Tracklisting for Cosmic Debris:

1. no place to hide - tas 2. warmer than fire - s.light 3. wheres our love going - allo 4. taken out - js 5. 13th floor - bbb 6. stormy waters - ws 7. message from ocscar wilde - petrol 8. who you driving now - numbskull 9. stay in love forever - candy 10. the sweetness of death - candy 11. melon farmer - sometimes 12. nocturn - candy 13. gabriel - s.light 14. coasting - tas 15. lose control - ws 16. i need somebody - goldfinger 17. sneaker - goldfinger 18. cantina band - gfm 19. astral conversations - gfm 20. day of the triffids - kung fu 21. hallowe'en - allo 22. thinking about you - bbb nothing from oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! and no i only want to be with you! shocked. ok, so hereís what weíve been up to lately, been in america doing a load of promotion, meeting the mtv bigwigs and a load of other backslapping. played at pointfest in st. louis last week . to be honest it was a bit strange. had half an hour on stage, no soundcheck of any sort, one crew member ( oh the flashbacks!) and next to no-one there new anything about us. met titus182 though who didnít seem to mind. after that we talked to dashboard confessional for a bit and then went on a big night out. me and tim went with some icelandic band (canít remember their name) to a casino and i got well skint. then we had major delays home and didnít get back to heathrow 12 hours late. met up with dave eringa ( the producer , manics, idlewild ) who weíre going to record Ďenvyí with next week in new jersey. heís really cool and i reckon weíll get good results. we fly off again to washington tomorrow to play another radio show. the somemore next week in providence. envy will be a new single (it sounds nothing like the early version we played lived about 3 years ago) thatíll be out before reading. weíll have all them b-sides, videos etc, still to do at some point. then we got the double cd Ď10 year compilationí out after reading. iíll clear this up as itís been the topic of loads of rumour. itíll be a normal priced cd, not double cd cost. bargin! and the whole point of it is to reflect on the first 10 years and consolidate all the success of last year and set everything up for a brand new album late spring/early summer next year. cd one will have all the singles weíve released, 1. burn baby burn (american mix, maybe) 2. girl from mars 3. shining light 4. envy 5. oh yeah 6. a lifeless ordinary 7. jesus says (butch vig) 8. sometimes 9. kung fu 10. jack names the planets (trailer) 11. goldfinger 12. candy 13. angel interceptor 14. uncle pat 15. walking barefoot 16. wildsurf (butch vig) 17. petrol 18. there's a star 19. numbskull petrol and numbskull may be remixed to make them sound up to scratch with the rest the whole lot will be remastered . whatever space (megwise) will be filled up with bonus stuff . jackash hasnít been ruled out yet. oh yeah before anyone screams why barefoot. it was a single in australia and may yet still be in the US. it could also be a remix (time permitting). cd 2 then is going to be rammed full of as many b-sides thatíll fit on the disc. tav is setting up an on-line poll ( i think with ) so everyone can vote for their favs. more news on that as it happens. since we got over 50 b-sides and numerous rarities itíll be hard work narrowing it down. itíll be hard to please everyone as someones fav wonít make it, but you canít argue if you get up to 24 songs. iím all ready working on getting some real shit hot art work. Pat Lee of is interested in working on it !!!!!!! ( well heís my fav artist so let me get excited. ) a dvd with all the videoís ever plus loads of other stuff will be put out at some point later this year also. talking of videoís BBB is up for an on-line vote at mtv (US). itís been on other threads but at some point please go vote for us as itíll really help us out in the states. isle of wight, glasto , reading and leeds are the only european shows weíre doing this summer , i heard of an ash board event at reading might be happening, iíll show up with some blue label if it is. thatís it for the moment. laters dmh. News from Tim on the title: "hold on, i've 'ad an idea!! what about.... INTERGALACTIC SONIC SEVENS for the a-sides and...... COSMIC DEBRIS for the b-sides. what do you reckon? i'm placing my bet already......."