 'Clones' - which has been chosen as the introduction music to the latest LucasArts video game 'Star Wars: Republic Commando' and has been re-edited to include brand new game footage.

'Evil Eye' is released on April 11th and will only be available online from all good retailers.

Also vote to get Ash and their first U.S. single from Meltdown, the title track on the KNDD's playlist, by voting here. KNDD is a station in Seattle, so this is important in helping the band break American. You can listen weeknights at 9pm, to hear The End's top 10 most-requested songs of the day

14th March 2005 - Ash / Bravery Co-Headlining Tour

This kicked off last wednesday (9th March).

Tav: "the bravery are only headlining in the towns where they have been getting loads of radio play. it's a co-headline tour, ash are playing 45 - 60 minutes depending on the curfew. in atlanta (last night) the curfew was 9.30pm, so both bands played for 45 minutes each. see the american board (U.S. Ash Message Board)for details of where ash are headlining (most of the tour). "

8th March 2005 - Meltdown released in the U.S.

Meltdown was released today in the U.S., on record collection, with next tracks (UK b-sides) and a extra DVD of videos (Girl From Mars, Clones, Orpheus, Starcrossed, Renegade Cavalcade, Meltdown Mini Documentary and Making Of Orpheus). For UK fans its available on amazon.

Ash also start their U.S. tour tomorrow.

1st March 2005 - Ash Interview / Chaz Session

An interview done with the boys from ash at the Republic Commando party, here.

You can hear Chaz in session on the xfm site.

28th February 2005 - Star Wars Party! / Bastardo - 31

Ash played a short set at the release party for the new Star Wars game 'Republic Commando', in a small club in London's Leicester Square on Friday. The party was invite only for mainly people concerned with the game, and a lot of free booze was consumed. I would post some exclusive Ash news, but I can remember the night’s events, but not really conservation…

Anyway the set was: GFM, ALLO, Clones, Shining Light, Kung Fu, RC, Cantina Band, Orpheus, BBB.

And Charlotte’s Bastardo has entered the UK Singles at number 31, the same as previous single Summer. Which is pretty impressive as Radio 1 didn’t list it.

24th February 2005 - Revolution, we're the Solution!

Tav on Ash releasing in the U.S:

"First track to radio is indeed 'Meltdown'. We really struggled with our choice of singles in Europe on this album. Orpheus was the one that got all the radio play, but ended up selling really badly.

Everyone loves Starcrossed, but it's not indicative of the rest of the album. Snow patrol and Coldplay both have albums full of 'run' and 'yellow'.

'Meltdown’ is a feel good rock track and I don't think people will be disappointed when they buy the album after hearing it on the radio. I’d be a tad nervous if people bought the album on the back of 'Starcrossed', as again, it's so different from the rest of the record.

This record was made in America, for America. The band are ready to tour their asses off again over here and after all the hard work (and money) they put in on the last one, we just have to hope that America likes it.

One thing I am encouraged by though, is the fact that you guys are all still here.

When I say "made for America", I should actually say "American radio". All of our previous albums have had limited play on American radio. The reason (we keep getting told) is because of the production. So on this album we made a conscious decision to try and remedy that. We all think that Meltdown is the best produced album so far."

23rd February 2005 - Apollo 21

Charlotte's Bastardo was at number 21 in the singles charts last night.

21st February 2005 - Bastardo!

Charlotte's second 'proper' solo single Bastardo is released today on CD, DVD and 7". The CD has b-sides '3 Minutes' and 'I am a Kamera', while the 7" just has '3 Minutes'. On the DVD as well as Bastardo audio, are Kim Wilde (acoustic), the Bastard Video and behind the scenes video and a photo gallery.

14th February 2005 - Tim the Producer

One of Tav's (Manager and Discoverer of Ash) new bands, who are currently recording their first album, have asked Tim if he would act as producer and he willingly obliged. I think they have the album recorded and only have to complete the mixing.

8th February 2005 - Commando

EP 'Commando' is released today in America on Record Collection, it can be brought online (only in North America) here. There is also now a U.S version of Its not really different from the UK version, different message board.

2nd February 2005 - Tim Wheeler Gig

On Friday 18th February Tim Wheeler will headline The Windmill, Brixton, with ex-undertones guitarist and co-writer of the classic 'Teenage Kicks', Damien O' Neill.

The gig is to promote Northern Irish music and all profits from this show will go towards bringing over a bunch of new N.I. bands for another gig at the Windmill in March. Support on the night comes from The Basement + guests

Tickets are strictly limited to 2 per person due to the limited capacity and you buy them online here.

28th January 2005 - Chaz

Chaz has appeared in the German edition of FHM and rumour has it there'll be some solo european appearances in Feb before Ash head out to U.S.

25th January 2005 - Bastardo

The release of Charlotte's second proper single 'Bastardo' has been pushed back a week, and is now being released on Monday Feb 21st.

You can view the video starring David Walliams (Little Britain), Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced), Julia Davies (Nighty Night), Alice Lowe (Garth Marenghi's Dark Place), Lucy Davis (The Office) and Lauren Laverne (XFM), online using the following links 56K and Broadband.

21st January 2005 - Tim at Xfm's Winterland

"Flying solo, Tim Wheeler took time out from preparing for Ash's gig later that night at the Astoria to run through a handful of hits on his trusty Flying V. A wise man once said that a great song will remain great even once stripped down to its bare bones. Ash's classics certainly lived up to that test, the crowd singing along with every word." You can watch Tim playing Shining Light, RC and Girl From Mars by going here.

16th January 2005 - Japan

Ash return from their break and kick off there Japanese tour tomorrow, with their first of two gigs at the Shibuya-AX in Tokyo.

8th January 2004 - Commando EP / Chaz Bastardo Video

Ash are releasing the 'Commando EP' on their U.S. record label, Record Collection.

The EP has a tracklisting of 1. Clones, 2. Meltdown, 3. Evil Eye, 4. Tinseltown, the CD will also be enhanced with the Clones Music Video and Star Wars Republic Commando™ Game Demo.

It is released on Feb 8th, the artwork is on the left, also here is what maybe the artwork for the U.S. release of Meltdown. The Record Collection site has more details.

The video for Charlotte's forthcoming single 'Bastardo' can now be voted for on the MTV2 site for the NME Chart, by going here. The fantastic jackie-inspired video stars Simon Pegg, David Walliams, Lucy Davis, Alice Lowe, Lauren Laverne and Julia Davies.

Watch out for illustrations by top artists from the cult comic-book publishers, 2000AD, which will also feature on the CD, 7", and DVD. And don't forget to order your collectors o-card at

4th January 2004 - Happy Birthday Tim

Tim is 28 today and in celebration MTV2 are having an Ash themed hour at 11am and Andrew W.K vs Ash at 5pm. So happy birthday!

21st December 2004 - U.S. Meltdown Release Tracklisting / Ash and Chaz on xfm

As previously reported Ash's latest album, Meltdown, will be released in the U.S. on the Record Collection label, on 8th March 2005. It will have the same tracks and running order as the UK release, plus 5 extra tracks which will be listed after Vampire Love. Full listing here. (For UK fans the extra tracks are all the Meltdown chart singles, Orpheus, Starcrossed and RC, b-sides other than Tinseltown)

Though Ash including most of the UK b-sides on the US album release, does mean it seems unlikely that there'll be a US single release.

Both Ash and Charlotte solo on Xfm X-Posure Live Sessions. Tune in from 21:00 as Claire Sturgess plays out an exclusive session recorded live in the Xfm studios on every show Monday - Thursday 21:00-23:00 + 23:00-01:00. For more info on which acts appear on which days, go to:

December 23 Best Of 2004: Charlotte Hatherley
December 28: Live Hour Special featuring: Ash, Keane, Jet, Snow Patrol

Also also added some more b-side lyrics, thanks to Alison Hamilton. Oh and Ash finish for Christmas tonight, with their last support show in Germany... Merry Christmas everyone!

17th December 2004 - I Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday

You can download the fully mixed (not the other studio performance version which has been going round the net) of Ash covering 'I Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday' here. It costs 99p from credit/debit cards or £1.50 from your mobile, but its for a good cause as all the money goes to War Child!

Also the tabs section has been given a make over.

15th December 2004 - Xfm Nominations

Starcrossed has been nominated as Best Xfm Promo Video 2004, you can vote And Charlotte Hatherley's solo session has been nominated of Best Xfm Studio Session 2004. To see all nominations and vote, visit here.

14th December 2004 - Vote for Meltdown / Bastardo Release Date

Click on this link to vote for Meltdown in xfm's album of the year poll.

The latest release details for Charlotte's third solo single, Bastardo, is that it'll be released on Valentine's day 2005. Chaz's section.

12th December 2004 - #33 / Tabs

Renegade Cavalcade charts at number 33 in the UK singles chart.

Loads of classic b-side tabs have been added to the Tabs section, thanks to Chad Peck.

9th December 2004 - Bastardo

Charlotte will be releasing her third solo single, Bastardo, in February 2005. Full details are in the Charlotte section.

Also Girl from Mars is number 37 on MTV2's top singles chart, dunno whether that's old or new, probably old, but it was on telly today.

8th December 2004 - Mark and Rick Interviewed

Mark and Rick have been interviewed about touring, new material and the U.S at

7th December 2004 - Tim talks to xfm / RC so far / Tim - Band Aid / New Tabs

Tim talks to xfm about Meltdown in the U.S., the supergroup with Justin Hawkins and Har Mar and the NEXT ALBUM:

"I’ve been writing a bunch of songs on tour and it’s sounding really good," Wheeler enthused, "It’s really strong material and I’m looking forward to having some time to work on them. I don’t know what style it’s going to take yet, but maybe it’ll go back to more of a songwriting thing rather than the emphasis on the band."

Meltdown will be released in the U.S. on the label 'Record Collection' on 8th March 2005, further details. Though this date is likely to change. The release will be like that of the U.S. FAA, extra 'exclusive' tracks (probably UK b-sides) and extra dvd footage (probably mainly UK single videos).

Renegade Cavalcade is in at no 27 so far (915 copies sold in total - [cd sold 305, 7" sold 341, dvd sold 269]) so go buy! I have also added Tim explanation of why b-side Shockwave is so similar to Orpheus b-side Tinsletown to the ash facts section.

For those that didnt see the program on the making of the new Band Aid 20 single last night, it appears that Tim is singing on the group chorus and playing tambourine. I also think hes probably not in the main group pic, coz he may of been late coz the band were in Europe as he didnt appear to be in the studio at that point.

Also here is the tab for Renegade Cavalcade b-side We Don't Care, thanks to Stu Bunce. And the tab for the b-side to Ash's first ever single Jack Names the Planets, here is the tab for Don't Know, thanks to Sam Hilton.

6th December 2004 - At the Stars We're Streaming!

Finally Renegade Cavalcade has been released, out today, available on three formats, £1.99 2 track CD, £2.99 4 track DVD and limited edition 7". Further release details here.

Before the Kerrang ASHtoria gig last night, Tim also played XFM’s WINTER WONDERLAND at the Hammersmith Apollo, which also featured appearances from The BabyShambles (before they were ejected), The Departure, The Zutons, Kasabian, Razorlight and Embrace. With all proceeds have been donated to the homeless charity Shelter.

ASHtoria SETLIST: Meltdown, GFM, Cherry Bomb, Evil Eye, Clones, Shining Light, RC, Detonator, Oh Yeah, Starcrossed, Kung Fu, Vampire Love, ALLO, Walking Barefoot, Orpheus, ENCORE: Goldfinger, bit of Teenage Kicks, Boys Are Back in Town, BBB.

2nd December 2004 - Ash in Japan 2005

Ash have confirmed some Japanese Tour Dates for 2005:
17/01/05 Tokyo, Shibuya-AX
20/01/05 Nagoya, Club Quattro
21/01/05 Osaka, Namba Hatch
23/01/05 Hiroshima, Club Quattro
24/01/05 Fukuoka, Drum Logos

Starcrossed is being released there around that time and then there might be some other Asian dates and possibly Oz then onto the US (maybe for the rest of the year).

1st December 2004 - Vote for RC on MTV2

"To help Ash in their quest for world domination..... and basically to make sure you get a chance to catch the brilliant new video for 'Renegade Cavalacade' on MTV2, make sure you get voting!"

23rd November 2004 - Mark interviewed Naked

Well Mark isnt naked, but the interviewer is. and you don't need to subscribe to see most of the interview, just press play.

22nd November 2004 - RC Video and Ash on Radio 1

You can watch the new video for RC here.

