News on release dates

News on release dates
My mate knows someone who works for infectious records and was talkin to them on thursday and found out that ash are currenting recording in the studios in london, (when they can be arsed) and it will be quite a while before anythin is released:
Shining light single Feb/March 2001
other single (Maybe Candy) few months later
And the new album wouldn't be release until later that year, prob not in may. Which is all bad news really, and espically as ASH. probably wouldn't be playing another gig, or at least touring til 2001.
as you probably know from the fan e-mail list thing, actually ash are now going to Bath to do some recording and then on to spain to finish the album. So im kinda hoping that as my mate's friend didnt know jack about this, they're wrong and that the album will be released sooner.

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