Ash in London:


We have just confirmed to play on Sat, July 1st, with Nine Inch Nails at
Docklands Arena, London, England.

It will be the only show for us this summer - we (finally) start recording the
album shortly after.

Tickets are still available from all the usual outlets.

See you there !



Hey !

A few of you are having trouble finding tickets for 'The Lost Weekend' gig
that we are doing with Nine Inch Nails.

Hope this helps:

20 per day, 22.50 on the door, 35 for weekend.
Credit card bookings via Way Ahead tel: 0115 912 9129 (24
>From Stargreen on 0207 734 8932
Tickets Direct on 0870 4000 693
Credit card bookings available on 020 7538 1212 (during
business hours)
0990 121212 (24 hrs)
Personal application to the Arena box office (no booking fee
for cash or cheque)
Also from First Call, Ticketmaster, Tower Records, HMV
stores London, the Ticket Shop Camden, Albemarle and Rakes
(all subject to booking fee)
Purchase on line or or by phone on 020 7771 2000.


This already came to anyone on the ash mailing list...

Info on the new album:

We are currently travelling across America dodging Tornados and meeting

Butch Vig is now not available until next year (recording new Garbage album).
We met with Dave Fridman (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, Weezer) in New York and
really liked him. We also met with Don Fleming who was also very cool. Next we
shall be meeting The Dust Brothers (Beck, Hanson, Eels) and hopefully Michael
Bienhorn (M. Manson, Hole, C. Peppers).

You will be able to see extracts from our trip exclusively at
cos Mark is filming it all. Expect to see us dodging Tornados in Texas,
talking to Alien chasers in Roswell, Tim singing and playing new songs in the
middle of the desert in New Mexico and in the middle of a lightning storm in
Oaklahoma. Also see how we almost all died when Tav was driving at 110 mph
down a country road in Texas.....

We have loads of new songs  - just need to find the right producer !

So that's the latest stuff I've gotten from Ash.

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