Also Radio 1 is coming from Belfast on tuesday 23rd and wednesday 24th and Tim and Charlotte will be performing RC plus another track acoustically for them (i think it said on friday that ash will be on on weds). Anyway you can go to the radio 1 site and vote for which track you wanna hear, ALLO is winning at the mo.

RC Release Details:

1. Renegade Cavalcade (Audio)
2. Renegade Cavalcade (Video)
3. Jesus Says (Video - previously unavailable on DVD)
4. Renegade Cavalcade (Unseen video clip)
1. Renegade Cavalcade
2. We Don’t Care

And I think the 7" Vinyl is RC and Shockwave.

17th November 2004 - Renegade Cavalade

The new video has been aired on music channels, rumour has it that its very similar to other Meltdown single videos, with just a performance, though this could be down to apparently the video was filmed on one free day before a gig so there may not have been much time for it.

It's also rumoured that 'We Don't Care' maybe one of the CD b-sides and 'Shockwave' on the 7" Vinyl.

16th November 2004 - Tim Band Aid, RC Artwork and Warner Changes

Dispute not being in the pictures which have been floating around in most national papers, Tim has been involved in the re-recording of the Band Aid Xmas single. I think just a guitar though as he's not listed as singing, Here's a picture with Tim in (bottom row, far right).

Here is the artwork for the further coming single Renegade Cavalcade.

Also heres some music industry news which will affect ash, relates to changes at Warner. Hopefully should mean more promotion and investment.

16th November 2004 - Warner Changes

Marshall to head Warner's UK label

Dan Milmo
Tuesday November 16, 2004
The Guardian

The music executive who discovered The Darkness has been appointed head of the Warner Brothers UK record label as Warner Music seeks a higher profile in the British market. Korda Marshall, ranked above Simon Cowell and Mick Jagger in a recent survey of the top 100 most influential people in the music industry, will become managing director of the label behind The Streets.

Warner Music's UK operation is split into two labels: Atlantic Records and Warner Brothers. The world's fourth largest record group is also increasing its investment in signing up new UK artists.

Warner Music was sold by Time Warner to a consortium earlier this year for $2.6bn (£1.4bn).

"The first task is to found and build a contemporary, dynamic A&R [artist development] department, which we have not had for the last six to nine months. Second, we want to find and acquire some great new talent and artists going forward," Mr Marshall said.

The first new signings to the Warner Brothers UK label will be internal transfers from Atlantic Records: Muse, Ash and Garbage. Mr Marshall ran the UK arm of Atlantic Records before switching to its sister subsidiary yesterday. The Darkness has been one of the most successful UK acts in recent years, selling 1.4m copies of its debut album in the UK and 3.5m worldwide.

Admitting that the industry had endured some "tremendously bad PR" over the past few years, Mr Marshall said the UK record industry was ready to rebound. UK record sales rose 0.1% last year to $3.2bn, amid a global market that fell 7.6%. Mr Marshall's replacement at Atlantic Records will be Max Lousada, another Warner Music executive.

11th November 2004 - Top 100 Greatest Irish Albums

Hot Press have just compiled a Top 100 Greatest Irish Album list as voted for by Irish artists. Ash made the Top 20. For full details of who made the list, check out the latest issue of Hot Press available in shops now.

Hot press are currently developing a new Top 100 Greatest Irish Album Chart, this time voted for by the general public. You can vote for ash, or anyone else you wish at hotpress.

8th November 2004 - RC and Return to the ASHtoria

The release date for Renegade Cavalcade has changed again to December 6th and Ash have confirmed to be playing a gig at the London Ashtoria on 5th December.

26th October 2004 - RIP John Peel

Legendary and much loved Radio 1 DJ John Peel has died aged 65, he suffered a heart attack while on holiday in Peru. BBC News. He'll be greatly missed, and there is no doubt he helped in Ash's success, with the band playing some legendary sessions on his show. "Now that's punk rock." - 6th June 2001. R.I.P.

Ash's - 'Renegade Cavalcade' has been chosen as one of this week's Xfm Music: Response tasters. To vote for Ash as one of your favourite Tasters from this week's selection, use the link below: Listen to Music: Response every Monday - Thursday to hear the day's Top 7 Tasters at 7pm with the new Music: Response chart going out every Friday from 7pm.

22nd October 2004 - B-side Tabs / Ash Museum Material

Tabs for Sometimes b-side (and U.S. FAA extra) So The Story Goes and Starcrossed b-side Solace, both thanks to Mike Laverick.

ASH are amongst artist such as U2, ELVIS COSTELLO, DAVID HOLMES, IGGY POP and THE UNDERTONES who feature in a photo exhibition which opened in BELFAST on Oct 20th.

'Shot By Both Sides' is billed a collection of images that define the ongoing spirit of alternative Ulster and feature big name stars alongside a succession of local bands from the last four decades. More details on

12th October 2004 - More Ms Hatherley

If all goes to plan Charlotte will be releasing her second 'proper' solo single 'Bastardo', taken from her solo album 'Grey Will Fade' in January next year. The lyrics for all the tracks off 'Grey Will Fade' are now available on Chaz's site.

11th October 2004 - No we can't be tamed

Ash have moved the released date of Renegade Cavalcade again, to Monday 29th November, to concide with their UK tour dates in support of The Darkness.

4th October 2004 - Tav pulls RC video!

Tav (ash's manager): "some of you will be pleased to know that i have pulled the video. we were all on holiday and the record company made it in our absence.

none of us like it (especially me)......but we'll probably let you have it as an extra on the dvd single.

R.C. release date has now gone back to november 15th"

1st October 2004 - Renegade Cavalcade Video

You can watch the video for RC here, how the bbc described the video: A teen Elephant Man sulks through the decaying mean streets hiding from prying eyes. It's about alienation you see. Nice twist at the end, but it's so grim, The Streets' grim-meister Mike Skinner might say: "Mmm...Too grim for me Ash."

29th September 2004 - News songs - maybe RC b-sides

Tim: "we just recorded 2 new songs a couple of weeks ago in olympic studios.

'we don't care': ash go glam rock (early 70's style). i wrote it with mik from 'the republic of loose'. it's the closest we'll ever get to a football anthem. it features sweet gang vocals from mayor goldie wilson, christine paltrow, coco sherlock, mufflo, the proboscis and a few other notables.

'ghosts': a spectral mellow tune. nothing like s club 7."

27th September 2004 - Renegade Cavalcade

The release date of Renegade Cavalcade has now been changed from October 18th to November 1st, though there is no news yet on what the b-sides might be or on the video.

9th September 2004 - New Acoustic Album

Mark has been talking to xfm (full story including about touring with The Darkness) and Ash maybe going back into the studio in February to record an acoustic album!

"We actually are thinking of going into the studio in February and recording again.” Hamilton admitted, “And we might do something like an acoustic album, just to have something out there next year while we’re out touring - and we’re probably gonna be touring around America all next year, from springtime through to the end of the year maybe - so we might just get that out to give the fans something to keep them interested and look at doing the next proper album maybe after the summer.

“We’ve got a load of songs that we haven’t recorded, which is more acoustic-y stuff, that wouldn’t have fit on ‘Meltdown’ as we tried to keep that a more rocking album. But we might do that just to get them out there. Just one for the fans.”

6th September 2004 - White Slave / Chaz Solo Dates / Maximum Ash

According to reports on Tim is planning to form a 'supergroup' will Justin Hawkins of The Darkness and Har Mar Superstar, to be called White Slave.

I've added all of Charlotte's solo dates to the tour dates section, which formally just had ash autumn/winter details.

And finally there's a new unofficial ash interview disc, called 'maximum ash' out now. I got it in hmv for 6.99 the other day, dunno whether its any good as i havent listened yet.

Its copyright 2004, even though its got a ncs era pic on the cover and there's a free mini poster... and when they say mini, they mean mini.

2nd September 2004 - Chaz Solo tour / Kerrang Awards / Reading War

Some details of a Chaz mini tour, there is nothing officially announced yet, but on ticket websites:

Glasgow King Tuts - 21/09/2004
Manchester Uni - 22/09/2004 -
Leadmill Sheffield - 23/09/2004 -
More details soon I guess...

Ash won the 'Classic Songwriter' award at the Kerrang awards, think this was a special surprise award for them as there were no nominations.

Rick injuried his hand at Reading (before their set, but played on anyway) as a result of Mark fighting with the Hives details in the news section.

2nd September 2004 - Reading: Darth vs Hives - Rick injury.

BBC News:

"Tim Wheeler takes to the stage with a flaming guitar. Their Punchestown set was literally awash with rain, but tonight they have a dry run at songs like ‘Orpheus’, ‘Girl From Mars’, ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ and ‘Clones’, zig-zagging across the catalogue, making a case for the new album. Rick McMurray has a broken hand – the result of a table-throwing incident with the Hives at another messy festival, but he’s still blattering the snare. ‘Oh Yeah’ is the feel-good hit for the end of the summer and Tim is comfortably home after ‘Burn Baby Burn’."

Helen (Rick's mrs):

"His hand is OK, and it's improving quickly. He had a bruised finger that was very sore and wouldn't bend properly.

It was the result of an incident when one of the Hives was defending himself against the combined onslaught of dmh and a fire extinguisher. He chucked a chair in the general Ash direction and it hit Rick's hand.

Didn't stop Rick from performing though.

I think it's the curse of Reading. If you remember, last time he ended up having to play with cracked ribs!" (2002 after the Bus crash)

26th August 2004 - XFM Chaz

Charlotte in session playing Summer, Bastardo and Kim Wilde.

25th August 2004 - Grey Will Fade # 51 and Kerrang Awards.

Forgot about this till today, Charlotte's solo album 'Grey Will Fade' got to number 51 in the UK album charts on sunday. What Charlotte said: "The album went in at number 51, not too shabby. I think the album's gonna be a creeper, gonna slime it's way up the charts into the top 40 like a sneaky snail."

And I think ash are going to the Kerrang awards tonight... They are up for two awards: Best British Band (along with the Darkness and Muse) and Best Single (Orpheus).

24th August 2004 - Orpheus used in Game.

Meltdown track Orpheus is being used on the soundtrack for new Electronic Arts game 'Burnout 3: Takedown'.

23rd August 2004 - Tour / Next Single / The U.S.

Ash are supporting The Darkness on their Nov/Dec UK Arena tour, dates:

Nottingham Arena (November 24)
Glasgow SECC Arena (26)
Newcastle Metro Radio Arena (29)
Manchester MEN Arena (December 1)
Sheffield Hallam FM Arena (4)
Cardiff Arena (6)
Birmingham NEC Arena (7)
London Wembley Arena (10)

Tickets go on sale tomorrow to The Darkness mailing list members and on general sale on Wednesday.

Also it has been confirmed that ash's next single will be Renegade Cavalcade, and it will be released on Monday 18th October, on CD, DVD and 7".

Also ash are currently sorting out a new record deal in the US, as Kinetic went bankrupt in March, and plan to head back there for more touring early next year.

So as ash are playing mainland europe dates in oct/nov, then supporting the darkness nov/dec, hopefully there'll be an ash UK and Ireland tour proper dec/jan/feb, before they head back to the U.S. promoting Meltdown as Tim said they would in 'early 2005'.

20th August 2004 - Oxfam Album

Ash have donated a track to Oxfam's download album in aid of the crisis in Sudan. The album, called 'Songs For Sudan' which will only be available from will be released on Tuesday 31st August and will feature the Ash track 'Starcrossed' (unplugged for FM4 in Vienna).

18th August 2004 - European Tour Dates

Dates for Ash's tour across main land Europe in October and November 2004 are here.

16th August 2004 - Grey Will Fade and Summer

Charlotte's solo album 'Grey Will Fade' is released today on Double Dragon Music and is available on CD and 12" vinyl.

Charlotte's first 'proper' single 'Summer' yesterday reached number 31 in the UK singles charts, which is really great.

13th August 2004 - Charlotte Interview

On the Xfm site.

"Its inspired by the Beach Boys song 'In My Room', and its about a bedroom being a place of solace and recovery after a break-up before coming out feeling much better in the summertime."

12th August 2004 - Summer Video

Check Out The Xfm Online Video Jukebox where Charlotte struts her solo stuff in the video for 'Summer'.

10th August 2004 - Stay In Love Forever

Here is the tab for, Candy b-side and Cosmic Debri, Stay In Love Forever. Thanks to Freddie Li.

