Jack names the Planets

07999x E 7998xx B ( 5776xx A (B + A - this is just what i play, you can use different ones if you want)

Intro and part of verse E B E A

Verse E (strum once)

Little background riff I---12-------12 I------12-------12 I---------13-------13 I14 I I

Into verse, that is like intro

Riff1, in between first and second part of verse I I9 I--9----(I think, I don't normally bother playing it) I----9 I I

Chorus G5 C5 A5 D5 (for main part, then this for end) Eb5 Bb5 F5 C5

Solo (in three pain-free steps) I I I13-13-13-11-------11-------9 I------------11-13----13-11---7-6 I I

I I I13-13-13-11-------------------14-13 I------------11-11-11-11-11-13 I I

I I I13-13-13-11-------11-------9---------7p5 I------------11-13----13-11---7-6---7-----7p5- I---------------------------------------------7p5 I-------------------------------------------------5-3-0

End on E

Tabbed by me!