Glasto 2002

  1. Lose Control,
  2. Submission,
  3. Girl From Mars,
  4. Jesus Says,
  5. Shining Light,
  6. Goldfinger,
  7. Cherry Bomb,
  8. Envy,
  9. Oh Yeah,
  10. I Don't Mind,
  11. Walking Barefoot,
  12. Folk Song,
  13. A Life Less Ordinary,
  14. Kung Fu ( with guest ELVIS ),
  15. Pacific Palisades,
  16. Sometimes,
  17. Burn Baby Burn,
  18. Petrol,
  19. Numbskull.

that was it. dirty snachez was going to be aired but wasn't quite ready enough. it'll deffo be out for reading... along with................... (Dirty Snachez turned out to be Orpheus and no new tracks were aired at Reading '02, maybe because of the bus crash, maybe coz they won't ready)

Mark on special guest 'Elvis' - just some punter, he crowd surfed over and tim thought perfect, get him on stage.

Listen to the glastobury ash set here