9th August 2004 - Summer

Charlotte's single 'Summer' is released today. Available as CD-digipak and signed limited edition 7". Both formats also include the previously unreleased tracks 'Commodore' and 'S.M.U.T' (£1.99 CD or Vinyl).

Also I forget to add this ages ago; 30 shiny new Ash photos all taken by me at the Oxegen festival in Naas, Co Kildare, on the 11th July. Taken by James Goulden located at These are very good quality photos and are available to purchase as high quality prints.

5th August 2004 - Chaz and xfm news

You might not be able to get Charlotte's first 'proper' solo single Summer in all high street stores because the release has been put back to August 9th.

Starcrossed dropped to number 37 in the Uk singles chart over the weekend, if you still havent seen the video (go buy the DVD single) or watch at xfm's video jukebox. You can also go to the xfm site to bid in Lauren Laverne's and Xfm's Charity Auction featuring Ash.

29th July 2004 - At the stars we're screaming

It looks like as rumoured several months back, Renegade Calvacade will be the 3rd 'proper' release off Meltdown and the follow up to Starcrossed. And likely to be out the start of October, it had been thought that plans had changed and Evil Eye had been given the go ahead, but this appears not be the case.

28th July 2004 - Downpatrick gig on BBC and Chaz Tracks

There is an hour long ASH concert on BBC 1 Northern Ireland next Wed, 4th August 2004, at 11.35pm. It’s their hometown gig in Downpatrick, in April, almost 10 years to the day they got signed in the same venue.

If you live in England, Scotland or Wales you can access this on Sky Digital Channel 943 (BBC Northern Ireland). it is called ATL TV - ASH IN CONCERT.

You can listen to tracks 'Kim Wilde', 'Paragon', 'Summer', 'Bastardo' and 'Grey Will Fade', off of Charlotte's forthcoming solo album entitled Grey Will Fade, set for release on 16th August, at More charlotte news.

27th July 2004 - #22

...Looking back, is that our dream was fated from the start...

Starcrossed only got to number 22 in the UK singles chart, which is their lowest singles chart position since Wild Surf in 1998 (1999's numbskull was a 6 track EP and limited edition and so wasn't chartable). Which is pretty disappointing, though have to see whether it's sold may Meltdowns, which is the mission.

But on a plus here's the link to Chad's ash equipment page

23rd July 2004 - Starcrossed

Has risen to number 16 in the charts and ash will be on totps tonight. The performance was pre-recorded in Syndey a few days ago.

21st July 2004 - Midweek singles chart

Starcrossed is at number 18. not great.

19th July 2004 - Starcrossed Released Today

Starcrossed, the second 'proper' single to be taken from Meltdown, is released today on CD (2 track £1.99), DVD (£2.99) and 7" (99p).

16th July 2004 - Further Meltdown singles

Rumour has it has Ash will be relasing Evil Eye as a single at the start of October, so as it has been early rumoured that RC is going to be a single after Starcrossed, it seems like it'll be out the end of August, maybe after their performance at Reading/Leeds, like Envy in 2002. Though at the same time there Evil Eye maybe the 3rd proper single (FAA Sometimes - July, Candy - October.... MD Starcrossed - July, EE - October) and to be honest this seems more likely.

Sadly this all points to the fact that Vampire Love won't be a single.

15th July 2004 - Charlotte Solo

An update to the Charlotte Solo section with news about 'Summer' and 'Grey Will Fade'.

You can watch Charlotte's first solo video 'Summer' at

14th July 2004 - T in the Park

Yep Ash played T in the Park on Saturday (10th July), i asked to keep this secret as it was meant to be a surprise, but in the end it was on the T site, so kinda leaked. Anyway they were quality as per usual, the set was (can't quite remember the order):

Meltdown, GFM, Detonator, ALLO, Evil Eye, Clones, Crowd singing Happy Bday for Rick (29 - July 11th), Walking Barefoot, Oh Yeah, Shining Light, Starcrossed, RC, Kung Fu, Orpheus, BBB.

The surprise guest with Ash at Oxygen over the weekend was from Thin Lizzy's Brian Robertson, for the cover of The Boys Are Back In Town.

Oh and hi to Nicola Cunningham, who was apparently looking for me in the T ash crowd, hope you had a good one.

8th July 2004 - More Meltdown tabs

Loads more tabs for Meltdown tracks, big thanks to Mike Laverick for another outstanding display and Stu Bunce, as well as to Ric and Scottbut from the ash board.

5th July 2004 - CD:UK and new chords

Ash will be performing Starcrossed on CD:UK next Saturday.

Meltdown chords thanks a lot to Matthew Lee and Candy chords thanks a lot to Jason Driver.

17th June 2004 - Old Skool

Here is a copy of what is said to be the first ever Ash interview outside of Ireland. Well its of Mark and Tim who were doing their A levels at the time, Rick stayed at home coz he 'couldnt get time of uni' or something (he'd started his first year at Belfast), which for a first year is rubbish.

8th June 2004 - Orpheus and Evil Eye Chords

Correction to the Orpheus Chords thanks to Enrico Tancredi and Tom Stead and here are the Evil Eye Chords.

7th June 2004 - World Exclusive News

This is all exclusive news which Mark told me backstage at the Manchester gig on saturday...


This is completely exclusive: There will be a very special guest appearance on stage with ash when they play the oxygen festival this summer. Mark was very excited about this...


The b-sides for Starcross'd will be 'Cool It Down' and 'Solace'. There have been two verisons of Solace recorded, this b-side version and another which is being held back and maybe used on a future soundtrack.

Starcross'd will be released on CD, 7 inch vinyl and DVD. The DVD will have the video on, another ash video and maybe something else very special on, which will a world first... Star Wars related...

Both Starcross'd and Orpheus are currently on the radio 1 'A' list and the video is on all the channels like MTV2.


Ash will probably be releasing two further singles off Meltdown after Starcross'd, the third is likely to be Renegade Cavalcade, with the fourth maybe being Evil Eye, though there are thoughts towards Vampire Love now, as its proving to be very popular and a very cool video could be made.

...Follow up to Meltdown...

When a follow up album to Meltdown is recorded all depends upon the success of the album when it is released in the states.

If the album is a hit, then ash will tour the album for probably the best part of a year, i think was said, if not, the band will go straight back into the studio.


Mark said Slashed won't see the light of day until 2006, "which isn't that far away", this may have been jokinly. but they need to go back to America to finish some scenes, or they could be done in animation Kill Bill style.

When Slashed is finally slashed, we could also see the appearance of 'Teenage Wildlife' and the dvd of all the ash videos...

That is all for now.

Also Charlotte's solo single Kim Wilde is available for free download today from and

26th May 2004 - Later

Watch Later with Jools Holland this friday, i think at 11:35, to see Ash's performance of Orpheus, Starcross'd and RC.

24th May 2004 - Meltdown number 5!

What Mark said:

"Cheers to everyone who's already bought it. This is a good start to a long campaign. Internationally we're Number 7 in Japan which is great. 6 in Ireland. It comes out in Germany this week so fingers crossed."

Also Tav on the re-scheduling of the Leeds gig:

"As many of you may have heard, The Leeds show has had to be moved to June 15th. This is because of a last minute request from the tv show 'Later' for the band to perform 'Starcrossed', 'Orpheus' and 'Renegade Cavalcade'.

All tickets are valid for the re-scheduled show. Later broadcasts on BBC2, Friday nights at 11.35pm"

Looks like RC might be the 3rd single....

21st May 2004 - Today

Meltdown is currently number 5 in the albums chart, and ash will be doing a signing in Virgin megastore in Liverpool at 5pm today, which I'll be attending...

You can still book tickets for ash's Meltdown tour in May here.

19th May 2004 - Meltdown No.4 in Tuesday chart

Mark on Meltdown sales:

"4 is good, we sold 38,000 to get number one with FAA, last week Keane sold 162,000 and Streets over 80,000. The Moz is going balastic, so we never expected to be able to compete.

Meltdown will have a long campaign still to come. Starcrossed is one of the aces up our sleeve and album's can and do go up / re-enter high up the chart. We'll be well happy with Top 5."

17th May 2004 - MELTDOWN

Meltdown is released today! Here are the release details.

News from Mark on the release of Meltdown and the forth-coming Starcross'd video, in the news section.

And finally, news about Charlotte's first solo release 'Kim Wilde' which'll be available from 7th June.

Also Orpheus dropped to number 30 in the charts yesterday, which doesnt really matter as Ash always get most of their sales in the first week anyway.

17th May 2004

....Starcross'd video...

"Got back from Romania, the video's definately our most epic / grand yet. Strongly inspired by Romeo & Juliet, thousands of candles, blue neon crosses, real actors and shot widescreen. Should look very cinematic

November Rain

(Tav has a cameo, though he's storming around demanding his own trailer now...)"

... Rising from the Flames...

"Big week for album's, we're up against new releases from; The Moz, Gabrielle, The Charlatans, Alanis, and Huge sellers from last week by The Streets and Keane. What ever happens it's great to finally have the album in the public domain and we can't wait to get the tour go the road next week. We're still set to release 'Meltdown' in the States, hopefully by the Fall, Tav is in the process of contract discussions, more news when it's official.

Hopefully see alot of you's on over the week on the instore signings. See news on the site for details.

Fuck, it's weird seeing it on the shelves after a few years in the making....


... Meltdown Artwork...

"there are some hidden things in the artwork

can you find the demon dog head ?

can you find the Rabbit ?

Also No-one has nailed the 'evil eye' reversed audio (some are on the right tracks but no cigar as yet ), it has quite a profound message.

"she's giving me the evil eye sucks satan's cock"

Also we're gonna run a poll soon to see what the second video will be on the Starcrossed DVD, so lets get a short list going."

12th May 2004 - Starcross'd

Ash yesterday evening went to Romania to shoot the Starcrossed video.

11th May 2004

News from Mark - Meltdown and Orpheus.

....Revolution We're the Solution....

"here's the press release;

ASH to play exclusive free show to launch MELTDOWN at the Virgin Megastore Oxford St on Sunday 16th May .

This is a ticket only show and tickets are available to personal callers only to the store from this Wednesday ( 12th) at 9.00a.m . N.B No more than one pair per person . The band will be onstage at 11.00 p.m ( doors at 10.30 ) and the performance will be followed by a midnight signing session where you can become the first people in the land to get your hands on Meltdown ! "

...Heading for the open road....

"13 isn't bad considering the albums out Monday, Highest Chart since Burn Baby Burn (also 13). We're doing a midnight free show on Oxford Street on Sunday Night for the album release, check the site tomorrow for details and we'll also be signing up and down the country week of release more details on this tomorrow aswell."

It is rumoured to be released around july 12th.

11th May 2004 - Mark on Orpheus and Meltdown Release

Mark on how Orpheus did and the press release on their Oxford street Virgin megastore Meltdown release in the news section.

10th May 2004 - Orpheus - 13

Orpheus reached no. 13 in the UK single charts, not bad considering it no. 12 in the mid-weeks and traditionally the pop buyers come out at the weekend. and that the likes of FAA singles made top 20 with 2 cds and dvd.

7th May 2004 - Hotpress

Ash are in the current issue of Irish music magazine Hotpress.

6th May 2004 - T in the Park?

Ash appearing at T in the Park is still as of yet unconfirmed, news from Tav.

6th May 2004

News from Tav on ash appearing at T in the Park...

"Thought i'd better say something about this as our silence is deafening everyone.

T still isn't confirmed i'm afraid. This is why we haven't appeared on any of the ad's as yet. Mark's enthusiasm was a little bit premature.

Negotiations are ongoing as we speak.

Sorry i can't say much more than that, but i'll let you know as soon as i know.


5th May 2004 - Starcross'd

Starcross'd chords thanks to Enrico Tancredi.

To download an official live version of Starcross'd, click on the logo above or to the left. Top tune, gonna be a classic.

4th May 2004 - Sunshine in the Morning!

Orpheus out now, released on cd, 7" and dvd.

And the Warner Meltdown ecard, where it was possible to listen to the album appears to have been taken down, it may return...... dunno.

29th April 2004 - Listen to Meltdown

Unfortunatley it is no longer possible to hear the new ash album MELTDOWN on the official Warner Music website. The album is released in the UK on May 17th, see here for the release details.

Don't forget Orpheus is released on monday! Sunshine in the morning.

21st April 2004 - News from Xfm

Tim talking about ash's meeting with George Lucas here and a little bit from nme to.

Tim on the Orpheus video.

17th April 2004 - Orpheus Chords

Orpheus Chords thanks to Enrico Tancredi.

15th April 2004 - Reminders...

Tonight Rick and Tim will be in the XFM studio's for interviews and playback of the entire 'Meltdown' album, be aired 11th May.

Orpheus being performed on CD:UK this saturday and the video for orpheus is a selection option on music channels MTV2, Kerrang etc....

Also Orpheus has been added to the radio 1 playlist!

14th April 2004 - Lots of News from Mark

So much I've split it all down...

14th April 2004

Other News from Mark...

...Emo-tional reunion...

Ash are pleased to return the favour and announce that 'Saves the Day' will be our special guests on the upcoming UK tour. We are also happy to have 'The Crimea' confirmed to open the shows.

...Abandon Ship...

Kinetic Records unfortunately folded on Friday 26th March. We'd like to say a big thank you to Steve Lau who showed great faith in us helped us establish a solid underground fanbase. Tav is currently in negotiations with interested parties and we are still hoping for a US release later this year.

...Ewok Encounter...

Ash have an unpresidented meeting at Skywalker ranch scheduled with George Lucas, happening straight after the Coachella festival this to discuss top secret but exciting stuff! We are bound by contract to keep quiet but as soon as we can tell you, you'll hear it here first.

2nd April 2004 - Radio 1 - Orpheus and One Big Weekend

Orpheus has been placed on the B-list on radio 1, meaning that it should get plenty of air-play.

Ash are also headlining Radio 1's one big weekend.

29th March 2004 - Reading/Leeds

Ash have confirmed for Reading and Leeds, with The Darkness, White Stripes and Green Day headlining. (Ash playing Reading on fri, before The Offspring and The Darkness).

26th March 2004 - Meltdown album artwork /Chaz solo

The Meltdown album artwork is the top lefthand pic. (the album might have be delayed till May 24th.)

News on Charlotte's solo album from

24th March 2004 - Film soundtracks

HONEYMOONERS - Exclusive Ash tracks feature in new indie romantic comedy The Honeymooners. Watch the trailer at The film will be released in Ireland on March 26th and UK on April 30th. The tracks used are rumoured to be b-sides 'No Place To Hide' and 'Stay In Love Forever'.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD - New single Orpheus is also in this new British zombie flick, as previously reported.

19th March 2004 - Wont Be Saved

Won't Be Saved Lyrics

18th March 2004 - The Boys Are back In Town

Ash cover the Thin Lizzy classic at xfm's paddy's day gig last night, the xfm review.

16th March 2004 - Meltdown and Charlotte's Solo Album

Meltdown is set to have a limited edition double album release, with the second cd being a live version of the album... i think recorded on the recent mini tour.

Charlotte's solo album is currently set for release in August and well be called 'Grey Will Fade', the track which was an originally a Chaz penned ash b-side to There's A Star has been re-recorded for the album.

And finally I have added some more bass tabs to the....... Bass Tabs Section enjoy.

15th March 2004 - XFM exclusive and Star-Crossed Tab

big news for Ash and Coldplay fans, please link to XFM online for the full story... Details here

Heres the tab for new classic Star-Crossed thanks to Mike Laverick.

8th March 2004 - Extra tour date added

27th May '04 Liverpool @ University Academy

5th March 2004 - Clones No.1 / Meltdown Lyrics

Clones has gone to number in the download singles chart, here are Marks comments and thanks.

Here are the lyrics for the title track for the new album Meltdown

5th March 2004

Marks thanks and comments...

OK, so firstly a big thanks to everyone who actually bought the 'Clones' download. I know there were a few tech difficulties initially but hopefully they were all sorted out. The official download chart is at present still an industry only indicator and is still somewhat secret. but as we're number one we thought we'd better thank you guys for putting us there and let you all know it's been a success. In the future it will become released to the public and will contribute to the official singles chart. was also just told any aussies who thought they couldn't get the download can do by just saying they are located from the UK in the purchase menu and using their credit card details as usual.

So Nice one, and with the video being hammered on the digital channels it's been a great re-introduction and things are setting up nicely for Orpheus.

3rd March 2004 - Ash Interview / Preston / Main Tour

Having heard the whole of new album rocked out at the Preston leg of the mini tour last Friday, I can confirm it is amazing! And heres's an Interview from gigwise, which was done by Shifty Ryder at the gig.

Ash have also confirmed dates for their main album tour, dates can viewed and tickets purchased here - click on the ash logo.

25th February 2004 - Ash Wednesday

The new download single Clones is available from ashtabs thanks to Warner Music Click here

Also Ophreus is going to be the first single, out at the end of April, followed by the album, followed by rumour has it Star-Crossed!

20th February 2004

Interview with Rick from Kerrang

ash - taking on the UK, and dave grohl to boot...

ash are going back to there roots this week with a tiny club tour, and tickets will be like gold dust.

drummer rick mcmurray is confident though, that the band's usual array of stalkers will be there for them once more...

qu: you've chosen an interesting route back into the limelight...

rm: "yeah, we're going back to the bars, playing a load of small venues. we're itching to get back on the road."

do you have any surprises in store?

"we're going to play our albums back to back. its exhausting, but back in the states theyve got gigging down to an art, coz they spend so much time on the road. thats rubbed off on us. they seem to like us over there.

no unpleasant experiences to speak of?

"we had a stalker turn up at the studio at the crack of dawn. we asked her what she was doing, and she was like 'im here to stalk you' then she kept turning up for about 6 months just to say 'hi'. then we didnt see her for a while. weve had some japanse fans who'd turn up at random shows in US and euro, but they're really honest and sweet about it. i figure if they dont turn up with a big iron pot to boil your bits in then u cant argue with it."

who would u stalk?

"most of the people id stalk are dead, like john bonham. im not sure id want to go beyond the grave for advice, and short of that theres not much point."

too easy a target?

"yeah no trill of the hunt."

do you suffer from stage-fright? "when we first started, but these days not as much. you get more worried about playing a good show than just getting up onstage." does imagining the crowd naked work? "the real question is if youd like to see them naked. what if theyre all a bunch of builders?"

what was touring the states like?

"hanging out with dave grohl and the foos was pretty amazing. dave was in the studio with us, so that was a high point."

is it true what he wears dentures?

"yeah big donkey dentures. appartently he doesnt like being asked about it, so we try to keep it quiet, but its hard not to stare when he takes them out for a polish."

could he drink you under the table?

"yeah coz he drinks coors light most of the time. the rest of the foos are pretty tame but dave likes his parties."

would ash defeat the foos in a mud-wrestling match?

"theyre a pretty health conscious group, so theyd probably have an advantage. but with us being irish we're a little crazier, itd probably be a gentleman's draw"

17th February 2004

Mark on Clones, the new site and the return.....

"So we shot a video 2 weeks ago for Clones and we just got the finished edit. It's a raw, gritty, dark and a full on preformance vid. My favorite so far and I'm not just saying that, deffo the coolest yet. All the digital channels are being serviced this week so look out for it over the following week. As soon as we know request numbers we'll post them here and on the news page. Talking about the new site, it will relaunch on the Ash Wednesday / Clones 'release' date Feb 25th, hopefully Gremlin free! The new site will be a 'soft' launch and will grow and expand over the following months. Also we want all your reviews/pics from the upcoming tour, you'll be able to submit them and they'll be archived along with everyone elses. Also we got a load of euro shows coming up straight after the UK dates, details TBC. Along with other 'one off' shows during the build up to the first 'real' single which is still too early to announce. For all those in the US who don't already know Coachella is confirmed too! (Pixes!!!!) The 'special' B-side was recorded last week, and I managed to escape the recording as i was due a holiday. Tahoe was beautiful.... Tim took care of the bass, cheers kerouac

We're all in rehearsal at the moment, getting ready to kick this campaign off this weekend.

Here's to the next 2 years........"

16th February 2004

There's going to be a competition on to win a pair of tickets to each of the regional Ash shows

Clones will be released as a download only single on 25th February. It will be £1(credit card)/£1.50 (SMS) and will come with downloadable artwork, plus the chance to watch the exclusive Clones video. It will be available from, but unfortunately will only be available to PC users due to the current limitations of Apple DRM. You can burn it to CD three times and transfer it to compatible portable devices.

10th February 2004 - Clones

Here are the lyrics. and now THE TAB thanks to Steve Patrick.

30th January 2004 - Official Tracklisting for Meltdown

  1. Meltdown
  2. Orpheus
  3. Evil Eye
  4. Clones
  5. Star-crossed
  6. Out Of The Blue
  7. Renegade Cavalcade
  8. Detonator
  9. On A Wave
  10. Won't Be Saved
  11. Vampire Love

30th January 2004

Mark on the new logo...

"YES YES, this is indeed the new Ash Logo, It was designed by the same artist (Rori Keating an irish guy now living in San Diego) who did Tim and Tav's Tats, he is also coming up with great stuff for the covers. When you see what the artwork is looking like you'll see how it all fits in. Change as always will be positive to some / negative to others. But hopefully in time you'll all grow to appreciate it.

(It's more Kill Bill / Celtic than Nu-Metal!)"

29th January 2004

What Tim said to XFM, from nme... (the album tracklisting is wrong, as its 'I won't be saved', solace is for a film soundtrack and pretty sure 'Argument', 'Cool It down' and 'Go to Hell' though recorded arent on the album, but hey...)

"ASH ’s new album will be called ‘MELTDOWN’ and will be preceded by a single next month.

Due out this spring, the band’s fourth full-length album is said to be they’re heaviest yet, and to prove it they’re putting out new track ‘Clones’ as a download single next month.

Tim told XFM: "It’s the heaviest thing we’ve ever done. It’s kinda shock tactics y’know? It’s really in your face."

As previously reported, tracks slated for the album, which was mastered this week, include ‘Go To Hell’, ‘Renegade Cavalcade’, ‘Orpheus’, ‘I Wouldn’t Be Saved’, ‘Evil Eye’, ‘On A Wave’, ‘Cool It Down’, ‘Argument’ and ‘Solace’, as well as ‘Meltdown’ itself.

Wheeler continued: "The album is called ‘Meltdown’. Why? Cos it’s a meltdown. A full-on rock monster. A real face-melter. It’ll tear your face off.""

28th January 2004

News from Mark on the new album.........

So the album is called 'MELTDOWN'

because it's a molten, riff filled, rocking album.

Clones will be a download single released soon, date TBC.

The site is currently being re-designed and will be 'soft' launched on the date of the Clones release, over the following months until the album's release the site will gradually expand to become massive in content. At some point this site will 'die' for a few days during the pass over.

On the mini-tour we'll be playing the whole of MELTDOWN

A full tour will happen after the album

MELTDOWN will be 11 tracks and was finally mastered today

Clones has not been on any radio station yet

We'll be shooting a video for Clones in the next week. It is going to look great.

We'll be recording a 'special' song, with a 'special' collaboration for a 'special' project next week

We're gonna be very busy bees this year so get ready.....

The Phoenix is stirring

26th January 2004 - Ash playing low key gigs in Feb!

22nd January 2004 - Ash track used in new Zombie movie

Ophreus will be used on the soundtrack for new Zombie movie 'Sean Of The Dead'. Offical ash news

Also new track Clones will be available for download from from 'ash wednesday' which I think is 25th Feb.

13th January 2004 - Rolling Stone Article

Article from Rolling Stone about the new album here.

18th December 2003 - New Album Finished!

The new album is finished, mixed and all!

15th December 2003 - Mixing update

Mixing update from Mark (from 12th Dec) here.

15th December 2003

News on Mixing from Mark (from fri 12th)

Yesterday we finished starcrossed which sounds great, 7 out of the 12 are now finished:

Meltdown, Evil Eye, Detonator, On a wave, Out of the Blue, Renegade Cavalcade, Star Crossed

today were on Vampire Love. We took out the mixes and played them to an unknowing public last night @ Red Rock on Sunset strip got a great response from people with loads of dancing and rockin out. (in the bar!) Me and Tav went snowboarding last weekend at Mammoth and it was amazing, Tim went to Vegas and Rick is Playing drums on a track featuring old swervedriver people. Also Bee Lee has been hanging out and Chris M took us out and bought us Milkshakes.......

5th December 2003 - New song rumours

A new single could be out jan/feb time with another 1 or 2 before the album release date, set for late april probably. Evil Eye is rumoured to be the comeback single as its catchy as fuck and Renegade Cavalcade and Star-Crossed are also favourites to be released before the album, which Ash are currently back in NY mixing. Star-Crossed is also said to be the 'best song ash have ever written'. And Slashed is on its way.

20th November 2003 - Album Release

Tim reckons the new album should be out april next year and Charlottes staying behind in LA to finish her solo album, which also should be out next year.

14th November 2003 - Orpheus

Some helpful hints on how to play Orpheus from Tim... Orpheus.

11th November 2003 - Orpheus Video

You can watch a MTV video for the new song Orpheus here. Mark said "it is only the demo, MTV wanted something quick and we didn't want to give them unfinished album cuts."

9th November 2003 - News on album

Update in Tim's Studio Diary and update to Renegade Cavalcade lyrics.

7th November 2003 - Album update from Tim

Tim: "today i finished 'star-crossed' and am about to sing another sweet ballad called 'solace'." For more go here, when Tim adds more to his studio diary on the ash board I'll also add them.

Heres the Lyrics to Star-Crossed and other new songs Renegade Cavalcade, Evil Eye, Orpheus and Singapore Song.

20th October 2003

Posted on the official message board on fri 17th:

things are coming along nicely, marks fallen through the roof of julia roberts' garage and the beverly hills cops have been round twice but they didn't bring eddie murphy.charlotte's made a solo record and rick has been working the strip with divine brown (but that's ok, he's just done the best drumming of his career) the record is sounding killer! i'm gonna start the vocals next week, it's starting to take shape. we're recording 15 songs and will probably pick the best 12 out of those. we've taken a bunch of photos in the studio, hopefully we'll get em stuck up on the site sooooooooon.

unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be touring before the end of the year, cos we're gonna be mixing in december with rich costey who mixed audioslave and jed's favourite band m**e (album of the year i.m.o). it's a fucker cos i can't wait to play all these new songs live, but it'll be worth the wait....

last but not least it's tav's birthday today!

17th October 2003

Interview with Tim

ASH have decamped to LOS ANGELES to record the follow up to 2001s ’FREE ALL ANGELS’.

The band are living in Julia Roberts’ old Beverly Hills home, making them neighbors with Doors’ keyboardist Ray Manzarek while they record the effort.

Speaking before his solo gig at LA venue Spaceland last weekend, frontman Tim Wheeler told NME.COM, the band chose to go to Southern California in order to work at Sound City studios with producer Nick Raskulinecz.

He said: "I met Andy Gill [Gang of Four] in a studio in London. He just did the Killing Joke album, which Dave Grohl plays drums on. He said he got the best drum sound he’s ever heard using this engineer called Nick Raskulinecz. He said, ‘You should check this guy out,’ and so we kind of went from there."

Raskulinecz previously produced the Foo Fighters’ ’One By One’. He also served as Mixer for Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Songs For The Deaf’. Ash hope he will be able to help them as they move in a harder musical direction.

"It definitely sounds like a move on," Wheeler said of the new material. "Everything sounds louder. We grew up on heavy metal stuff before Nirvana and ever since we never wanted it to be too rock, but [now] the whole rock thing is coming out of us more."

Some of the tracks being primed for the as yet untitled April 2004 release include ‘Orpheus’, ‘Meltdown’, ‘Evil Eye’, ‘Solace’ and ‘Renegade Cavalcade’ which should appear next March as the first single. Also expected to make the cut are new ones ‘Star Crossed’, ‘Won’t be Saved’ and ‘Clones’ which has nothing to do with the band’s well documented Star Wars obsession.

"It’s more about how homogenized mankind has become. People don’t really stand out," Wheeler said. "It’s a rant about some person who’s let you down, a person you thought was different and they turn out to be the same as everyone else."

Despite the amount of famous musicians within close proximity of the studio, Ash expect to finish up the release and leave LA in November without having brought anyone into the recording fold.

"Dave Grohl has been down the studio a few times, but it’s the kind of thing where it’s almost become uncool to have Dave Grohl on your record cos he’s on everyone’s record," Wheeler said. "There’s a whole bunch of people we could have called, but we just want to get our band’s sound on record. I think we’re playing the best we ever played and we just want to get that sound down. We don’t really want any extra help."

10th October 2003 - Submission tab and acoustic gig

Submission tab thanks to Mike Laverick. And Tim is taking a short break from recording and playing an acoustic gig with Matt Sharp (ex weezer) this sunday in california.

2nd October 2003 - Latest on album

Mark: "The first song on the album is more than likely gonna be called Meltdown. It is rockin. Dave Grohl was in the studio today and said it sounded 'fucking amazing'."

1st October 2003 - News on album from Mark

"Rick has finished all the drums for the album. 15 songs are being recorded. we'll probally choose 12/13 of these for the final CD. Rick has a new cloak, Tim also has a massive new tattoo." (of a black phoneix from his right shoulder down to his elbow)

26th September 2003

Charlotte's solo album


Six years after being plucked from the bosom of little-known London band Nightnurse to strum and dance barefoot with Ash, the one that the fans call Chaz has made an (as-yet-untitled) solo album of startlingly epic guitar-scrapes and the catchiest off-kilter harmony-pop since Kenickie exploded in a shower of glitter and gin.

“One of the songs, ‘Grey Will Fade’ was a B-side for Ash,” explains Charlotte Hatherley. “I ended up in the studio recording that all on my own. Rick [McMurray of Ash] played the drums, but I did everything else. That just set the tone. I thought ‘Fuck it, I’m just gonna do it on my own, I’m not gonna wait around’.”

The album has been produced by Eric Drew Feldman, a onetime member of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band who has worked with dEus and Frank Black and plays with PJ Harvey. “Rob [Ellis] did the drums in two days and I spent the rest of the two weeks doing everything. I fucking loved it. I’m a bit weird when it comes to collaborating with people. I find I can only really come up with good ideas when I’m working on my own. I feel free to do whatever I want whereas, with Ash, Tim [Wheeler, Ash’s mainman] has always got these great ideas for guitar stuff because they’re his songs.”

“I’d just had my own songs for fucking ages and I thought ‘If I don’t put them out now I’m never gonna do it’. So I just got off my arse and made time and got it done. It takes me a long time to finish each song, though. Last year I had five that I’d already written years ago and I thought ‘This isn’t good, I need to write more’, and I wrote loads of new stuff. Then I realised it had taken me six years to write 15 songs, which isn’t good either. I needed to sit down and really go for it. I was worrying that I was turning 24.”

Ah, it’s a 24 thing.

“I wanted to get it out before I turned 24, and then when I didn’t I was like ‘Oh fuck!’. I wasn’t very happy about it. There’s so much I’d like to do musically, aside from being the guitarist in Ash. I was panicking.”

And the band is fine with it? “Cool, really cool. Tim and Rick have heard it. It’s not awkward or anything. It’ll be sweet.”

Ash fans can breathe easy. The 12 songs that make up Charlotte’s as yet unnamed album still inhabit a similar world to Wheeler’s, but draw from a larger musical palette. More complex at times, stranger yet poppier. Dare we even suggest... better? Charlotte squirms and ignores the compliment.

“My pointers for the album were XTC, The B-52’s and David Bowie. ‘Where I’m Calling From’ is probably the first song I wrote. There are instrumental sections I wanted to be quite Eno-esque. It’s quite a Bowie/Eno kind of thing. ‘Stop’ is a disjointed guitar thing, initially sounding like an instrumental from Low, but now it sounds like XTC. ‘Paragon’ is really kind of crazy, B-52’s, stupid-pop. ‘Bastardo’, one of the newer songs, I was really proud of that. I’d been listening to a lot of Pretenders. That’s my first proper punky song. It’s got a novelty thing about it but...”

‘Bastardo’ tells the tale of our heroine’s holiday romance with a handsome Lothario in which she wakes up to discover he’s stolen her precious Gibson SG, Both that the self-explanatory Elastica-ness of ‘Summer’ sound like potential radio roadshow hits, though this isn’t something Charlotte appears comfortable with.

“It’s definitely not my intention. It wasn’t what I was thinking when I wrote it. It would be weird actually. I don’t really have any desire to go on Top of the Pops and play ‘Bastardo’.”

So the perpetually sunny world of pop isn’t for her? “I’m not anti-pop. I watch CD:UK, still buy Smash Hits occasionally, dance to S Club down the disco...”

This is, most definitely, a guitar album, ranging from the one-string speed solos of her Ash work to symphonies of layered e-bow effects. There is a recognisable, distinctive Hatherley guitar style.

“That’s good! I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t really have any guitar heroes. A lot of it comes from David Bowie because he used so many amazing guitarists.” Large pictures in Charlotte’s living room of Bowie in Labyrinth and Heathen haircuts jostle for mantelpiece space among the zombie memorabilia belonging to her film-director boyfriend Edgar Wright [of Spaced fame].

“Maybe it’s not really knowing what I’m doing. I started off practicing my scales and I was really good at the maths behind guitar playing. It’s something that I don’t really understand. You get much more interesting stuff out of it. I don’t know where my thing comes from. Though it’s nice when other people point it out.”

Following in Ash’s footsteps may be a huge undertaking, but Charlotte’s not expecting to take over the world; she’s just happy to be making her own musical mark on it. “I’m very critical of everything I do so I find it hard to say ‘Oh yeah, it’s fucking great. Go and get it’. It would be really fucking cool if people love this record. But I haven’t quite got my head round the whole thing.

“One of the best things about playing with Ash,” she continues, “is having girls coming up to me and saying ‘I play guitar because of you’. I get a lot more out of that than reading a good review.”

But in order for people to do that, it really is going to have to be a Charlotte Hatherley record. People are going to need to put a face and a name to these songs, aren’t they?

“I like the faceless aspect of recording,” Charlotte counters. “And initially, I was gonna put it out under a project name. I changed my mind about that because I play everything, bar the drums, and I’ve written everything. I think it would be selling it short if I put it behind another name. So I’m just gonna put it out there as me.

“The whole Ash thing was just luck. I fell into that. But I’ve been doing music ever since and I love it. Without wanting to sound too cheesy, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else....”

- Timothy Chipping, Bang, October 2003

From NME, ash to play Barfly gigs...

TRAVIS, ASH and THE POLYPHONIC SPREE are amongst the acts confirmed to be playing a series of intimate 'BACK TO THE BARS' gigs to raise money for the SHELTER and WAR CHILD charities.

Passport: Back To The Barsis a series of six nights of shows at Barfly venues across the UK taking place from March 1 to 6 next year. Each gig will feature some of the biggest names in music playing 200-500 capacity shows in Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and York, XFM reports.

Britain's biggest DJs will also be playing sets prior to each gig and also at each aftershow party.

People wishing to go to the gigs pay £2 to send a text or make a phone call to enter a 'draw' to win a pair of 'passports' to that artist's show. Also five pairs of the passes for each show will be retained and auctioned online to the highest bidder over a two-month period.

The draw and auction will raise money for the events two main charity beneficiaries War Child and Shelter.

The artists booked so far are Travis, Badly Drawn Boy, David Gray, Elbow, Ash, The Polyphonic Spree, Gabrielle and Big Brovaz.

More acts are expected to be confirmed over the next few months, and details of the exact venues and line ups will be announced closer to the event.

4th Septemeber 2003 - Site updates

Just re-done the layout of the tabs section, i think it looks pretty smart now.

and updated the albums section, though a little late as ISS was out this time last year and FAA was out two years ago, i'd just never bothered to upload album covers till today.

26th September 2003 - Charlotte's solo album and Ash Barfly gigs

News on Charlotte's solo album from Bang - thanks to guy from the ash board who typed it up - sounds like its gonna be quality and its rumoured it has a december release date. And news of ash gigs for charity at the barflys.

3rd September 2003 - Demoed Tracks

News from Mark on 9 new demoed songs here, on a new page dedicated to descriptions of the new songs, including those new ones from April.

New songs demoed so far include (working titles): Go to Hell, Renegade Cavalcade, Clones, Orpheus, I won't be saved, Evil Eye, On a wave, Cool it Down, Arguement, Solace, Detonator, Meltdown, Vampire Love, Star-crossed, Out of the Blue, Wipeout, Singapore Song (re-vamp), Blue Blue and Tintsletown.....

27th August 2003 - Demos coming

News on the next album from Mark: "some new titles for you 'Vampire Love', 'Detonator', 'Out of the Blue', 'Meltdown' and 'Wipeout'.

more to come, we're demoing 7 new songs over the next week. preparing for the Pilgrimage to Sound City in LA. the home of 'Nevermind'..... 3 weeks and the new album begins"

12th August 2003 - Charlotte Solo Album

On channel 4 its said that Charlotte is close to finishing her solo stuff side project and Tim says he hasnt heard it yet, but can't wait. I'm guessing this'll be released on Infectious/homegrown and maybe quite low key, I dunno.

11th August 2003 - Album Info

A few clips from an ash interview on teletext, about the next album...

Tim: "It won't be as pop as people are used to. I can't see there being a 'Shining Light' on the next record."

Rick: "The rock record we always threatened we'd make one day."

Tim: "But, while the lyrics are personal, I think they'll be weirder and darker than anything I've tried. It's wrong to call the next album 'experimental' - it'll still be rock music - but I want to challenge the way I write lyrics."

The whole interview will be here soon...

Also from an xfm interview, Rick said that Evil Eye could well be the 'comeback' single. Just added the rest of the interview to the news section.

11th August 2003

The xfm interview with Rick...

In the postcoital glow that followed their Robbie Williams support slot at Knebworth and their sold out gig at Somerset House in London, Ash have been speaking to Xfm Online about their new material.

Just prior to their gig as part of the Grolch Somerset House Sessions show in London (August 8), Ash drummer Rick McMurray has been talking about Ash's new songs, especially the four new tracks that the band have recently recorded,

"We did some demos just before we went to America," he explained, "And we've been throwing a few new songs into the set since then. There's 'Orpheus' which is a classic Tim Wheeler summer song with big riffs and mad freak out bits in it, that's quite a journey of a song. A musical journey.

"We do a song called 'Renegade Cavalcade' which has been getting comparisons to The Pixies or Nirvana, probably because its taken that quiet/loud/quiet/loud dynamic to the extreme. Once again it's got Tim's great melody on it. Most of the chorus consists of just one word, which is 'Yeah', so that's kinda hooky.

"'On A Wave' is definitely one of the darker songs. It's definitely got a dark vibe to it. It's like satanic surfing. I think a lot of the new stuff has a bit of a darker edge to it. There are fewer references to summer in there. There's a few in there - it's Tim, he can't help it - but generally the themes are about the darker side of love. It definitely a little bit different.

"For my money, 'Evil Eye' is gonna be the comeback single. Its really instantaneous. Once again it's go that quiet/loud thing going on. Just a real great pop/rock song."

The band will start recording the new album in September in Los Angeles, and according to McMurray fans can expect a heavier record than 2002's 'Free All Angels'.

"We've been threatening to do a rock album over the past few years," the drummer explained, "But we always seem to settle into the pop thing, especially with the last album, now we've got a new producer [Nick Raskulinecz - Foo Fighters] so it's time to change things. It feels like the trough of depression after 'Nu-Clear Sounds' has cleared. That chapter's closed, its time to move on."

5th August 2003

Radio 1 online wrote:

Ash get rockier for next album

Ash were one of the support acts who played to the 370,000-strong crowd at Knebworth during Robbie Williams' weekend gigs.

They played a set of their hits which went down well, but they say they will be revealing some new tracks when they play the V Festival in two weeks.

They're due to start recording their new album in September in LA with the Foo Fighters producer Nick Raskulinecz. They're planning to rent a big villa and hope to get some surfing in too.

This is how Tim and Rick describe their new songs:

"I think they're like Ash with Dave Grohl on drums, except it's Rick. I don't know if that clears things up for you at all."

"It's a little bit more rock. After spending quite a lot of time in America the riffs are a bit heavier and also we've got the old pop melodies, a la Tim Wheeler."

"The stuff's sounding really good. I guess so far the songs are about being a freak and trying to be an individual in these homogenised times. I don't know - maybe it's spending too much time in America."

5th August 2003

"Ash get rockier for next album" news here.

As you might have noticed there's a slight change in the layout of this page, the Tabs section is be re-vamped very soon to, if you have any problems viewing any part of this page or with any links, please let us know. Thanks.

Somerset house show on Thursday sold out.

1st July 2003

Ash are supporting Robbie Williams on his UK tour at the mo and are gonna play a one off gig in London on 7th August, info about the gig and how to get tickets here.

Tab for the fantastic newie Evil Eye here and the Envy b-side Tonight You Belong To Me solo tabbed here both by Mike Laverick, whos turning into a bit of an ashtabs legend.

24th May 2003

Tab for new and unreleased track Renegade Calvacade here, tabbed by the legend Chad Peck.

13th May 2003

News from Tav on releases: 'single jan/feb 2004, album spring 2004'. bit like shining light and FAA. Mark has said before going on the U.S. tour they were demoing in London and they are 'on the rock side of things'.

10th May 2003

Ash played a free gig at the Manc Apollo on thursday, which was only there second gig of the year. airing four new tracks Orpheus, RC, Evil Eye and On A Wave. Also Tim said they'll be recording a new album at the end of the summer (theres also talk of a single round then). Full Carling Review

Full Set List: Lose Control, Cherry Bomb, Girl From Mars, Orpheus, Goldfinger, Jesus Says, Shining Light, Renegade Cavalcade, Jack Names The Planets, Oh Yeah, Evil Eye, Walking Barefoot, Sometimes, Envy, A Life Less Ordinary, Kung Fu / On A Wave, Burn Baby Burn

23rd April 2003

New Live EP: 'Satellite Transmission Vol. 1'

Ash, one of Irelands finest exports and one of the UKs most successful rock bands, will be back from Europe this spring to go on a massive headlining tour of the US, rocking venues in more than 26 cities. In conjunction with the tour, the band will release a limited edition EP. The as yet untitled EP is exclusive to the US and will only be available at the bands live performances, & This exclusive release was recorded during the bands North American tours in 2002 and will include acoustic and live versions of tracks from Free All Angels.

Tracklisting: cherry bomb (live), walking barefoot (live), girl from mars (acoustic), burn baby burn (acoustic)

16th April 2003

Cherry Bomb Bass Tab thanks to Jonno.

14th April 2003

News from Mark about new songs :)

"1. Go to Hell - Garage rawk, it's all about them riffs. sing along with me now 'G O T O H E L L !'

2. Renegade Cavalcade - sorta Pixies (as heard @ RAH) gotta middle 8 riff to swing your dick in the wind to.

3. Clones - Heaviest song we've ever recorded. tuned down to a PHAT C (I jest not...)

4. Orpheus - Chilli peppers meet The Doors, Sabbath and well.. us (as heard @ RAH)

5. I won't be saved - a bit like teenage fanclub before the pipes and slippers days.

6. Evil Eye - McMurray shows off thinking he's Grohl in this dark / heavy pop song. Muse fans might like this.

7. On a wave - Big riffs, unusual chord sequences and mega 'Who' style breakdown in this Surf anthem.

8. Cool it Down - Fast paced, pounding drums and a chorus as catchy as a world champion frisbee catcher. destined to be a mosh pit favourite.

9. Arguement - the most accessable / pop of all the new stuff. a bit R.E.M.

10. Solace - This has potential for greatness. It's a bit like a heavy 'i'm gonna fall' with one big phat chorus.

anyway these are the first 10 finished 'new' tracks. These titles might not stick but then again they might. as for making the demo's avaliable..... not yet, but closer to release there'll be plenty happening. until then smuggle mini disc's into future shows and bootleg away. oh and btw, these new songs are just the tip of the iceberg

who was talking electro was talking out of their ass"

9th April 2003

Touring Info: Ash have now confirmed US tour dates for May and June (First US headlining tour in 5 years). They are also the main support for Robbie Williams for his sold out shows in June and playing the Salzburg festival in Austria 14th Aug. Info from the Tour section on the official site.

30th March 2003

Ash played two news songs at their gig at the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust on Friday. Orpheus a very nu-clear sounds heavier rock tune. and Renegade Cavalcade (only working title), choppy quite then loud ash number - very catchy and my fav of the two.

The setlist was Lose Control, Cherry Bomb, Girl From Mars, Orpheus, Goldfinger, Jesus Says, Shining Light, Renegade Cavalcade, Jack Names the Planets, Oh Yeah, Walking Barefoot, Sometimes, Envy, A Life Less Ordinary, Kung Fu. Encore: Burn Baby Burn

Apparently Tim is finishing the new material then ash are heading back to america round april/may time. no news of any release though.

26th March 2003

News from Jed after speaking to Mark...

1: Ash will play 2 new songs tomorrow (guessing Jed means friday at the R.A.H), they have been practicing like mad for the last few days over and over again.

2: They have demoed alot of songs, and have probably got enough fuckalicious songs for 3/4 of a new album. yay! But as they are breaking America and touring like mad, dont expect a new album too soon.

3: Half of Ash are on TV. Rick and I cant remember who else, probably Tim as I heard he is the lead singer of the pop/rock combo Watch The Christian O Connell Show tonight on Channel 5. Thats XFM's Christian O Connell.

4: Rick has a gruesome beard.

13th March 2003

From NME

ASH say their next album is a "lot more experimental" and is influenced by the sounds and ideas featured in their short film ‘LOVE AND DESTRUCTION’.

Tim Wheeler composed all the music for the film electronically, and has stated he is hoping "to push the sonics of the band a lot more".

Now guitarist Charlotte Hatherly has told XFM that the follow-up to 2001's 'Free All Angels' should reflect the darker music heard in the film.

She said: "We’re only just starting to get the songs together for the new album....Tim has been writing a lot on his computer. He’s been f***ing around with loops and stuff like that, like the stuff in the documentary, so we’ll see."

I'm guessing there'll be poppier singles as its Tim, and love songs pore out. NCS rocker darkness plus some top singles sounds amazing. Also its rumoured that a few new tracks will be heard at the albert hall for those who will be there. i hope so.

6th March 2003

Tim Wheeler and Barry & John from Mogwai are djing and doing acoustic performances in The Village in Dublin on the 14th March.

5th March 2003

Ash have confirmed for V2003, i think on the same day as coldplay and the foos!

4th March 2003

Ash are demoing.

I have moved older news to the News section.

26th February 2003

I've also added all of the pictures I have uploaded to the picture section, though there arent many and i'll be uploading some more soon. also i've removed the message board i had coz i couldnt be bothered with it anymore and just linked to the official board.

5th February 2003

Ash to play Charity gig with Supergrass in London, on 28th March. Info here

13th February 2003

Cd promo copies of ash's next release 'I'm On Drugs' were given out at the advanced preview of Love and Destruction in London this week. the cd contained the 2 minutes of punk madness which is the great 'I'm On Drugs' and the 10 Masked Men death metal cover of Candy, which won the xfm competition in August. Ash plan to release the two tracks on a limited 7" soon, here is the cover artwork.

5th February 2003

Ash to play charity concert with supergrass at the royal albert hall

On march 28th 2003 Ash will play a gig with supergrass in aid of the teenage cancer trust charity. all proceeds will go towards building teenage cancer wards in selected hospitals across the country.

All tickets are available 9am Friday 7th February from the Royal Albert Hall Box Office tel: 0207 589 8212 (No booking fee for cash or cheques)

Credit Cards tel: 0207 403 3331 / 7420 1000 / 7344 4040 / 7734 8932. (Subject to booking fee).

Tickets are also available online from

3rd February 2003

News on Love and Destruction. Original News from Official Site .

New News from Tav......

......."it will get repeated on channel 4. There are also plans for a dvd (an hour long version + extras) later in the year.

me, mark and tim saw the first 12 minutes (they are still editing) yesterday and it looks amazing.

tim has written the soundtrack and there's a section in the film where the whole band jam out a mental new track live in the house.

the tv version is only 30 mins long."

27th January 2003

ash are rumoured to be booking studio time in the summer to record the next album.

9th December 2002

Rumour has it that there will be new material released on the soundtrack to Slashed which looks likely to be out early next year.

And it has been heard from Mark and Rick that Ash will be back in North America next march. So maybe uk tour first??? With more plugging of ISS which has been spoken of? and theres talk of recording next year too :) busy, busy, busy.

28th November 2002

From someone close to the band:

Tims been recording some new demos recently and they are going demo as a band in jan. Fantastic :)

News from Mark on the ash film Slashed, involving some weezerness in the news section.

28th November 2002

News about slashed from Mark...

"yes, yes, things have been quiet for a while on the slashed front but there have been many hurdles that needed faced and jumped. tonight saw the first shoot in a good while. a key scene was 'acted' out including a new co-star which old skool weezer fans will shit them selves over. ( feel free to post this on the appropriate boards.)

' i think it's time for some divine intervention'


only in dreams"

12th November 2002

From the mouth of Mark Hamilton...

just recorded yesterday in new orleans ... 'I'm on Drugs' it'll be really limited, and on 7" vinyl only. dunno how many copies but probibly (1000-2000) It will have the excellent Death Metal ' Candy' by the 10 horse men on the other side . ( winners of the xfm covers comp) no release date yet , but it will be another low key affair.

as this will sell out (imediately to stores) you'll all be informed here how to pre order it first.

"i'm on drugs" is a pure Punk Rawk, Oi, Cramps-esque senseless 2 1/2 minute punch in the face.....

22nd October 2002

Mark Hamilton: i dunno it'll be later in the year before ash tours europe again. (album to record first) :)

So till the christmas 2002 touring US, January 2003 Snowboarding in France, Febuary UK tour and then the recording of new album, which in typical ash style will take ages but is well worth the wait.

6th October 2002

Nirvana best of release date bought forward to Oct 28th, with unheard song 'You Know You're Right'! News from .

4th October 2002

Jesus Says Re-mix to be on xfm re-mix album along with the fantastic smells like teen spirit re-mix for more info go to my special page here the official one .

New Burn Baby Burn tab recommended from the man the legend PC, here at mxtabs. Dont think ive linked this one before?

30th September 2002

After Envy got to number 21, ISS entered the album charts at number 3, which is fantastic, this did actually happen a couple of weeks ago sorry bout lack of updates, back at uni now, more soon.... i recommend jed's site and i think his slashed film will be out in december which probably means that'll be when the ISS best of videos will be out on vid and dvd.

4th September 2002

Ash to support the foos on their American Arena tour, by request of Dave Grohl.

More tabs added to the tabs section, including melon farmer and Jazz 59, thanks to everyone who sent them to us. sorry bout delay.

3rd September 2002

Brilliant review of Intergalantic Sonic Sevens from NME.

3rd September 2002

New info from Mark on the ash film 'slashed' written by Jed Shepherd and starring Ash, Dave Grohl, Coldplay, Vines and more. You've probably seen stuff bout it in NME and Kerrang!

jed has 7 new pics but after that i don't wanna give away anymore *spoilers* til closer to the release. i wanna keep alot of the scenes in complete secret so that when you see them they are totally fresh and utterly shocking. the opening action sequence is so amazing it blows away anything john woo has ever atempted. well maybe not but it is very funny and for hard hitting supprise new slashed info will be released sparingly. i think this is a good policy

2nd September 2002

All old news moved to the news section and heres the artwork for ISS not that different to the promo artwork. artwork.

1st September 2002

Darth's comments about envy, envy, ennnnnnvy.

So i've just got the official chart placing of 21. ah well it's not exactly what we were hoping for but it's not the end of the world. sometimes went in at 21 and helped shift 80,000 copies of FAA so with the album out next monday. there's a few excuses flying around. we had little or no regional radio play. outside radio1 and xfm it was seen as too heavy apparently ! load of balls but this is what they tell us. also seems some of the shops didn't have stock / distribution probs etc. plus we missed monday sales with the bank holiday. it'd be obvious to say that the song wasn't up to scratch, but the general impression we got from press and general word of mouth was really positive. anyway thanks to everyone on the board who did their bit for helping with it's promotion etc and everyone who went out and bought the singles.hope ya'll liked them b-sides we reckon they're pretty damn fine. 'i shall not die' is pretty special i think. so to the future then, look out for a hilerious TV ad next week. james nesbit has filmed an add with him running around his house naked singing ash songs. trust me it'll put a smile on your face. as soon as we get confirmed air time slots we'll let you know when it's going out. (week of release) ISS / cosmic debris is out monday but you already knew that and the slashed filming will continue next week as the coldplay tour in the states begins.

30th August 2002

Exclusive: Ash blame coach driver for coach U.S. crash! world pop page. MuthaFucka!

29th August 2002

Whooo! Ash rocked at Reading, despite rumours they wouldnt play after the u.s. bus crash and rick's broken ribs and chaz's sore arm. The set included old classic angel interceptor. Ash have since played supporting the foos and are playing a xfm gig tomoro morning. Fantastic ash reading review from by jed.

Envy was out on monday on 2cds and dvd. the tracklisting for cosmic debris the b-side part of ISS is here nice.

dmh on autumn tour: the autumn uk tour has been delayed til jan. more info soon. but everything that was mentioned before is still in place. just delayed.

New fantastic ash site go see... Heroin, Vodka, and Ash.

There's A Star....

26th July 2002

Walking Barefoot tab tabbed by Dave Eason, cheers.

23nd July 2002

New xfm comp to get your bands cover version of an ash tune used as a b-side. details here .

13th July 2002

Envy video now on the Box, number 208 MTV2 and i think MTV. The release date for Intergalactic Sonic Sevens is said to 9th Sept, 2weeks after Envy.

13th July 2002

Envy b-side news:

we’re finishing b-sides simultaniously , yesterday ‘ bad karma blues’ (new ‘us road anthem’ track) and ‘ I don’t mind’ buzzcocks got finished. 2 more will be wrapped up later. dmh.

2nd July 2002

Sorry if you've had any trouble getting on the site, this is partly due to the huge pictures on this page, it'll be sorted soon.

30th June 2002

Lyrics for new single Envy and a link to the promo artwork for the best of album Intergalactic Sonic Sevens done by Mark Hamilton.

29th June 2002

Numbskull Solo tab and 13th Floor Chords added to The tab section. Tabbed by Michael Laverick.

ENVY for Number 1! Banners by Ash Board legend Hugon.

29th June 2002

Change to Envy B-sides:

dmh: due to unforseen circumstances things didn't quite work out like that (4-b-sides mentioned in the 24th June Session). now we have 7 almost finished b-sides. which ones we'll keep you guessing, but 4 of the 7 will be heard soon enough.

25th June 2002

Heres the link to an america website Ash Digital Street Team which is promoting the release of Free All Angels in the U.S. on Kinetic Records, released today. The album has a bonus track Sometimes b-side So The Story goes, and the first 60,000 have a free 'World Domination' dvd containing loads of clips, faa singles vids minus Shining Light and audio b-side tracks No Place to Hide, Coasting and 13th Floor.

24th June 2002

For News on the best of album and vid, Envy Vid, Envy B-sides, Marks beard and Ricks Hair go to the News Section. Jack Names the Planets (original version) to be re-released in September.

Marks thanks to those who voted for bbb at mtv: can't say thank you enough to everyone who bothered to vote. i know these things come along every once in a while and we beg you guys to chip in but time and again you get us the result. yet another scalp for the ash-team. fuck yeah, this in particular should have a big say in getting our sorry asses onto the tube in the states where we're pretty much unknowns. so if we get massive, sell 10 million albums, become even more of arrogant bitches and never play in europe again, then it's all your fault, it started here ;)

24th June 2002

Best Of Video:

still to total decide on this, it'll have all the video's including american versions, atlernate edits etc, they're obviously be other footage we've / i've shot over the years but i haven't had time yet to figure it all out.

all going well it will be our first attempt at acting in our own TEEN SLASHER. Scripts are currently being drafted by someone known all too well in these parts be afraid....... (jed)

Jack names the planets


uncle pat

Kung Fu

Kung Fu w/rumble in the bronx

Girl from mars uk (paint)

Angel Interceptor

Angel Interceptor unedited Tim mimicking wanking


Girl from mars usa (museum)

Oh yeah

A Life Less Ord

Jesus Says (i think theres an extra spinny version)?


Wildsurf (Uncut with Tunnell scene)

Numbskull (I heard something about a more obscene version?)

Warmer than fire

Shining light

Burn baby burn



There's A Star

walking barefoot live video

envy (shoot in LA)

Mark's Comments on the Envy Video, Envy B-sides, His Beard and Rick's Hair

yes , rick has got rid of the mohawk, he saw eddie vedder on mtv news and said enough was enough. he now has a gleaming slap head. i'm trying to convince him to do the warhol again.

yes, my beard got way to itchy so i hacked it off.

the envy video was shot 2 days ago in la, we preformed on top of a building over looking hollywood , it was scorching and everyone got burnt to a crisp. and also had cameo's from andy dick the american comic who is an extremely irate cab driver after we all drive him nuts driving us about with , strippers, rent boys, the hives, britney spears, and the white stripes. yes it's gonna be quite a mental video. we are now delayed for 5 hours at LAX airport and i've had enough of being 'randomly selected' to have my arse searched before every flight. we've done about 20 of these in the last few weeks and it's getting fucking tedious.

the new art work to "I.S.S.' is well underway and it's looking great. Pat Lee ( dreamwave artist ) and my good self are genius's even if i do say so. envy is aired on lamaq soon , ask hugon for exact time/date. if anyone knows he will. ; ) the arena tour is almost 90% gonna happen. some of you are 'extremely hot' regarding the bill, some are well 'cold'. i wish i could say, but you'll be the first to know once i can....

oh yeah regarding the arena tour we're gonna have one of the best show suprises ever. it incorporates the new artwork, and if the plan pulls through, iron maiden will have to eat their shorts......... oh it's so exciting!

we go into the studio tomorrow in NY to record the b-sides for envy. tracks aere as follows;

1. new song, we never finished from the nu-clear session. sounds alot like the rolling stones before they got crap.

2. another old track that was never finished from the 1977 sessions. sounds abit like the buzzcocks/ green day.

3. 'i don't mind' newly recorded. it's such a good song and we feel like it.

4. i bit of a suprise this. imagine 'cherrybomb' basically the same tune, with different words. only sounding like a bit REM meets Pansy division. this is a how it originally was before it was reworked for FAA. the melody is a bit different , but it's so surreal we reckon it's worth you guys hearing it. we may also have musical cameo's on a few of these tracks from our friends in FLC, but nothings confirmed yet.

then next week we're gonna party as FAA is finally released in the US. things are off to a good start so we got our fingers crossed. then we're flying back to glasto where OA is gonna bust other groups asses backstage and give the stash to us. cheers about that PC.

ps, also the rumour is the teen slasher ( we're trying to get done in time for the envy dvd , if not it'll be on the next single ) is being written by some budding young upstart from this very message board ! scream if you like it............

16th June 2002

For details on how u can get your name on the ash best of album, by chosing b-side tracks for the second cd, go here.

30th April 2002

Ash have confirmed to play Reading! they'll be on the main stage on Saturday 24th Aug, before Muse and the foos and after the sum of 41. see u in the pit.

New tabs by Michael Laverick, No Place To Hide, Some demo tape material tabs and Silver Surfer tab and lyrics

Oh and the b-side album is now gona be a best of so far album again, set for nov, thou things may change again.

11th March 2002

The Sweetness of Death Chords Sorry this took so long mate

8th March 2002

There's A Star Tab

5th March 2002

I'm sorry to say that the message board has been destroyed by the evil empire and all messages have been lost.

New Message Board coming soon.

26th Feburary 2002


3rd Feburary 2002

Loads of new guitar tabs added. New versions of Uncle Pat, Petrol, Lose Control and Oh Yeah. as well as the Angel Interceptor solo, a better version of Shining Light, Someday and two version of Sometimes. also Oh Yeah bass tabs.

Thanks Very Much to everyone who emailed me with them, esp Jon. you've been name checked under the tabs. thanks again.

13th January 2002

Ash are no longer gona be releasing a best of album in 2002, its going to be a best of the b-sides album due to popular demand by the fans on the official board. It'll also have one new single on.

31st December 2001

There's A Star released today on cd1 (with b-sides No Place To Hide, Coasting and vid) cd2 (with b-sides Here Comes The Music, Grey Will Fade and vid mixer 1.3) and dvd.

Here are the Coasting tabs many thanks to Matt Powney.

29th August 2001

Free All Angels and B-side Tabs:

For Walking Barefoot, Burn Baby Burn, Candy, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes, Nicole, Warmer than Fire and Gabriel Tabs go to

30th December 2001


Also in the new yr ASH will be bringing out the first of many (hopefully) best of albums. It will contain the previous 17 ash singles and two new gems written by our Tim that will be released to promote the album. The release is to celebrate the bands 10th anniversity, early 92 rick joined and the boys went down to cosmic ray's studio by the sea to record 'Solar Happy' their first demo tape. Also a lot of younger fans think faa is ash's first LP and dont know the wonders of previous yrs.

2nd December 2001


four separate interviews with the band / intriguing and exclusive interview with Ash manager and discoverer Tav / Ash secret gig at the Camden Monarch reviewed / Guitar-tech Leif and sound-man Ian Laughton talk through the recording of 'A Clear Invitation to the Dance' / the band describe each other in only three words each / Ash at 'One Big Sunday' reviewed / know your support band with Seafood questionnaires / more from 'Do Old People Like Ash?' / totally exclusive photos of 'When Ash Met Five' / live reviews including Bristol Anson Rooms, T in the Park, Manchester Academy and Oxford Brookes University / competition / zine reviews / exclusive news / packed full of original and exclusive photos all between a thick card cover - how can you possibly hold yourself back!?

Hash #6 by mail-order is only £1.00 and an A5 size S.A.E (with 45p stamp). Alternatively just send £1.50 to include postage costs, to the Hash address.

Payment within the UK by well-hidden cash (at your own risk), postal order or cheque (made payable to Jamie Crook). If you live outside the UK and want some Hash then please contact us at for further info.

The Hash address is:-


Alternatively, pick up your copy of Hash #6 from the merchandise stall on the tour.

Also available are the back issues Hash #5 and Hash #4 for only £1.00 and a 45p A5 S.A.E each. Reduced postage costs for multiple issues/copies ordered at the same time - email for more info. Zines are usually despatched the next working day after receiving your order.

Hash is made by Ash and their fans for their fans. Feel free to mail with any questions/ queries/ concerns/ comments/ ideas/ complaints/ abuse.


Coming soon: Ash release their new single 'There's A Star' on 2 CD's and DVD 31st December '01, available for one week only. The CD formats include the new songs 'Here Comes The Music', 'No Place To Hide', Coasting' and 'Grey Will Fade' plus the 'There's A Star' video and videomixer update clips, while the DVD includes the final part of the DVD singles series, this time titled 'Ash Go Global' it includes on the road footage of the band in Japan, Thailand and Australia, as well as on the set of their 'Sometimes' video in Cuba. Hello!

30th April 2002

Ash have confirmed to play Reading! they'll be on the main stage on Saturday 24th Aug, before Muse and the foos and after the sum of 41. see u in the pit.

New tabs by Michael Laverick, No Place To Hide, Some demo tape material tabs and Silver Surfer tab and lyrics

Oh and the b-side album is now gona be a best of so far album again, set for nov, thou things may change again.

11th March 2002

The Sweetness of Death Chords Sorry this took so long mate

8th March 2002

There's A Star Tab

5th March 2002

I'm sorry to say that the message board has been destroyed by the evil empire and all messages have been lost.

New Message Board coming soon.

26th Feburary 2002


3rd Feburary 2002

Loads of new guitar tabs added. New versions of Uncle Pat, Petrol, Lose Control and Oh Yeah. as well as the Angel Interceptor solo, a better version of Shining Light, Someday and two version of Sometimes. also Oh Yeah bass tabs.

Thanks Very Much to everyone who emailed me with them, esp Jon. you've been name checked under the tabs. thanks again.

13th January 2002

Ash are no longer gona be releasing a best of album in 2002, its going to be a best of the b-sides album due to popular demand by the fans on the official board. It'll also have one new single on.

31st December 2001

There's A Star released today on cd1 (with b-sides No Place To Hide, Coasting and vid) cd2 (with b-sides Here Comes The Music, Grey Will Fade and vid mixer 1.3) and dvd.

Here are the Coasting tabs many thanks to Matt Powney.

2nd December 2001

Hash #6 is out now, go to the NEWS SECTION for details. And Tokyo Blitz the live ash video/dvd is out tomorrow. There's A Star will be released on Dec 31st for one week only.

Oh and go and vote for ash in the brats at vote for faa as best album, and bbb as best single and vid.

5th November 2001

dmh: 'big thanks to everyone who voted for BBB in the q awards. it was fantastic to win it and couldn't have done it without your help. big up the ash team. iceland was great but unfortunatley there was no snow! typical but we still found some amazing locations and now the whole video is looking very lunar and straight out of star wars. been busy editing the TAS dvd. it features thailand, cuba, indonesia, australia with a few suprises in there. we all got destroyed last night in paris and i'm not getting out of bed today. we've been invited to the writs (welsh brits) and are up for best international band so fingers crossed. pretty nice live review in nme this week aswell. anyway , where's the room service menu.......'

29th October 2001

Due to popular demand of the original 7" jack names the planets is being released... it will be the original 7" verison with b-side don't know (which both can also be found as hidden tracks at the beginning of limited edition verisons of 1977...) thou i dont think it is being aimed at the singles chart.

anyway Tav said:

' just so happens that i am going to re-release good old jack. this time on cd, cos so many people have requested it (not many record players out there these days). there's even going to be a bonus track - an early version of 'season', taken from the raptor 12" that mark put out before they signed to infectious. it won't be on lalaland cos someone tried to sue me for using that name(it belongs to some production company). it will be released through double dragon, my new label and home to little hell.


1. jack names the planets 2. don't know 3. season

should be out sometime in the new year.'

25th October 2001

There's A Star vid: What dmh said, 'ok, we're off to iceland tomorrow to shoot it up in the mountains, imagine vast area covered in snow, think hoth in the empire strikes back, we're all dressed han solo style with rebel alliance logo's with rescue flare going up in the night and we're gonna come across 'snow jawas!' whilst tim makes a quest across the snow scape searching for his flying v just in time for the solo. how epic..........'

Tour info: Ash have announced a second Brixton Academy show as the first date (11th December) has now sold out. The second show will be on Thursday December 13th. Tickets are available from the Academy box office: 020 7771 2000 and from usual agents. Support for the Ash UK tour, excluding the second Academy show, will be Seafood. Support for the second Academy show will be Little Hell.

22nd October 2001

There's A Star b-sides have been recorded and dmh has posted their titles on the official board, go to the News Section for details.

Also it sounds like ASH won't be recording the vid for There's A Star in Iceland, because it has the wrong kinda snow (?)

FAA now number 47 and Candy is number 49.

22nd October 2001

There's A Star b-sides:

dmh, 'ok, so here's some names for you,

coasting (finally gets recorded) - was recorded for the evening session in '95

here comes the music

no place to hide


18th October 2001

Next Single info: dmh said that the next uk single is definately There's A Star and the video is being filmed in Iceland. And that Walking Barefoot 'will be released in australia amongst other places'. cheers Stu for that :)

Go vote for Burn Baby Burn for single of the yr at the Q awards here

15th October 2001

Candy fell to number 34 yesterday in the charts, and FAA fell one place to number 38. Much of the recent news that has been on this page for the last few weeks has been moved to the News Section

Oh and go and see American Pie 2! Its brilliant :) and check out the soundtrack... American Hi-Fi, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Weezer and Blink 182 :)

My sister site ash the angels is now completed, go visit! :) (Anyone who is registered on my board, will also be registered on dt's)

Also check out stu's FAA site at

11th October 2001 - News thanks to Sam Morris

Hey, just mentioning maybe for your diary thang, Ash played in Sydney on 9-10-01 with George and Sonic Animation for a filming of a crap show called Pepsi Live, sponsored by... Pepsi!

Forget all the screwing around and the bollocks setting up between bands and the made for TV shite and all that, the music was kicking, all dirty guitars and hummable hooks. That's Ash for you, I guess.

They played four songs, including Candy, and were pretty much treated with a full enthusiastic audience, with all the little Irish fans down the front chanting/singing every word. Smiles.

Thanks to Ash, me and my buddy got to shake our little bootys and pick up the bitches.

On 10-10-01 Ash performed an instore at Red Eye Records in Sydney, free and packed. Not really Ash, just singer and guitarer, all acoustica and different songs, a lot of the old 1977 stuff [the best stuff], the big singles and a few bad haircuts.

9th October 2001

dmh's comments bout fridays totps performance: 'we already pre recorded it and it's set like the vid.' and its ash's tenth totps performance.

8th October 2001

Candy got to number 20 in the charts yesterday, which isnt bad, esp as it was number 16 mid-week and band singles tend to drop a lot over the weekend due to poptarts, and its the 4th single off the album. and mark said the bands aim was top 20.

dmh's comments on this: 'so we stayed in the 20! this is a big result. FAA is now at 37. so back in the 40 hopefully back in the 30 by next week. look out for TOTP on friday night................ ok here we go, the wars just started better go, god bless' (also cd:uk this week, i think :D )

Also Candy is released on limited edition double 7" today. Available from big record stores like HMV and Virgin.

Anyway check out stu's FAA site at

1st October 2001

Candy released today. See the News section for tracklisting details

'If Ash go new number, things get even crazier'

Oh and new t-shirt designs coming soon.... Spaff page with dmh's designs

1st October 2001

Candy details:

CD1: Candy re-mix, Waterfall, Nocturne, Video

CD2: Candy (album version), Stay In Love Forever, The Sweetness of Death by the Obsidian Knife and Video mixer 1.2

DVD: 'No. 1 (We're Sorry Miss Jackson)' and more

Double 7" - released 8th Oct: Candy re-mix, Waterfall, Nocturne and Stay In Love Forever.

'If Ash go new number, things get even crazier'

14th September 2001

It looks like Candy is being released on Oct 1st now (thanks stu for info), and that ash are going back into the studio in march to record their next album and it is rumoured to be released in may/june. But my guess is that it may take a little longer than a few months, even thou the songs are correctly following like running shit, obviously sounding much better thou!

2nd September 2001

ok so not everyone liked the tabs from so heres some more links, Sometimes, Candy and World Dom Tabs and BBB, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes and Nicole Tabs.

30th August 2001

New Links Section. If you have an ash link that you want added, email me.

29th August 2001

Free All Angels and B-side Tabs:

For Walking Barefoot, Burn Baby Burn, Candy, Cherry Bomb, Sometimes, Nicole, Warmer than Fire and Gabriel Tabs go to

19th July 2001

After comments made by Tav, it is thought that CANDY will be the next single 'as he's hoping to get more people into ash as candy may appeal to different listeners.'

And that THERE'S A STAR will be released shortly before christmas.

Thou it had been thought that WALKING BAREFOOT would be a single off FREE ALL ANGELS.

16th July 2001

Sometimes was no.21 in the charts yesterday and Mark said that Free All Angels sales have gone up and that it should re-enter the top 40.

New lyric section nearly ready and should be lots of new bass tabs soon :)

9th July 2001


Lyrics to the Shining light b-sides now available: Feel No Pain, Warmer than Fire, Gabriel, written up by the lovely Sarah Nsouli.

Free All Angels Lyrics and b-sides lyrics, old and new, coming soon in a whole new lyric section.

7th July 2001

The new Ash single 'Sometimes' is released Monday 9th July. As usual the band have come up with a really strong set of B sides and lots of bonus features as follows:

CD1: Sometimes / Skullfull Of Sulphur / So The Story Goes / Sometimes video

CD2: Sometimes / Teenage Kicks / Melon Farmer (Live on Peel show) / Ash Videomixer 1.1 update (100+ stills and clips to update the videomixer that came with the album 'Free All Angels').

DVD: Sometimes audio + gallery of stills / Episode 2 'Back From The Edge' (15 min shockfest from their Autumn tour 2000, if you were there, get worried, you may be on it).

14th June 2001

The official ash fanzine, issue #5 out now!

An intriguing look into the night of sick party with accounts from those in attendence and the uncut transcript / an epic 12 page interview / comedy drawings by the band / more old people air their views / questionaires by the band / Ash @ Top of the Pops / interview with Ian Laughton / reviews include the album launch party, Kingston, Falmouth and Exeter / the Tav gallery / Weezer / lighthearted banter in the big NYA / all original and often exclusive photos / also expect stuff like the silver surfer, zines, competition and other assorted mischief and ramblings etc.

Hash #5 is £1.00 and a 45p A5 size S.A.E.

Payment by cash (well taped down), postal order, IMO or cheque made payable to Jamie Crook.

Hash - the Ash zine, PO BOX 12, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, TQ13 9YT

For info on ordering from outside the U.K, ordering multiple copies or if you have any rants/complaints/anything to do with the zine, mail

And as far as back issues go, Hash #4 is also still available for £1.00 and a 45p A5 S.A.E.

13th June 2001

News: Next Single 'Sometimes' is out on 9th July, on 2cds, DVD, and probably 7". The second cd will contain the cd-rom video and the second part of the video mixer.

New stuff
Multiple things: one, there has been a load of bass tabs submitted by Spoonz, thanks! Find them in the strangely titled bass tabs section. Secondly, this site turned a year old some point in the last month, thanks to everyone who visited, I appreciate it alot, esp. all the emails I've received in the past year. Go me! :) Finally, you must know: the new Ash album is due out in March-April. Check out the message board on the main ash site. Finally, there is a new message board here, this moving will stop as it annoys me alot: it's here.

Always Ash-y cola